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Pilot Shrugs Off Scary 'Textbook' Emergency Landing

No injuries reported after small plane's landing gear failed at Australia's Newcastle Airport

(Newser) - A small aircraft made an emergency landing in Australia on Monday after its landing gear failed. The AP and 9News report that the twin turboprop Beechcraft Super King Air flown by 53-year-old pilot Peter Schott, with two passengers on board, took off from New South Wales' Newcastle Airport around 8:...

Boeing Airliner Loses Engine Cover at Takeoff

Southwest flight makes emergency landing in Denver

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines jet returned to Denver on Sunday morning after the engine cover fell off and struck the wing flap during takeoff, the Federal Aviation Administration reports. The Boeing 737 landed safely, and the passengers headed to Houston were being put onto another aircraft, Southwest said in a statement,...

Plane Was Cleared for Emergency Landing, Didn't Make It

Plane crashes off highway near Nashville's John C. Tune Airport, killing 5

(Newser) - A single-engine plane crashed near a highway in Nashville, Tennessee, just a few miles short of the airport it had tried to reach for an emergency landing on Monday, killing five people aboard, authorities said, per the AP . The pilot made an emergency call to John C. Tune Airport around...

Plane Lands on Beach, Killing Man There With Wife

The incident happened Sunday in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

(Newser) - A 62-year-old man who was on a beach in southern Mexico with his wife Sunday was killed when a plane landed nearly on top of him. CBS News reports the unidentified man died when a plane carrying four Canadian skydivers crash landed on the beach in Puerto Escondido along the...

Crash Landing on Street Ends Without Injuries

Engine lost power after takeoff in Arizona

(Newser) - The pilot and lone passenger escaped injury when a small airplane made a crash landing Saturday on a residential street in a suburban neighborhood on the west edge of Phoenix, police said. The single engine plane experienced mechanical problems shortly after takeoff Saturday morning from nearby Glendale Airport, police said,...

'Softball-Sized Hole' Found After Emergency Landing
'Mayday, We Have
an Engine Fire'

'Mayday, We Have an Engine Fire'

Atlas Air Boeing 747 makes emergency landing in Miami after engine fire

(Newser) - An Atlas Air cargo aircraft returned to Miami International Airport for an emergency landing less than an hour after take-off Thursday night. An airline spokesperson says the Boeing 747-8 landed safely after experiencing an "engine malfunction." "Mayday, mayday...We have an engine fire," a crew member...

If You Think You've Had a Scary Flight, This May Beat It

Alaska Airlines plane makes emergency landing in Oregon after panel flies off, leaving huge hole

(Newser) - A flight from Oregon took a frightening turn as the weekend kicked off, though no one was hurt. KING 5 reports that the Alaska Airlines plane out of Portland International Airport on Friday afternoon—a Boeing 737 Max 9 jet headed to Ontario, California—was forced to turn around and...

Snakes on a Plane Became Real Life on This Flight
Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation'
on Back Made Terrifying Find
in case you missed it

Pilot Who Felt 'Cool Sensation' on Back Made Terrifying Find

Highly venomous cape cobra had slithered its way onto the plane

(Newser) - A cobra encounter is nerve-wracking no matter where it takes place, but we imagine it's worse when trapped in a small plane 11,000 feet high in the sky. That was the plight earlier this week of a South African pilot and his passengers when he was confronted by...

Seconds After Takeoff, 'Gasping' and 'Screaming'

United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after passenger's battery pack catches fire

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration posts warnings on its website about the dangers of lithium batteries, and for good reason: They can cause fires if not stored properly during transit. Passengers on a United Airlines flight Tuesday morning found that out firsthand, when the battery pack for a passenger's laptop...

