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Who Wants to Live in a Lighthouse?
For Sale:
1897 Lighthouse

For Sale: 1897 Lighthouse

At Virginia's Smith Point Lighthouse, you don't even have to change the lamp

(Newser) - You'll get 360-degree views of Chesapeake Bay and plenty of privacy on your very own island. The catch, apart from crabs? You'll be living in a lighthouse. Smith Point Lighthouse, some 2.5 miles off the shore of Reedville, Virginia, at the mouth of the Potomac River, is...

Walkway Collapse at Lighthouse Injures 11

Maine attraction was open for annual tour

(Newser) - Eleven lighthouse enthusiasts were hurt when a walkway collapsed, sending people tumbling into mudflats below during an annual event that encourages tours of Maine's beloved beacons. The wooden walkway collapsed at Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic on Saturday afternoon, the AP reports. The lighthouse was open to the public...

'Record Number' of Lighthouses Up for Grabs

GSA is offering 6 of the obsolete structures for free, with another 4 on the auction block

(Newser) - If you've always pined to own your very own lighthouse—and Willem Dafoe hasn't scared you off of the prospect—now's your chance. Each May, the General Services Administration offers lighthouses to the public under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act , so that any of the federally...

An Unwanted and Inhospitable Lighthouse Finally Sells

Hooper Island Lighthouse went for way more than the starting price

(Newser) - The federal government has sold off a rather inhospitable lighthouse in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay for a six-figure sum after a bidding war at auction. The Hooper Island Lighthouse, located west of Middle Hooper Island in Maryland's Dorchester County, at first drew little interest, reported the Washington ...

Leaning Lighthouse Could Fall Within Days

Ships banned from German port of Bremen

(Newser) - The world has another leaning tower, which unlike the relatively stable tower in Pisa, will soon tilt an inch too far. An iconic lighthouse at the northern German port of Bremen has tilted sideways and could soon topple over entirely, per the AP . Public broadcaster Radio Bremen quoted the head...

Free Waterfront Office Space, but There's a Catch, Of Course

The federal government will let certain groups use old lighthouses

(Newser) - Dreading your eventual return to the office? The federal government is making available for free some waterfront workspaces with killer views that are sure to entice. But there's a catch. The General Services Administration says the U.S. Coast Guard has decided it no longer needs four of the...

This Nurse Is Trapped in a Lighthouse Watching Movies
This Nurse Is Trapped in a
Lighthouse Watching Movies
in case you missed it

This Nurse Is Trapped in a Lighthouse Watching Movies

Lisa Enroth won 'Isolated Cinema' contest to hole up on remote Swedish isle, view film fest premieres

(Newser) - While many people are tiring of being stuck at home binge-watching Netflix during the pandemic, one health-care worker is taking it to the next level. Mashable reports that Lisa Enroth, a nurse from Skoevde, Sweden, is now hunkered down on the nation's barren Pater Noster island, holed up inside...

Lighthouse Was 660 Feet From Coast. Now, 20 Feet

That means Tuesday is moving day for Denmark's Rubjerg Knude: 'Many things can go wrong'

(Newser) - A 120-year-old lighthouse has been put on wheels and rails to attempt to move it Tuesday some 265 feet away from the North Sea, which has been eroding the coastline of northwestern Denmark. When the 76-foot-tall Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was first lit in 1900, it was roughly 660 feet from...

Get Paid 6 Figures to Work, Live on This Island
Get Paid 6 Figures to Work,
Live on This Island
in case you missed it

Get Paid 6 Figures to Work, Live on This Island

Must have Coast Guard license and not smoke for this 'dream job' overlooking San Francisco

(Newser) - Looking to make six figures with a sweet view of San Francisco, and have a friend or other partner who wants to help? What the San Francisco Chronicle describes as a possible "dream job" has opened up, and you could start as soon as April. The gig: taking over...

Frozen Michigan Lighthouse Looks Out of This World

And a bit like an 'ice monster'

(Newser) - The addition of a smokestack to a lighthouse in St. Joseph, Mich., led some to describe the building as "unsightly," per the AP . It was anything but on Thursday, as the area was hit with chilly weather . In a video captured by photographer Joshua Nowicki, the outer portion...

Want a Lighthouse? Feds Giving Them Away

100 sold in 14 years, unknown number still available

(Newser) - Ever wish your man cave or summer retreat was in a lighthouse? You may be in luck, now that the federal government is selling or giving away dozens of them, the AP reports. They've shed 100 obsolete or unneeded lighthouses in 14 years, 68 of them freebies handed off...

Tallest Lighthouse in New England Sells for $78K

Maine tower is still active as a navigational aid

(Newser) - New England's tallest lighthouse has been sold for $78,000. The federal General Services Administration says the winning bidder for the Boon Island Light Station off York, Maine, is Art Girard of Portland, Maine. The GSA closed out an auction of the 133-foot-tall lighthouse tower on Aug. 17. The...

For Sale: 2 Lighthouses, Very Used

US puts two off Jersey coast up for auction

(Newser) - Looking for an oceanfront (and oceanback) getaway? The government has put two old lighthouses off the Jersey coast up for auction, reports the Star-Ledger . Bidding starts at $10,000 each at the General Services Administration website for the Romer Shoal Light Station and the Great Beds lighthouse. Previous lighthouses sold...

Lost Lighthouse Discovered a Coast Away

Enthusiast tracks down first beacon to employ a female lightkeeper

(Newser) - A lighthouse that once stood on a Cape Cod beach but was long thought destroyed has been found on a California cliff 3,000 miles away, the Cape Cod Times reports. The cast-iron lighthouse overlooked Wellfleet Harbor until 1925 when it was taken down and, locals thought, dismantled. Instead, an...

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