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Newspaper Is Victim of Hate Campaign Over Bogus Reason

Online critics falsely accuse 'Las Vegas Review-Journal,' issue threats to reporter

(Newser) - A Las Vegas newspaper is being viciously attacked online for its coverage of an alleged murder of a retired police chief, with critics guilty of either a misunderstanding or a deliberate attempt to mislead, per the AP . The "firehose of hatred" has led the Las Vegas Review-Journal to sift...

Newspaper Owner Yelled at Cops: 'Get Out of My House!'

Security video shows 98-year-old Joan Meyer, who died a day later, ordering raiding police out

(Newser) - Newly released video shows the 98-year-old mother of a Kansas newspaper publisher confronting police officers as they searched her home in a raid that has drawn national scrutiny , at one point demanding: "Get out of my house!" Video released by the newspaper shows Joan Meyer shouting at the...

County Drops Search Warrant Used in Kansas Newspaper Raid

Items taken from office are returned to 'Marion County Record'

(Newser) - The Kansas newspaper whose offices were raided by police last week has had its seized belongings returned, after the county attorney decided there was "insufficient evidence" to justify the search. Joel Ensey said he has withdrawn the search warrant under which officers raided the Marion County Record, touching off...

Co-Owner of Kansas Newspaper Collapses, Dies After Police Raid
Co-Owner of Kansas Newspaper
Dies Day After Police Raid
the rundown

Co-Owner of Kansas Newspaper Dies Day After Police Raid

Major news outlets are among dozens condemning raid on Kansas paper

(Newser) - The day after police raided the office of the Kansas newspaper she co-owned, along with her own home, Joan Meyer collapsed and died. Meyer co-owned the Marion County Record with her son Eric Meyer, the paper's publisher, and along with the newspaper office, police also descended on their home...

Guardian Says It Was Hit by Cyberattack

British newspaper tells employees to work from home after suspected ransomware attack

(Newser) - The Guardian says that it has been hit by a suspected ransomware attack but that its online publishing is, evidently, largely unaffected. Executives said the newspaper hopes to go ahead with its Thursday print edition. The British paper reported "a serious IT incident" starting Tuesday night, and staff at...

'Filthy Cheater' Called Out in Full-Page Newspaper Ad

The ad has generated some global attention, for the newspaper at least

(Newser) - Somewhere in Australia, someone named "Jenny" feels avenged, and someone named "Steve" feels ashamed. Also, a small-town newspaper has garnered some global attention. Per People, "Jenny" took out a full-page, “premium placement” ad in a local newspaper with the following message in all-caps: "Dear Steve,...

Owner Is Giving Away Small-Town Newspaper

Proprietor of Minnesota weekly paper says he wants to join struggle in Ukraine

(Newser) - The proprietor of a small-town paper in Minnesota wants to help Ukraine in its hour of need—and he's looking for somebody to take over the Lafayette Nicollet Ledger. Lee Zion bought the weekly paper for $35,000 four years ago. He says it's profitable and debt-free, with...

Boris Johnson Defends Female Lawmaker After Paper's Slam

I 'deplore the misogyny directed at her anonymously today,' PM says of Angela Rayner

(Newser) - Boris Johnson is trying to distance himself from a new controversy in British politics, one revolving around a newspaper article condemned as misogynistic. Over the weekend, the Mail on Sunday quoted anonymous lawmakers from Johnson's Conservative Party who accused opposition lawmaker Angela Rayner of trying to distract Johnson in...

Changed by Newsroom Killings, Editor Leaves Maryland Paper

Capital Gazette won a Pulitzer citation for its courage in managing to keep publishing

(Newser) - The editor of the Capital Gazette, which won a special Pulitzer Prize citation for its coverage and courage in the face of a massacre in its newsroom, is leaving the Maryland newspaper. Rick Hutzell, who worked at the Annapolis paper for more than three decades, authored a farewell column that...

