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Instacart Workers 'Flabbergasted' at Tips Bait-and-Switch

Customers woo Instacart shoppers with big gratuities, lower them after delivery

(Newser) - Instacart is an invaluable service for those who don't want to venture out during the coronavirus pandemic to go grocery shopping. As details, the free app works like this: A customer places an online order with stores like Whole Foods, Publix, or Costco, after which the app... More »

A Bartender Got a Tip Worth $2. It Turned Into $50K

Missouri's Taylor Russey says customer's gratuity was a Powerball ticket

(Newser) - Most watering hole patrons don't offer lottery tickets as gratuities, but one regular at Missouri's Bleachers Bar does it quite often—and a bartender at the O'Fallon establishment is now a $50,000 winner because of it. CNN reports on Taylor Russey's windfall, which came about... More »

10,000% Tip May Not Have Been as Kind as Waitress Thought

Cops say it was an act of revenge on woman's boyfriend

(Newser) - A woman dined at a Florida restaurant last week, leaving a 10,000% tip on a $55.37 breakfast bill. But what her waitress interpreted as a kind gesture after the death of her dog, per WFTS , was actually far from it. USA Today reports that Serina Wolfe and boyfriend... More »

He Ordered 2 Waters, Then Left. His Tip: $10K

'I thought someone was playing a joke on me,' North Carolina server says

(Newser) - "This is crazy!!" is how a North Carolina hot-dog eatery describes what happened last week at its Greenville location. WRAL reports that a man wandered in to Sup Dogs last Friday, asked for two waters while he was looking at the menu, then left before ordering. The mystery... More »

Cops Get 800 Tips in Search for Missing Teen

Sheriff believes Wisc.'s Jayme Closs is still alive, but so far nationwide search has turned up nothing

(Newser) - "Every second counts" in the search for Jayme Closs , and authorities say they've so far received about 800 tips on the disappearance of the Wisconsin teen. The 5-foot-tall 13-year-old with strawberry-blond hair and green eyes was found to be missing early Monday when cops responded to a 911... More »

Thief Steals $2M, Gives a Third Away

'I don't regret having done this'

(Newser) - A Chinese man stole almost $2 million, then spent more than a quarter of that amount on tips for female hosts of livestreaming websites. The 21-year-old online software vendor from Guizhou province—identified only by his last name, Hu—stole $1.9 million from video website Youku Tudou after he... More »

Drunk Diner Accidentally Tips 1,800%

He asked for it back once he'd sobered up

(Newser) - A waiter at a Thai restaurant in Edgewater, Colo., was feeling pretty good about himself after receiving a $1,088 tip over the weekend—until the drunk customer who left it returned to get it back. Owner Bee Anantatho of Thailicious says a server was clearing a table when he... More »

Joe's Crab Shack No-Tipping Policy Was No Success

Lost up to 10% of its customers at test sites that dumped gratuities

(Newser) - The first full-service national chain to get rid of tipping is, for the most part, reinstating the practice that its former CEO once called "antiquated." Joe's Crab Shack, which had tried out the gratuity-included model in 18 of its 130 or so restaurants across the country, is... More »

Amy Schumer Left Big-Time Tip for Hamilton Bartenders

That'd be a $1K tip on a $77 tab

(Newser) - Amy Schumer took in a Broadway play and bought a few drinks Saturday night—and she left an ample tip to thank the bartenders for a fun night out. The comedian placed a $1,000 gratuity on top of her $77 bar bill at a showing of Hamilton, leaving the... More »

First Major Restaurant Chain Tests No Tipping

Joe's Crab Shack is testing policy to stave turnover, aid service

(Newser) - Put away the calculator and enjoy dessert: There's no more tipping at Joe's Crab Shack, the first national full-service chain restaurant to test a no-tipping policy, Consumerist reports. In a conference call last week, Ray Blanchette, CEO of parent company Ignite Restaurant Group, told investors that 18 of... More »

Restaurant Bans Tips, Gives Servers $35K a Year

Pittsburgh's Bar Marco also will provide health care, paid vacation

(Newser) - A Pittsburgh restaurant's policy change has Eater wondering whether tips will become a thing of the past in the restaurant industry. Starting in April, Bar Marco will stop accepting tips and start paying its full-time servers $35,000 a year, plus benefits unusual for the restaurant world: health care,... More »

Students Wow Pizza Guy With 10,000% Tip

James Gilpin says $1,268 tip couldn't have come at a better time

(Newser) - Indiana Wesleyan University students attend mandatory chapel service each week, and when chapel speaker Keith Newman ordered pizza Wednesday morning as 3,000 students gathered inside, "I thought we were all going to get pizza," a student says. Instead, a Domino's Pizza deliveryman got a big shock—... More »

Is Ex-PayPal Honcho Behind 'Tips for Jesus'?

Server says tech tycoon left him $1K tip

(Newser) - Whether or not he is the big spender behind the TipsforJesus mystery , Jack Selby can probably expect an amazing level of service next time he walks into a restaurant. The venture capitalist and former PayPal exec has been identified as the man behind the massive tips left at establishments across... More »

After Racial Slur, Waitress Gets $10K Crowd-Funded Tip

Website has fundraiser for Tennessee teen

(Newser) - It's a rotten story with a nice ending: When a Red Lobster waitress in Nashville got no tip from a patron who instead scrawled the n-word on his bill, she posted it on Facebook. From there, the folks at the Addicting Info website got wind of it and held... More »

Restaurant Owner: Why Getting Rid of Tips Works

Jay Porter describes how his experiment helped everyone

(Newser) - In 2006, Jay Porter abolished tipping at his San Diego restaurant. Instead, the eatery instituted an 18% service charge for all dining-in meals (slightly less than the average tip had been), and refused to accept anything beyond that. This allowed the "tip" revenue to legally be shared among both... More »

Down With Tipping

This 'repugnant custom' is bad for everyone: Brian Palmer

(Newser) - Tipping first arrived in America in the late 19th century, and was decried as bribery and quickly banned. We had the right idea back then, and we never should have been talked into accepting this "repugnant custom," writes Brian Palmer in Slate . Not only is tipping awful for... More »

Guy Travels Country Giving Out $500 Tips

Seth Collins' quest is tribute to late brother

(Newser) - When Aaron Collins died a year ago, the 30-year-old's will ended with an unusual request. "The last thing in it was that we go out to dinner and leave an awesome tip," brother Seth explains to NPR . "And he said, 'I'm not talking about... More »

Here's Who Gets Your Starbucks Tips

Court says baristas and shift supervisors can split them, but not assistant managers

(Newser) - New York's highest court has weighed in on a feud over the Starbucks tip jar. Two suits were in question. In one, baristas argued that shift supervisors should be banned from sharing the cash because state law prohibits "employers and their agents" from access to tips for waiters... More »

22 Years Later, Waiters Still Work for $2.13 a Hour

Legislation could raise minimum, used in 13 states, this year

(Newser) - Many waiters are still waiting for their minimum wage to rise—which it hasn't in more than two decades. The federal minimum for servers is set at $2.13 an hour, though if they don't make at least the regular minimum of $7.25 when tips are added... More »

San Francisco Waiters Push for 25% Tips

Turns out some NYC bars, clubs already add 20% to checks

(Newser) - Are you tipping enough when you go out to eat? The San Francisco restaurant industry apparently doesn’t think so. A column from Ed Arnow of the Contra Costa Times reports that “there’s a move on” among local restaurant workers to “make 25% the standard tip in... More »

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