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San Diego Trash Sweep Nearly Tosses a Homeless Person

Reforms instituted after person in tent was almost crushed by garbage truck

(Newser) - San Diego has fired a senior city official and instituted stringent new rules on trash cleanups after a homeless person was thrown into a garbage truck and almost killed. In what the San Diego Union-Tribune calls "a jaw-dropping blunder," city work crews were clearing a homeless encampment with...

1K Bicycles, Hidden Bunker Found in Homeless Camp

'I’ve been doing this job for 20 years and even I was stunned'

(Newser) - “It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before," Lt. Jeff Puckett of the Orange County Sheriff's Department tells the Orange County Register . Having removed between 150 and 200 homeless people from an encampment along the Santa Ana River in Southern California earlier this month, officials were...

Hawaii Declares Emergency Over Soaring Homelessness

State has highest rate in the US

(Newser) - Hawaii has declared a state of emergency to deal with a homelessness problem that has exploded over the last couple of years. With an estimated 7,620 homeless people amid a population of 1.36 million, the state has the worst homeless problem per capita in the US, according to...

Biggest US Homeless Encampment Evicted

San Jose clears out 'the Jungle'

(Newser) - A homeless encampment believed to have been the biggest in the country—and located in one of its richest areas—was cleared by police and social workers in San Jose yesterday. The San Jose Mercury News describes the scene as a "caravan of misery," with homeless people standing...

Hawaii Buys Homeless Plane Tickets to Mainland

 Hawaii Buys Homeless 
 Plane Tickets to Mainland 

Hawaii Buys Homeless Plane Tickets to Mainland

Homeless population up 15% in year

(Newser) - The sound of waves crashing, spectacular views, white sand between your toes: Such is life for the hundreds of homeless flocking to Hawaii's shores, where the medical and dental care is free, and hey, you're not under a bridge in Detroit in January. With the homeless population up 15% over...

Abuse Victim Fights for Homeless Sex Offenders

Woman, father were behind ordinances that forced abusers under bridge

(Newser) - The homeless sex offenders who live under Miami’s infamous Julia Tuttle Causeway aren't quick to thank two of their most diligent advocates for working on their behalf. “They know who we are, and don’t like us very much,” says Lauren Book-Lim. Book-Lim was sexually abused by...

Cities Prop Up Homeless Camps
 Cities Prop Up 
 Homeless Camps 

Cities Prop Up Homeless Camps

Squeezed shelters, recession prompt local government tolerance

(Newser) - With room tight in homeless shelters, municipalities across the US are allowing tent cities to stand—after years spent breaking up homeless clusters, the Wall Street Journal reports. In some areas, the encampments are even supplied with basic services like portable toilets and medical care. “There is no place...

Attacks on Homeless Spark Hate-Crime Laws

(Newser) - A surge in vicious, unprovoked assaults on homeless people has put weight behind efforts to reclassify such attacks as hate crimes, the New York Times reports. Attacks have risen as more people have been pushed onto the streets by the recession, and researchers say the assailants are generally men or,...

Tent Cities Sprout Across US
 Tent Cities Sprout Across US 

Tent Cities Sprout Across US

'Hoovervilles' return as recession forces thousands from homes

(Newser) - Cities across the country are struggling to deal with mushrooming shantytowns, reports the New York Times. In a chilling echo of the Great Depression, tent cities are springing up on vacant lots in smaller cities, while homeless encampments in larger cities are burgeoning as more and more people lose their...

5 Homeless Killed in Calif. Massacre

Shouts, screams and shots like 'firecrackers'

(Newser) - Three men and two women were shot dead yesterday in a mystery massacre at a California homeless encampment in Long Beach. Several residents in the area heard shouts, screams, and so many gunshots it sounded like fireworks, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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