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'Gentleman' Thief Who Stole Munch's The Scream Dead at 57
He Stole The Scream,
Hid It in Living Room Table

He Stole The Scream, Hid It in Living Room Table

Ex-soccer player Pal Enger, who pulled off 1994 heist on opening day of Winter Olympics, dies at 57

(Newser) - Pal Enger, a talented Norwegian soccer player turned celebrity art thief who pulled off the sensational 1994 heist of Edvard Munch's famed The Scream painting from the National Gallery in Oslo, has died. He was 57. Tina Wulf, press officer at Valerenga Fotball, an acclaimed Oslo soccer club for...

In This Nation, Getting to Work Takes Just 17 Minutes

Denmark boasts shortest commute time in the world, per AHTI Games stats

(Newser) - Looking for the shortest, sweetest commute? Consider Scandinavia. That's per AHTI Games, which crunched the numbers to figure out how long it takes to get from home to work across the globe, per Digital Journal . Denmark tops the list, with an average commute time of just 17 minutes. Neighbor...

Gunman Gets 'Historically Severe' Sentence in Oslo Shooting

Iranian-born Zaniar Matapour gets 30 years after conviction tied to 2022 shooting at LGBTQ fest

(Newser) - An Iranian-born Norwegian man was found guilty of terrorism on Thursday in a 2022 attack on an LGBTQ+ festival in Oslo and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Two people were killed and nine were seriously wounded in the shooting at three locations , chiefly outside the London Pub, a popular...

Man Dies in Fall From Mission Impossible Cliff

Police believe Norwegian man's death was an accident

(Newser) - In what authorities believe was a tragic accident, a man fell to his death this week from a famous cliff featured in the sixth Mission Impossible movie. Witnesses said the man, believed to be a Norwegian citizen in his 40s, slipped and fell while hiking up Preikestolen in southwest Norway....

Nations Supporting Palestinian State Grow by 3

Israel recalls ambassadors after announcement from Ireland, Spain, and Norway

(Newser) - Another three countries say they will officially recognize a Palestinian state amid outrage over Israel's war in Gaza. Ireland, Norway, and Spain announced Wednesday that they would formally recognize the Palestinian state on May 28. Israel immediately recalled its ambassadors to Oslo and Dublin in response to what it...

And Now We Have Egg-Hoarding
And Now We Have

And Now We Have Egg-Hoarding

With Easter approaching, an egg shortage drives Norwegians across the border to Sweden

(Newser) - A shortage of eggs in shops during Holy Week has led Norwegians to flock to supermarkets across the border in Sweden and hoard the traditional Easter favorite, reports the AP . Norwegian news outlet Nettavisen said Thursday that the Nordby shopping center in Sweden, located just off the border about 62...

Norway Mass Killer Loses Suit Over Prison Conditions

Anders Behring Breivik, who murdered 77 people, asked for more human contact

(Newser) - Anders Behring Breivik has lost his bid to end his years of isolation in a Norwegian prison. The 45-year-old, who killed 77 people in 2011 in Norway's largest mass killing, sued the country's authorities, arguing that the conditions of his imprisonment had made him suicidal and that restrictions...

Floating Sauna Saves Tesla Passengers From Icy Fjord

Half-naked patrons pulled stranded motorists out of water in Norwegian capital of Oslo

(Newser) - As Tesla handles a new recall in the US , a Tesla owner on the other side of the globe dealt with a different kind of issue this week. A witness tells the Norwegian newspaper VG that the Tesla was cruising Thursday near the quay at the foot of Oslo's...

Melting Ice Coughs Up 3K-Year-Old Arrow, Good as New

Scientists race to recover artifacts uncovered by climate change before they're spoiled

(Newser) - If anyone else had come upon the wooden arrow with feather fletching and a quartzite tip, they might have thought it was new. But as the New York Times reports, glacial archaeologist Espen Finstad immediately suspected the arrow he found this month in the Jotunheimen mountains of eastern Norway was...

Norwegian Princess, American Shaman to Marry Next Year

Princess Martha Louise is the Norwegian king's eldest child

(Newser) - The Norwegian king's eldest child, Princess Martha Louise, will marry her American partner, the self-professed shaman Durek Verrett , next summer, the couple announced Wednesday. King Harald V said in a statement that his family was "delighted to welcome" Verret, who is from California and claims to be a...

