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Vetoes Block US Bid to Add Sanctions for North Korea

China, Russia oppose resolution, the first major UN Security Council split over the issue

(Newser) - A US effort to impose new sanctions on North Korea over its series of intercontinental ballistic missile launches was blocked Thursday in the United Nations. China and Russia vetoed the resolution, making the Security Council vote 13-2. It was the first major split among the five nations with vetoes on...

Gaffe or Policy Shift? Nobody Is Quite Sure
Biden Gaffe
or Policy Shift?
Nobody Is Quite Sure
the rundown

Biden Gaffe or Policy Shift? Nobody Is Quite Sure

Biden's comments on Taiwan have analysts guessing

(Newser) - So has US policy toward Taiwan changed or not? "No," President Biden declared Tuesday when asked that specific question, reports the AP . But Biden's comments the previous day still seem to have muddied the water on what the US would do if China were to invade the...

Biden Ready to Defend Taiwan; China Not Happy

President says US would defend Taiwan with force if there were ever an attack against it

(Newser) - The United States is on board with the "one China" policy —meaning that, in regard to Taiwan, it acknowledges formal ties to China instead. But the American government doesn't endorse China's views that it effectively owns Taiwan, and the US enjoys a "robust" unofficial relationship...

Zero Cars Were Sold in Shanghai Last Month

Lockdown hit city's economy hard

(Newser) - Shanghai is finally beginning to emerge from a long, harsh lockdown that was initially supposed to last only a few days—but the economic damage will take time to recover from. In what Bloomberg sees as evidence of how strict the lockdown was, not a single car was sold in...

Report: Plane Crashed Into the Earth Intentionally

Sources tell 'WSJ' what US officials reportedly determined about China Eastern crash

(Newser) - When a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 crashed into the earth in March , the impact caused a 65-foot-deep crater and smashed the plane into tens of thousands of pieces, some of them buried underground by the force . The Wall Street Journal now reports on a preliminary assessment of what caused that...

G7 Sends Blunt Message to China About Aiding Russia

Foreign ministers warn that urgent action is needed to avoid food, energy shortage

(Newser) - China's refusal to join the call for a ceasefire in Ukraine brought the Communist country an unusually stern rebuke Saturday from the G7 nations, including a warning not to do anything to assist Russia with its invasion. "We call on China not to assist Russia in its war...

6 Days After Building Collapse, Survivor Pulled From Rubble
Building Collapse Killed 53

Building Collapse Killed 53

The 10th and final survivor was pulled from the rubble in China Thursday

(Newser) - Update: All of the people missing in China's building collapse had been accounted for as of early Friday, and the death toll stands at 53 with 10 survivors pulled from the rubble. All of the survivors are in good condition, the AP reports. Our story from Thursday regarding the ...

2 Days After Building Collapse, a Dramatic Rescue

Woman pulled from rubble in China, but dozens are feared dead

(Newser) - A woman was rescued Sunday from the rubble of a building in central China more than 50 hours after it collapsed, state media said. Separately, police arrested nine people, including the building owner, on suspicion of causing a major liability accident, the official Xinhua News Agency said, per the AP...

Beijing Begins Mass Testing Amid Fears of Lockdown

One area of capital is restricted as cases rise

(Newser) - China's capital, Beijing, began mass testing of more than 3 million people on Monday and restricted residents in one part of the city to their compounds, sparking worries of a wider Shanghai-style lockdown . While only 70 cases have been found so far in the city of more than 21...

Residents Complain About Being Fenced Off in Shanghai

Government takes down online video about conditions during COVID lockdown

(Newser) - Shanghai residents are objecting to the Chinese government's stepped-up lockdown to keep the coronavirus from spreading in the city, a campaign that now includes fencing off streets and residential buildings. "This is so disrespectful of the rights of the people inside, using metal barriers to enclose them like...

American Citizen Sentenced to Death in China

Shadeed Abdulmateen convicted of killing girlfriend

(Newser) - An American man has been sentenced to death in China for fatally stabbing a 21-year-old woman who tried to break off their relationship. Shadeed Abdulmateen was sentenced Thursday after a trial in the Intermediate People’s Court of Ningbo, a city in China’s eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, the...

Shanghai's Low COVID Death Count Raises Questions

In most cases, deaths are ascribed to underlying diseases, not COVID

(Newser) - Lu Muying died on April 1 in a government quarantine facility in Shanghai, with her family on the phone as doctors tried to resuscitate her. She had tested positive for COVID-19 in late March and was moved there in line with government policy that all COVID cases be centrally isolated....

Shanghai's Lockdown Isn't Going Well

First deaths in new COVID outbreak reported as food, supplies, tempers run short

(Newser) - Shanghai authorities on Monday reported the first COVID-19 deaths in the latest outbreak in China’s most populous and wealthiest city. All three people who died were elderly, had underlying diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, city Health Commission inspector Wu Ganyu...

Import Ban Doesn't Keep Seafood Profit From Russia

Catch goes through China, then is exported to US

(Newser) - A US ban on seafood imports from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine was supposed to sap billions of dollars from Vladimir Putin's war machine. But shortcomings in import regulations mean that Russian-caught pollock, salmon, and crab are likely to enter the US anyway, by way of the country...

China Shields Moviegoers From a Gay Dumbledore

Six seconds of dialogue are cut from 'Fantastic Beasts 3'

(Newser) - Viewers in China watching Fantastic Beasts 3 will see a slightly different film than everyone else. Warner Bros. agreed to cut six seconds of dialogue, reports Variety . Though just a tiny fraction of the two-hour-plus film, those six seconds are notable: They refer to a previous homosexual relationship between Dumbledore...

China May Have Learned Nuke Lesson From Putin

'Wall Street Journal' reports Beijing is speeding up nuclear buildup as a deterrent

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin has made a point to rattle his nuclear sabre amid the invasion of Ukraine. In the eyes of many, it's a big reason why the US in particular and the West in general will not intervene directly on the field of battle. "This war might prove...

Shanghai Officials Fired Over COVID Response

Authorities say they failed to control outbreak

(Newser) - Three local officials in Shanghai have been sacked over a slack response to the COVID-19 outbreak in China’s largest city, where residents are complaining of harsh lockdown conditions leading to shortages of food and basic necessities. An official notice Friday gave no details of the allegations against the three...

Shanghai Residents Are Running Out of Food

Lockdown has been extended indefinitely

(Newser) - Shanghai's phased lockdown to stamp out a COVID outbreak was not a success—after locking down one half of the city, then the other, a lockdown of both halves of the city has been extended indefinitely and case numbers have hit new records six days in a row. Public...

Scientist Behind Gene-Edited Babies Is Let Out of Prison

He Jiankui was convicted, sentenced in China in December 2019

(Newser) - Update: A Chinese biophysicist jailed in China for his role in helping to create the world's first gene-edited babies is a free man once more. The release of He Jiankui, who was convicted and sentenced to three years behind bars in December 2019 on charges of practicing medicine illegally,...

Shanghai Locks Down Other Half of City

West side is locked down, but lockdowns on east side could be extended

(Newser) - About 16 million residents in Shanghai are being tested for the coronavirus during the second stage of the lockdown that shifted Friday to the western half of China's biggest city and financial capital. Meanwhile, residents of Shanghai’s eastern districts who were supposed to be released from four days...

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