Hong Kong Arrests Editors of Pro-Democracy Newspaper

500 officers raided Apple Daily offices

(Newser) - Hong Kong police used a sweeping national security law against a pro-democracy newspaper for the first time Thursday, arresting five editors and executives on charges of collusion with foreign powers. Police said they had strong evidence that more than 30 articles published by Apple Daily played a "crucial part"...

After Review, NYT Says It Will 'Transform' Its Workplace Culture

Paper acknowledges it has a long way to go before it becomes truly inclusive

(Newser) - The New York Times says it plans to transform its workplace culture as sweepingly as it shifted to becoming a digital-first operation. The promise follows an eight-month review of workplace issues, especially those affecting Black and Latino employees, reports CNN . The newspaper shared a report Wednesday from Amber Guild, Carolyn...

City's Longtime Newspaper Offers an Apology

Kansas City Star says Black people were long depicted as 'criminals living in a crime-laden world'

(Newser) - The Kansas City Star has apologized for decades of coverage in which the city's Black residents were treated as "invisible"—unless they were involved in crimes. In an essay, " The Truth in Black and White ," editor Mike Fannin acknowledges that for much of its 140-year...

Newspaper Apologizes for Endorsement

'Orlando Sentinel' rips Fla. GOP Rep. Michael Waltz for signing on to Texas election suit

(Newser) - More than 100 House Republicans have signed on to a Texas lawsuit trying to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win, and a local paper that endorsed one of them is now offering a public mea culpa. "We apologize for endorsing US Rep. Michael Waltz, who wants to overturn the...

Amid 'Uncertainty' Over New HK Law, a Big Move for NYT

Newspaper to relocate portion of its international staff in Hong Kong to Seoul

(Newser) - With low taxes and a location close to China's mainland, Hong Kong has long been seen as an ideal site in which media outlets can set up shop for their international teams. The New York Times, however, has announced that, due to Hong Kong's new security law against...

Oops: State's Biggest Paper Publishes Full-Page Anti-Islam Ad

'Tennessean' investigating how ad got through approval process

(Newser) - Somehow, a full-page ad claiming "Islam" would be detonating a bomb in Nashville appeared in the Tennessean newspaper Sunday. The paper, Tennessee's largest , is now apologizing, and saying it will probe how the ad came to be published, the New York Times reports. "Clearly there was a...

Tulsa Newspaper: Please Don't Come, Mr. President

Editorial says a campaign rally makes no sense right now

(Newser) - President Trump is scheduled to host a campaign rally in Tulsa on Saturday, but he's receiving anything but a warm welcome from the local newspaper and the top local health official. In an editorial, the Tulsa World argues that "a mass indoor gathering of people pressed closely together...

Layoff Leaves Newspaper's Senior Editor Homeless

Rich Jackson says apartment came with the job

(Newser) - Newsroom employees at Gannett newspapers around the country recently lost their jobs in a major round of layoffs. Rich Jackson, senior executive editor of the Bloomington, Indiana, Herald-Times lost his home as well—and started the Homeless Editor blog in response. Jackson says that when he took the Herald-Times job...

Amanda Knox Is Ready for Your Questions

She's to write an advice column for 'Westside Seattle'

(Newser) - Have a question for Amanda Knox? Now's a good time to ask. The 32-year-old Seattle native is getting her own advice column in the weekly newspaper Westside Seattle, which the Guardian reports is published by family of her husband. Already listed as a contributing writer and photographer with the...

Major Ukraine Story Broken by a Pretty Unlikely Person

Andrew Howard of Arizona State University revealed Kurt Volker's resignation

(Newser) - Just another day on the job? Not so for Andrew Howard, the college journalist who broke one of the biggest stories of the week. The 20-year-old Arizona State University junior was first to report that Kurt Volker, the State Department's special envoy for Ukraine, was stepping down amid tensions...

Paper's Pulitzer Prize Money Goes to Perfect Cause

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives the $15K to Tree of Life synagogue, site of shooting it covered

(Newser) - The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette won't see any of the prize money from its breaking news Pulitzer , awarded for its coverage of the October shooting at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue. That's because the $15,000 will go directly to the synagogue itself, based on a suggestion by publisher...

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