Metal Detectorist Makes 'Gold Find of the Century'
Guy With Metal Detector
Makes 'Find of the
in case you missed it

Guy With Metal Detector Makes 'Find of the Century'

Erlend Bore of Norway uncovers 1,500-year-old necklace with symbol from Norse mythology

(Newser) - When doctors told Erlend Bore to get off the couch, he went out and bought his first ever metal detector. The Norwegian had always dreamed of being an archaeologist and figured if he didn't find anything, at least he'd get some exercise. He did get out walking, but...

This Border Fence Is for Unusual Trespassers

Reindeer keep walking from Norway into Russia, and Russia wants payment for eaten grass

(Newser) - Norway is rebuilding a dilapidated reindeer fence along its border with Russia in the Arctic to stop the animals from wandering into the neighboring country—costly strolls for which Oslo has to compensate Moscow over loss of grassland. Norwegian officials say that so far this year, 42 reindeer have crossed...

Scottish Islands Want a Return to Norway

Orkney Islands say they're being neglected by Edinburgh and London

(Newser) - The push for Scottish independence has been going, well, not very well for centuries, and now Scotland's Orkney Islands are looking to take matters into their own hands. As the BBC reports, local officials, tired of getting what they deem short-shrift from their relationships with both Edinburgh and the...

Sweden Accidentally Fires Rocket Into Norway

Its neighbor, a little peeved, claims notice wasn't relayed through 'proper channels'

(Newser) - Monday morning is perhaps not the best time for a rocket launch, as Sweden may have learned when it fired off a research rocket, only to have it land off target in neighboring Norway. The rocket launched at 7:20am local time Monday from the Esrange Space Center in northern...

Report: Russia Is Spying With Civilian Boats

Nordic public broadcasters say they've uncovered spying program in the North Sea

(Newser) - A joint investigation by the public broadcasters of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland has uncovered a large fleet of Russian spy ships allegedly posing as fishing vessels in the North Sea. The broadcasters—DR in Denmark, NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden, and Yle in Finland—say about 50 Russian...

This Is the Happiest Nation on Earth

This Is the
Nation on Earth

This Is the Happiest Nation on Earth

The honors go to Finland, per annual World Happiness Report; US comes in 15th

(Newser) - It may be cold in the Nordic countries, but residents' hearts are warm. At least, that's what the 10th annual World Happiness Report found during this year's ranking of 137 nations. Per the Verge , the report—which uses study data and self-assessed life evaluations—found that we've...

Big Dig in Norway Turns Up 'Dream of All Runologists'

Archaeologists announce discovery of world's oldest runestone—perhaps as old as Jesus

(Newser) - Archaeologists say they've discovered the oldest known runestone—a stone inscribed with runic letters, which represent the oldest known alphabet in Scandinavia—perhaps as old as Jesus Christ. The University of Oslo's Museum of Cultural History says it's "the oldest datable runestone" and that its inscription,...

Shipwreck in Norwegian Lake Could Be From Middle Ages

More vessels likely to be discovered during sonar scan of Lake Mjosa

(Newser) - A survey of the biggest lake in Norway has revealed an almost perfectly preserved shipwreck, possibly from the Middle Ages. The 33-foot-long wooden ship is believed to have sunk between the 1300s and 1850 based on signs of a central rudder at what appears to be the ship's stern,...

A New Reason Why Munch's Famous Painting Is Screaming

Climate activists tried to glue themselves to 'The Scream' at National Museum in Oslo, Norway

(Newser) - Norwegian police said two climate activists tried in vain Friday to glue themselves to Edvard Munch's 1893 masterpiece The Scream at an Oslo museum, and that no harm was reported to the famous painting. Police said they were alerted to the incident by Norway's National Museum and had...

Princess Giving Up Royal Duties Over Shaman Fiance

Princess Martha Louise will no longer represent Norwegian Royal House

(Newser) - Princess Martha Louise, the daughter of Norway's King Harald, said Tuesday she no longer will officially represent the Norwegian Royal House following "many questions relating to me and my fiance's role." The 51-year-old princess, who's fourth in line to the Norwegian throne, got engaged in...

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