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Clyburn Disputes Metal Detector Accusation

Lawmaker could become the first Democrat fined under new safety protocols

(Newser) - The House sergeant-at-arms has accused Rep. James Clyburn of a metal detector violation, imposing a $5,000 fine. Timothy Blodgett wrote to the House Ethics Committee that Clyburn avoided metal detectors Tuesday on his way to the House floor, the Hill reports. A filing by US Capitol Police said Clyburn...

Barr Likens COVID Shutdowns to Slavery
Barr Floats Idea of Sedition
Charges Against Protesters
the rundown

Barr Floats Idea of Sedition Charges Against Protesters

Attorney general also says shutdowns are biggest intrusion on civil liberties since slavery

(Newser) - The attorney general is making all kinds of headlines this week as he slams COVID-19 shutdowns, considers a big charge against protesters, and faults prosecutors in his own Justice Department. Coverage about William Barr:
  • Volatile words: During a Q&A at Hillsdale College in Michigan on Wednesday, Barr was asked

97 House Republicans Sign Anti-Rice Letter to Obama

But Rep. Clyburn sees 'code words' in letter

(Newser) - Nearly one-quarter of the House of Representatives is opposed to Susan Rice replacing Hillary Clinton as the secretary of state. In a letter to President Obama yesterday, 97 House Republicans said Rice's "misleading statements" in the wake of the Benghazi attack "caused irreparable damage to her credibility,...

Pelosi's 3 'Super' Picks: Becerra, Clyburn, Van Hollen

Panel charged with finding $1.5T in cuts is now complete

(Newser) - The "super committee" is complete: Nancy Pelosi filled in the final three positions of the 12-member panel today by picking James Clyburn of South Carolina, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, and Xavier Becerra of California, reports the Hill . Clyburn and Becerra are the top-ranking African-American and Latino lawmakers in...

Democrats to Obama: Use the 14th Amendment

Leaders in the House say he shouldn't rule it out

(Newser) - Desperate times: Some high-ranking Democrats say President Obama should invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling on his own. James Clyburn, the third-ranking House Democrat, made the pitch to the Democratic Caucus this morning, reports the Hill . By doing so, Obama would bring "needed stability to our...

Budget Talks Look Doomed by Unlikely Participants

Cantor, Kyl, and Pelosi crew not the most credible bunch

(Newser) - Are the White House’s budget talks already doomed? That’s the conclusion some are reaching based on who’s going, according to the Huffington Post . Both sides were invited to send up to eight appointees, but Republicans will only send two: Eric Cantor and Jon Kyl, both political pugilists...

Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2
 Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2 

Dems Cut Deal on Pelosi's No. 2

Give Clyburn TBD No. 3 post, avoid Hoyer dogfight

(Newser) - House Democrats have avoided a dogfight over their No. 2 leadership slot, announcing that Steny Hoyer would stay put while Jim Clyburn takes a to-be-determined No. 3 position. The move leaves Nancy Pelosi, who announced the deal last night, without any significant leadership battles ahead of Wednesday's caucus vote, Politico...

Hoyer, Clyburn Jockey to Be Pelosi's Right Hand

Deal will probably preempt secret ballot

(Newser) - The sound and fury of the midterm elections may be over, but the end of electoral voting brings about a round of behind-the-scenes jockeying for power. Reps. James Clyburn and Steny Hoyer are both plausible candidates for leading the Democratic minority in the house, but given that Nancy Pelosi will...

Clyburn: 'Elephant Dung' All Over SC Race
 Clyburn: 'Elephant Dung' 
 All Over SC Race  

Clyburn: 'Elephant Dung' All Over SC Race

Axelrod says Alvin Greene not a 'credible candidate'

(Newser) - Never shy, Jim Clyburn continued his campaign against South Carolina's surprise Senate candidate, Alvin Greene, telling State of the Union that "I saw in the Democratic primary elephant dung all over the place." David Axelrod chimed in, reports Politico, telling Meet the Press that "How he won...

Racial Slurs, Image of Noose Faxed to Clyburn

Democratic lawmakers attacked over health bill

(Newser) - House Majority Whip James Clyburn was sent racist messages after Sunday's health reform vote. Clyburn, a veteran of the civil rights movement, told Keith Olbermann, "If you look at some of the faxes that I got today, racial slurs, nooses on gallows, and I'm telling you, some very vicious...

Pelosi Fighting for Stronger Public Option

Plan with Medicare-linked option would cost only $871B

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi is on a mission to pass the strongest public option on the table in the House—a plan that would pay doctors the same rates as Medicare—and she's close to having enough votes, she told fellow Dems last night. The plan would cost just $871 billion, according...

House Will Vote Tomorrow on Reprimand of Joe Wilson

Most Dems, some fellow Republicans expected to vote yes on 'You lie' yeller

(Newser) - The House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on a “resolution of disapproval” against Joe Wilson, the South Carolina Republican who shouted “You lie!” at President Obama during his speech last week on health reform. House Majority Whip James Clyburn, also a South Carolinian, will introduce the measure,...

Schumer to GOP: Stimulus Is All or Nothing

Governors can't cherry-pick favorite parts, senator argues

(Newser) - Chuck Schumer thinks governors ought to have one choice when it comes to the stimulus: Take it or leave it. The New York senator is fed up with Republicans like Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford, who want to grab some federal cash while refusing the rest on ideological grounds. “...

Lobbyists Lavish Gifts on Lawmakers' Fave Charities

More than $13M donated to charities and nonprofits in name of House, Senate members

(Newser) - New congressional ethics rules are showing the public for the first time how much money lobbyists and companies are donating to charities and nonprofits to woo lawmakers, the New York Times reports. Companies and interest groups donated more than $13 million to such groups associated with more than 200 House...

Clyburn Is the Perfect Ally for Obama

Dem whip brings consensus-building record to campaign

(Newser) - Jim Clyburn is exactly the kind of ally Obama needs. A pioneer in his own right, the first Southern-raised black majority whip has a strong record of building consensus among blacks, whites, Hispanics, and people of all faiths. He's the action to complement Obama's lofty words, reports Politico—and holds...

Clinton Hit List Is Talk of the Beltway

Wounds not healing quickly

(Newser) - Wounds from Election 2008 aren’t quickly being papered over in Clintonland, the New York Times reports in a speculative piece about who is likely to be on the former first couple's enemies list. How deep will animosity toward Obama boosters Bill Richardson, Jim Clyburn, and Claire McCaskill run? Use...

Clyburn Endorses Obama
 Clyburn Endorses Obama 

Clyburn Endorses Obama

More superdelegates likely to follow

(Newser) - House Majority whip James Clyburn, the top-ranking African American in Congress, endorsed Barack Obama this morning, CNN reports. “Senator Obama brings a new vision for our future and new voters to our cause,” Clyburn said. “He has created levels of energy and excitement that I have not...

Clyburn Blasts Bill's 'Bizarre' Obama Attacks

Blacks 'incensed' by former president's conduct in campaign

(Newser) - South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn slammed Bill Clinton’s “bizarre” campaign-trail conduct in an interview yesterday with the New York Times, saying that “black people are incensed” over Clinton’s remarks about Barack Obama. Clinton earlier compared Obama’s win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s 1988...

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