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Bullet Meant for Target Strikes Mother of Three

'I thank God that my life was spared,' says Florida's Heather Sitton

(Newser) - A mother of three in Florida is recovering in the hospital after she was struck by a bullet that flew into her backyard during target practice at a neighboring property. Indiantown resident Heather Sitton was in her yard with several people, including her husband and three young children, when the...

Newsom: I Want California Gun Law Like Texas' Abortion Law
Borrows Tactic
From Texas

Newsom Borrows Tactic From Texas

California governor wants a gun law modeled on Texas' abortion law

(Newser) - "If [Texas] can ban abortion and endanger lives, [California] can ban deadly weapons of war and save lives." That's Gavin Newsom's latest stance , and one he intends to try to turn into law. The California governor made his announcement Saturday on the heels of the Supreme...

Smash-and-Grab Thieves' New Target: Guns

Police in Garden Grove, near Los Angeles, investigating break-in at gun shop

(Newser) - Smash-and-grab thieves in the Los Angeles area appear to be branching out. Instead of high-end luxury items, the latest incident involves the theft of about 40 guns, reports the Los Angeles Times . Police in the city of Garden Grove say thieves broke through the glass front door of a...

House Aide Arrested After Gun Spotted in His Bag

Jeffrey Allsbrooks tells police he forgot he had the weapon

(Newser) - A congressional aide entered the Capitol complex with a gun Thursday morning, hours before President Biden, Vice President Harris, and congressional leaders were to attend a Capitol ceremony for the late Sen. Bob Dole. Capitol Police said 57-year-old Jeffrey Allsbrooks was tracked down and arrested "four minutes" after a...

Christmas and Guns: 2 Images Stoke Controversy
2 Holiday Tweets Stoke
Controversy Over Guns
the rundown

2 Holiday Tweets Stoke Controversy Over Guns

Sheriff's office and a congressman post Christmas messages

(Newser) - Two images with the themes of guns and Christmas made headlines over the weekend, one from a congressman and the other from a sheriff's office. Both drew condemnation from critics but defenses from advocates of gun rights. Adding to the controversy: Both came within days of the deadly school...

13-Year-Old Killed Sister With Homemade Gun: Cops

Georgia police say boy was running a 'ghost gun' operation

(Newser) - A 13-year-old boy had a business selling untraceable guns, including semi-automatic weapons, that he built using parts purchased online—until it all went south Saturday, according to police. Two people arrived at the boy's home in Douglasville, Ga., to buy one of the "ghost guns" but grabbed it...

Sheriff: Dad of Oxford Suspect Bought Gun on Black Friday

Official says he wasn't aware of threats of violence before Tuesday's attack at school north of Detroit

(Newser) - The 15-year-old suspect who fatally shot three students and injured seven others and a teacher at Oxford High School north of Detroit on Tuesday used a gun purchased by his father on Black Friday, according to the local sheriff. The sophomore was in possession of the 9mm Sig Sauer SP2022...

He Admits to a Dozen Museum Heists, Gets Day in Jail

Pennsylvania's Thomas Gavin helped trace stolen firearms after confession

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania man will spend exactly one day in jail after admitting to stealing historic artifacts from more than a dozen museums in at least four states. Montgomery County's Thomas Gavin busted into museums along the US East Coast in the 1960s and '70s, taking mostly antique firearms,...

Man Who Shot Gunman Was Killed By Police
No Charges for Cop Who
Killed 'Good Samaritan'

No Charges for Cop Who Killed 'Good Samaritan'

Johnny Hurley stopped a cop killer before dying at the hands of another cop

(Newser) - Update: There won't be any charges filed against the Colorado police officer who killed Johnny Hurley in June. Hurley had managed to stop active shooter Ronald Troyke moments after Troyke killed a cop by shooting him dead; he had Troyke's rifle in hand when Arvada Officer Kraig Brownlow...

Baldwin Has a Solution for Weapons on Sets

Actor posted tweet calling for cops to monitor guns

(Newser) - Alec Baldwin thinks cops are the answer. The actor posted a screenshot of a tweet to his Instagram page that reads, "Every film/TV set that uses guns, fake or otherwise, should have a police officer on set, hired by the production, to specifically monitor weapons safety." Baldwin didn’...

