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Wayfair CEO Tries to Inspire With Message on 'Laziness'

Niraj Shah encourages employees to work longer hours: 'Winning requires hard work'

(Newser) - If you're a Wayfair employee and hoping that 2024 will bring a more relaxed workplace, think again. In a recent email to workers, CEO Niraj Shah delivered what The Street calls a "harsh wake-up call" that involved pushback against slacking. "Working long hours, being responsive, blending work...

Report: At Musk's SpaceX, Hundreds of Hidden Injuries

Reuters details amputations, crushed limbs, even a death in rush to send humans to Mars

(Newser) - Elon Musk has long been eager to get humans to Mars ASAP—maybe too eager, according to a new Reuters' documentation of injuries at SpaceX facilities over the past decade. The news agency conducted interviews and sifted through government files to reveal how many SpaceX workplace injuries, all previously unreported,...

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty
Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'?
Don't Feel Guilty

Have a 'Lazy Girl Job'? Don't Feel Guilty

In the 'NYT,' Jessica Grose advocates for 'reasonable boundaries' for workers

(Newser) - Feel a twinge of guilt on the days you leave work right on time? Don't, says Jessica Grose, who takes a deep dive for the New York Times into what it means to be a "good" employee. Grose wants a more "positive spin" on two fairly new...

'Course-Correct' Underway in Modern Offices

Stats show too many workers losing too much time to emails, meetings

(Newser) - For many modern workers, something has to give: New stats show they're losing two days of their workweek to emails and meetings. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the snapshot comes from Microsoft, which looked at how people spend their time with the company's business apps. The most...

It's the Latest Rejection of 'Hustle Culture'

Work trend 'Bare Minimum Mondays' is both embraced and ridiculed

(Newser) - It's not "quiet quitting." And it's definitely not "overemployed." It's a new workplace trend, one that seems to be equally parts embraced and ridiculed, called "Bare Minimum Mondays." As Axios explains, it was coined by TikTok creator Marisa Jo Mayes (see...

New Labor Law in This State Lets Kids Work Longer Hours

Iowa GOP pushes through child labor legislation that even lets minors serve booze in some cases

(Newser) - Every Democrat in Iowa's Senate, as well as two Republicans, voted nay on a controversial bill early Tuesday that would allow teens to work longer hours in currently banned jobs, including in roles that serve booze. But the rest of the body's GOP pushed the legislation through by...

Amazon Rebuffs Pleas From 30K Workers to Stay Remote

HR chief says that, despite petition, return-to-office plan will continue as planned, starting May 1

(Newser) - Last month, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy shared a letter with staff announcing the company's intent to bring all employees back into the office at least three days a week, starting May 1. Many workers weren't happy about that—at least 30,000 of them (10% of Amazon's...

Disney Has Another Throwdown for DeSantis

Company to host major LGBTQ conference in September

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis' very public battle with Walt Disney World continues, now with another move by the latter to support LGBTQ rights. Disney World will be hosting a major summit from Sept. 11-14 to help boost lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights in the workplace, with execs and team members from...

Cops: Suspect Dead After Hobby Lobby Shooting

Man allegedly killed manager at Oklahoma City distribution center

(Newser) - A man who allegedly killed his manager at a Hobby Lobby distribution center in Oklahoma City on Wednesday afternoon died after a police chase, authorities say. Police say the suspect crashed a red Dodge Charger on Highway 33 northwest of Oklahoma City and barricaded himself inside the vehicle, KFOR reports....

Remote Work Doesn't Seem to Be Going Anywhere

Research finds share of work done at home at 30%

(Newser) - More than three years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, the share of Americans who work at home has stabilized. Overall, 30% of all work took place at home in January, WFH Research found, six times the share in January 2019. The percentage is closer to 50 in large cities, the...

Olive Garden Manager Canned for Rant About Time Off

'If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us'

(Newser) - An Olive Garden manager who boasted about coming to work sick and told restaurant employees that the management team was "no longer tolerating ANY EXCUSE for calling off" is out of a job. "If you're sick, you need to come prove it to us. If your dog...

Court Sides With Man Fired for Avoiding Workplace 'Fun'

French man objected to the abundance of booze and crude jokes

(Newser) - A white-collar worker in France has won an unusual court case related to his firing. The man, identified in court documents as Mr. T, says he wasn't fired for job performance but because he wasn't "fun" enough in the eyes of his employer, reports Insider . He'd...

Economists Perplexed by Plunge in Worker Productivity

There's no shortage of possible explanations, but nobody knows what comes next

(Newser) - Perplexing, strange, very odd: Those are a few of the terms economists are using to try to explain this year’s record-setting plunge in worker productivity, according to the Washington Post . Productivity fell more than 4% in the first half of 2022, the largest drop since 1947, when the BLS...

Two Dirty Words in Modern Workplace: 'pls fix'

'Wall Street Journal' digs into the phrase dreaded by young professionals

(Newser) - This year, the phrase "quiet quitting" has entered the workplace lexicon, as has its opposite, "overemployed." Now the Wall Street Journal digs into another new workplace phrase, one dreaded by young professionals: "pls fix." As in, that terse phrase shows up in emails at all...

You've Heard of Quiet Quitting. What About 'Overemployed'?

That workplace trend is about people working 2 jobs in secret

(Newser) - This year's buzzword about the workplace is "quiet quitting" —generally described as workers deciding to do the bare minimum for their employers. But the CBC and Sidekick explore a trend that's close to the polar opposite in terms of work ethic. It involves people working two...

CEO's Advice to Young Workers: Years of 18-Hour Workdays

Suggestion by Bombay Shaving Co. chief Shantanu Deshpande isn't going over well

(Newser) - On the heels of stories about "quiet quitting" —a workplace trend in which employees are doing the bare minimum to keep their jobs—comes hand-wringing over one man's very opposite work mindset. It's that of the CEO of India's Bombay Shaving Company, who took to...

'Quiet Quitting' Is This Year's Workplace Trend
Everybody's Talking
About 'Quiet Quitting'

Everybody's Talking About 'Quiet Quitting'

To avoid burnout, workers are doing the bare minimum

(Newser) - "Quiet quitting" is a workplace trend that's suddenly getting a lot of press—and it doesn't involve sneaking out of work and heading for the hills. Instead, advocates, including many TikTokers, describe it as doing the minimum their jobs require and refusing to work extra hours or...

Google Workers Fret After Ominous Words From CEO

Pichai warns that productivity is lacking, company isn't 'immune to economic headwinds'

(Newser) - It's been a worrisome few weeks for Google, as profits dipped for the second quarter in a row and hiring was temporarily paused. Now, CEO Sundar Pichai has put out an alert to employees, seeking ideas to boost efficiency and up productivity and warning of an economy that doesn'...

Glassdoor Must ID Person Who Wrote 'Toxic' Reviews

Judge sides with New Zealand company that was the subject of scathing critiques

(Newser) - Glassdoor is a website where users can look for future jobs, as well as post reviews about companies they've worked for to help others determine if a company might be a desirable employer or one to avoid. What allows reviewers to be as brutally honest as possible is the...

Amazon's Staff Turnover Rate May No Longer Be Sustainable

Internal memo reveals fears of exhausting available US labor pool by 2024

(Newser) - With its sky-high staff turnover rate, Amazon fears it could run out of US workers by 2024, an anxiety that could force higher wages or increased automation. That's according to leaked internal research from mid-2021 as seen by Recode . "If we continue business as usual, Amazon will deplete...

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