FAA Workers' 911 Call Sheds Light on 'Midair Mystery'

Employees tell dispatcher that pilot said co-pilot Charles Hew Crooks jumped out of plane

(Newser) - More details are filtering in on what's been deemed a "midair mystery" involving a co-pilot who exited his turboprop plane midflight and fell to his death. The timeline has since been pieced together regarding what happened to Charles Hew Crooks in the skies over North Carolina on Friday...

Co-Pilot Somehow Exits Plane Mid-Flight

Charles Hew Crooks' body was recovered Friday night

(Newser) - Two people were on board a twin-engine CASA CN-212 Aviocar when it took off on Friday. Only the pilot was in the plane when it landed and came to a stop in the grass at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. CNN reports the co-pilot, 23-year-old Charles Hew Crooks, exited the plane prior...

Passenger Explains His Lifesaving Landing

'I knew if I didn't react, that we would die,' Darren Harrison tells 'Today' show

(Newser) - It was an incredible story: A passenger with zero flying experience safely landed the small plane he was in after the pilot had a medical emergency. Now, 39-year-old Darren Harrison tells Today about the experience, and how he managed to stay calm. "It was a life or death situation,...

Emergency Landing Splits Cargo Jet in Half

DHL pilots were unharmed in Costa Rica accident

(Newser) - Cargo carrier DHL says both pilots were unharmed after a emergency landing in Costa Rica Thursday that split the aircraft in two. Juan Santamaría Airport, San Jose's international airport, was closed for hours after the dramatic incident, Reuters reports. Luis Miranda Munoz, deputy director of Costa Rica's...

Cargo Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Ocean

2 taken to hospital in Hawaii

(Newser) - A cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the ocean off Hawaii under cover of darkness Friday. The only two occupants of the Boeing 737 were rescued, per CNN , though ABC News' Alex Stone tweeted that one of the pilots was critically injured. The plane had taken...

Light Plane Carrying Baby Makes Emergency Landing

Pilot, wife, and 1-year-old son were unharmed after plane experienced engine trouble over Sydney

(Newser) - Beachgoers along the northern Sydney shoreline got quite a surprise Wednesday as they strolled along the sand. Per the Guardian , one eyewitness told a radio station it was around 2pm local time at Collaroy Beach, with "not a cloud in the sky," when an odd sight suddenly floated...

Pieces of Plane Fall Near Homes After Engine Failure

United flight makes emergency landing in Denver

(Newser) - A United Airlines plane showered neighborhoods with metal debris Saturday before making an emergency landing at Denver International Airport. The crew had reported that the right engine had failed and that the plane was turning back to the airport. The Boeing 777-200 landed safely, the FAA said. In the meantime,...

Only 2 Hurt After Airliner Crash-Lands on Highway

MD-83 missed traffic, homes in Iran

(Newser) - An aging Iranian passenger airliner carrying 144 people crash-landed on a runway and skidded onto a major highway next to an airport Monday, the latest crash in the Islamic Republic as US sanctions bar it from buying parts or new aircraft. Authorities said two people suffered injuries in the hard...

Florida-Bound Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Jersey

Crew smelled smoke on United Airlines flight just minutes after takeoff

(Newser) - A United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at a New Jersey airport after the crew reported smelling smoke in the cockpit. Officials say Flight 800 had departed from Newark Liberty International Airport early Monday and was headed for Orlando, Fla., when the problem arose, per the...

Plane Makes Emergency Landing for Odd Reason

Passenger gets stuck in plane lavatory

(Newser) - A United Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing in Denver Wednesday night, but the emergency in question only applied to one person. Flight 1554 from Washington, DC, to San Francisco made the unscheduled stop "to assist a customer who was in the lavatory when the lavatory door...

Unruly Passenger Lit Joint, Yelled 'You're All Screwed!'

Flight had to make emergency landing in Denver

(Newser) - In yet another example of drugs and flying not mixing, a man who told other passengers he had taken cocaine was removed from an American Airlines flight after it made an emergency landing in Denver. Passenger Jim Dickey tells CNN that the man started acting up on the Phoenix to...

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