Brandon Lee's Fiancee: 'There's No Such Thing as a Prop Gun'

Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was killed on movie set in 1993, in similar way as Halyna Hutchins

(Newser) - The family of Brandon Lee, the actor who died in 1993 in a freak gun accident while filming The Crow, knows too well the feelings that the family of Halyna Hutchins is going through. After the 42-year-old cinematographer was killed last week in New Mexico when a gun being handled...

Workers on Baldwin Film Say Gun Misfire Wasn't the First

Sources say there were at least 3 previous ones on set; camera crew walked out right before shooting

(Newser) - More details are trickling out about the tragic accident Thursday involving Alec Baldwin, in which he fired a prop gun on a New Mexico movie set that ended up killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza. A prop makers union has said that a "live single round"...

Among First-Time Gun Buyers, a Gender Shift

Since 2019, roughly half have been women

(Newser) - Social unrest and the pandemic appear to have achieved what decades of marketing campaigns from gun companies failed to do. A new study has found that almost half of all first-time gun buyers since the start of 2019 are women, the Wall Street Journal reports. Gun sales soared during the...

In Texas, No Open-Carry License? No Problem

Law enforcement, others warn of safety concerns as new law goes into effect

(Newser) - As of Tuesday, Texans needed to complete training, a written exam, a proficiency test, and obtain a license to openly carry a handgun in public. As of Wednesday, they needn't do any of that. Texans aged 21 and older who are not prohibited from possessing a handgun can carry...

Mexico Sues United States Gun Manufacturers

Says gunmakers are responsible for huge increase in homicides as illegal guns flow in

(Newser) - Mexico wants to stop the flow of US-made guns across the border—so it's suing US gunmakers. The move, which the Guardian calls "unprecedented," does not target the US government but does target such big names as Smith & Wesson, Barrett Firearms, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Glock,...

Company's 'Block19' Covers Guns in Legos

Culper Precision's kit is generating plenty of controversy

(Newser) - A company in Utah is facing backlash after bringing a "childhood [dream] ... to life." That dream, per Culper Precision: a kit that allows handgun aficionados to encase their Glocks in red, yellow, and blue Legos. "We have been building guns out of blocks for the last 30...

4 Arrested in Denver Over Weapons in Hotel Room

16 long guns and 1K rounds of ammo found in 8th-floor room

(Newser) - Hotel housekeepers have seen it all. One in Denver definitely has—an unnamed hotel employee saw 16 long guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in room near Coors Field Friday night, Denver7 reports. The room on the Maven Hotel’s eighth-floor had a balcony overlooking the downtown...

Sandy Hook Families: Gunmaker Sent Us 18K Cartoons

Motion tied to suit alleges Remington handed over tens of thousands of 'random' files to stall

(Newser) - A gunmaker sued in 2014 by nine Sandy Hook families has spent seven years pulling together tens of thousands of documents for discovery proceedings, claiming it was using "extensive resources" to do so. Now, in a complaint filed last week in Connecticut Superior Court, lawyers for those families allege...

FBI: Stripped of Guns, Ex-Cop Charged in Capitol Riot Buys 34

Thomas Robertson also found to possess partial pipe bomb: prosecutors

(Newser) - A former Virginia police officer charged in the Capitol attack was ordered not to possess any weapons—which is why authorities were alarmed to find an email receipt showing he'd ordered 34 guns. Thomas Robertson, fired by the Rocky Mount Police Department shortly after his Jan. 13 arrest, was...

Judge Compares AR-15 to Swiss Army Knife in Assault Weapons Ruling

US District Judge Roger Benitez overturns Calif.'s 30-year-old assault weapons ban

(Newser) - A federal judge Friday overturned California's three-decade-old ban on assault weapons, ruling that it violates the constitutional right to bear arms. US District Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego ruled that the state's definition of illegal military-style rifles unlawfully deprives law-abiding Californians of weapons commonly allowed in most...

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