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This Time, SCOTUS Hands Democrats the Victory

Rules that North Carolina can count votes received 9 days after Election Day

(Newser) - The Supreme Court's latest decision on the election is a win for Democrats: North Carolina can count ballots received up to nine days after Election Day, as long as they were postmarked by Nov. 3, the high court ruled Wednesday. Republicans and the Trump campaign filed two separate appeals... More »

Woman Pays $600, Flies 1K Miles to Vote

Med student Kaela Bynoe flew home to Florida from Baltimore after absentee ballot failed to show

(Newser) - Voters are heading out in record droves to cast their ballots in the 2020 election, but one medical student showed extra determination over the weekend to have her voice heard. Per NBC Miami , Kaela Bynoe, a first-year student at Johns Hopkins University's School of Medicine in Baltimore, became concerned... More »

Republicans Are Narrowing the Early Voting Gap

As ballots cast hit massive number

(Newser) - More people have now voted than all the early ballots cast in 2016—and the election is still more than a week away. CNN reported on Sunday that more than 58.7 million ballots have so far been cast, citing a survey of election officials it performed alongside Edison Research... More »

'Overwhelmed' Company Fails to Send Out Ballots

The media spotlight falls on Midwest Direct

(Newser) - A company tasked with supplying absentee ballots to counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania has kinda blown it—at least in some counties, so far. And the company, Midwest Direct, is unabashedly pro-Trump. "We have freedom to vote for who we want and support who we want," co-owner Richard... More »

Judge Blocks Texas Governor's Order on Ballot Drop-Offs

Greg Abbott had mandated just one ballot drop-off site per county, drawing cries of voter suppression

(Newser) - Last week, cries of voter suppression arose after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order that limited mail-in ballot drop-off locations to just one per county throughout the state. Now, a federal judge has blocked that order, noting that it puts an unacceptable burden on more vulnerable voters in... More »

50K Ohio Voters Receive Wrong Absentee Ballots

A setting was changed on a machine that stuffs envelopes for mailing

(Newser) - Nearly 50,000 voters received incorrect absentee ballots in the county that is home to Ohio’s capital, elections officials said Friday. With about 240,000 ballots mailed, that meant one in five voters received a wrong ballot, the AP reports. The error happened Saturday when someone changed a setting... More »

Supreme Court Requires Change in State's Ballots

High court reinstates South Carolina's witness requirement

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Monday reinstated a requirement that South Carolina residents voting by mail in November’s election get a witness to sign their ballots, the AP reports. Democrats had sought to have the requirement put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Republicans had defended it as... More »

NYC Scrambles to Remedy Ballot Snafu: 'So Disappointed'

Absentee voters in Brooklyn receive return envelopes with wrong name, address due to printer error

(Newser) - As the election nears and more people than usual are opting for absentee ballots due to the pandemic, voters in one New York City borough have flagged an error that officials are now scrambling to remedy. Per Gothamist , multiple voters in Brooklyn have reported that the absentee ballot they received... More »

Dems Are Dealt a Blow Over Absentee Ballots

An appeals court halts extension for absentee ballots in Wisconsin

(Newser) - A federal appeals court on Sunday temporarily halted a six-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin's presidential election, a momentary victory for Republicans and President Trump in the key presidential battleground state, the AP reports. As it stands, ballots will now be due by 8pm on Election Day.... More »

Official: Lawn Toilet Display Is a Crime

A Michigan resident suggested voters put mail-in ballots inside a toilet

(Newser) - A Michigan resident's apparent joke showing disdain for voting by mail is no laughing matter for one election official, the AP reports. The resident put a toilet on their lawn with a sign that says, "Place mail in ballots here." Barb Byrum, the Democratic clerk of Ingham... More »

Judge: Trump, Postal Service Are in Cahoots

Judge Stanley Bastian issues a nationwide injunction against the USPS 'leave behind' policy

(Newser) - A US judge on Thursday blocked controversial Postal Service changes that have slowed mail nationwide, calling them "a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service" before the November election, the AP reports. Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Washington, said he was issuing a nationwide preliminary injunction... More »

Ballot Requests Show Democrats Way Ahead

Republicans trail by plenty in early figures from battleground states

(Newser) - No one knows how President Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden will do in the battleground states in November. But we know which party has more voters asking for absentee ballots so far, and it's not close. Democrats lead Republicans 3-to-1 or so in absentee ballot requests from... More »

Trump: To Test Absentee System, Try to Vote Twice

President was asked about North Carolina's absentee system

(Newser) - When asked by North Carolina news station WECT whether he was confident in the state's absentee voting system, President Trump on Wednesday appeared to suggest that, in order to test said system, voters should attempt to vote twice and see how it goes. His answer:
  • "Well, they'll
... More »

Pelosi in Rare Saturday Session: 'Ignore' Trump

The speaker calls in lawmakers over Republican objections

(Newser) - The House is meeting for a rare Saturday session over mail delivery disruptions, poised to approve legislation that would reverse recent changes in US Postal Service operations and send $25 billion in emergency funds to shore up the agency ahead of the November election, the AP reports. Speaker Nancy Pelosi... More »

Pelosi Takes Action on USPS Drama

She calls House back early to vote on legislation

(Newser) - US representatives will see their summer recess cut short due to the ongoing US Postal Service drama. Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday she is calling the House back into session this week, Politico reports. Per the AP , a vote is expected Saturday to bar the Trump administration from making any changes... More »

Trump Reverses Himself on Voting by Mail, Kind Of

President says it's fine to do in Florida

(Newser) - President Trump is OK with voting by mail ... in one state, at least. "Whether you call it Vote by Mail or Absentee Voting, in Florida the election system is Safe and Secure, Tried and True," he tweeted Tuesday. "Florida’s Voting system has been cleaned up (we... More »

It's Official: Progressive Ousts Longtime NYC Congressman

AP calls the race for Jamaal Bowman, leaving Democrat Eliot Engel out after 16 terms

(Newser) - Former middle-school teacher Jamaal Bowman declared victory shortly after the June 23 New York primary in his race against longtime New York City Congressman Eliot Engel. But with a large haul of mail-in ballots to be counted due to the pandemic, Bowman wasn't able to officially be deemed the... More »

Mail Carrier Admits to Fudging Absentee Ballot Requests

USPS contractor in W. Va. pleads guilty, confesses to switching voter party affiliations

(Newser) - To boost mail-in voting amid the pandemic for the June 9 primary in West Virginia, absentee ballot applications were sent to all registered voters. At least eight of those ballot requests ended up with unwelcome changes, all at the hands of a mail carrier who now says he was just... More »

Judge Says All State's Voters Must Have Postal Option

Tennessee judge calls limits an 'unreasonable burden' on the right to vote

(Newser) - Tennessee must give all of its 4.1 million registered voters the option to cast ballots by mail during the coronavirus pandemic, a judge ruled Thursday. Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled that the state's limits on absentee voting during the pandemic constitute "an unreasonable burden on... More »

Trump Threatens States Over 'Illegal' Mail-in Ballots

Michigan says it sent out applications, not ballots

(Newser) - President Trump threatened to withdraw federal funds Wedneday after apparently misinterpreting a move from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. The president, who has repeatedly criticized Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, claimed the state had sent absentee ballots to 7.7 million voters. "This was done illegally and without authorization... More »

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