John Bolton

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Schiff: Investigation 'Isn't Going to End'

But the evidence is already 'overwhelming'

(Newser) - The House Intelligence Committee may turn over the impeachment process to the House Judiciary Committee soon—but Rep. Adam Schiff says the investigation of President Trump isn't over. The Intelligence committee chairman told CNN on Sunday that the panel is going to move forward with compiling its report, although... More »

Strange Things Happening With John Bolton, Twitter

He's tweeting again, after accusing the White House of blocking access to his own account

(Newser) - John Bolton has been awfully quiet on social media since he left his White House position as national security adviser, and on Friday he explained why in cryptic tweets. "We have now liberated the Twitter account, previously suppressed unfairly in the aftermath of my resignation," he wrote . Liberated... More »

Big Name in Impeachment Inquiry Has a Book Deal

Sources say John Bolton got a $2M deal

(Newser) - Former national security adviser John Bolton has a book deal, the AP has learned. The hawkish Bolton departed in September because of numerous foreign policy disagreements with President Trump. He reached a deal over the past few weeks with Simon & Schuster, according to three publishing officials with knowledge of... More »

Bolton a No-Show at Impeachment Hearing

Former national security adviser may be waiting for court to weigh in

(Newser) - John Bolton was a no-show for his requested appearance before the House impeachment panel Thursday, but sources tell the Washington Post that if a court clears the way for him to appear, the former national security adviser is willing to defy the White House's order that he not do... More »

Impeachment Probe to John Bolton: You're Up

The former Trump adviser is invited to testify

(Newser) - Calling John Bolton: You're wanted in the House impeachment probe. Yes, the AP reports that Democratic House investigators have asked the former national security adviser to testify next Thursday. Bolton would be the heaviest hitter in the inquiry so far if he does. He's also a key player... More »

A Key Impeachment Witness Is a No-Show

Charles Kupperman's refusal to testify is sign of Trump obstruction, says Adam Schiff

(Newser) - The name Charles Kupperman was a big one on Capitol Hill Monday morning, more so for what he didn't do than what he did. Kupperman failed to show up for his deposition in the Trump impeachment investigation, and now he's flirting with being held in contempt of Congress,... More »

New Figure Enters Ukraine Controversy

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban reportedly bad-mouthed Ukraine before call

(Newser) - New reports out Tuesday add more context to President Trump's view of Ukraine before he made his famous call to that nation's leader in July. The upshot is that Vladimir Putin and Hungary's Viktor Orban each bad-mouthed Ukraine as a corrupt nation to Trump, reinforcing what he... More »

Report: Bolton Called Giuliani a 'Hand Grenade'

Aide Fiona Hill testifies on Ukraine frictions

(Newser) - President Trump's former top Russian adviser testified before House impeachment investigators Monday—and sources tell the New York Times that she had a lot to say about Rudy Giuliani, Ukraine, and John Bolton. The insiders say former National Security Council adviser Fiona Hill told lawmakers that in July, Bolton,... More »

John Bolton's Stance Isn't Surprising. His Timing Is

In first public comments, he zeroed in on North Korea

(Newser) - Former national security adviser John Bolton gave what the AP calls a characteristically pessimistic outlook on the prospects for getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons as he made his first public appearance since he was ousted from his post by President Trump three weeks ago. Bolton made... More »

Trump Names New National Security Adviser

It's hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien

(Newser) - President Trump has named hostage negotiator Robert O'Brien to be his new national security adviser, reports the AP . Trump tweeted Wednesday that he has "worked long & hard" with O'Brien and that "he will do a great job!" Trump's announcement about O'Brien comes... More »

Trump Just Had 5 Biting Things to Say About Bolton

'He made some very big mistakes'

(Newser) - The Hill calls it a "public rebuke of a top aide that would have been extraordinary before the Trump White House": The president on Wednesday elaborated on his firing of John Bolton in an Oval Office meeting with reporters. Five standout things he said about his former National Security... More »

Iran Has Message for US After Bolton Firing

Rouhani urges Washington to 'put warmongers aside'

(Newser) - Iran's president urged the US on Wednesday to "put warmongers aside" amid an escalating crisis between Washington and Tehran in the wake of the collapsing nuclear deal with world powers. Hassan Rouhani's remarks signaled approval of President Trump's abrupt dismissal of John Bolton as national security... More »

Trump: I Fired John Bolton. Bolton: No, I Resigned

Either way, the national security adviser is out of a job

(Newser) - John Bolton is out—whether he resigned or got fired is another question. President Trump announced on Twitter Tuesday that he gave the hawkish national security adviser his walking papers. "I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House," Trump... More »

Bolton: On the Outs?

The hard-talking national security adviser disagrees with the President, yet again

(Newser) - John Bolton doesn't seem like a sidelines kind of guy—but the hard-talking national security adviser appears headed that way as he opposes his boss yet again, the Washington Post reports. Their latest conflict? Afghanistan, where President Trump is considering a reduction in US troops if the Taliban will... More »

Trump Responds to 'Insulting' Slam From Iran

He threatens 'obliteration' if an American target is hit

(Newser) - Iran on Tuesday mocked President Trump's new sanctions and called the White House "mentally retarded" or "mentally crippled," depending on the translation. In a series of tweets , President Trump has responded to the "very ignorant and insulting statement" with a threat. "Any attack by... More »

Trump on Drone: 'I Find It Hard to Believe It Was Intentional'

President says a rogue commander is likely to blame, rather than top leaders

(Newser) - Another day, another ratcheting up of the tension between the US and Iran. What's not in dispute is that Iran shot down an unmanned American drone over the Strait of Hormuz. Both sides disagree on a crucial point, however: Iran says the drone was over Iranian territory, while the... More »

After Trump Splits With Bolton, N. Korea Pounces

Foreign ministry rep calls him a 'war maniac,' 'human defect'

(Newser) - President Trump acknowledged he was breaking with advisers Monday when he said he wasn't "personally bothered" by North Korea's recent short-range missile tests . "My people think it could have been a violation" but "I view it differently," the president said from Japan, per Reuters... More »

Photos Taken May 3 Added Fuel to Iran Fears

'NYT': Photos show missiles on boats in Persian Gulf

(Newser) - Non-essential Embassy staff members in Iraq have been told to leave , and there's been a report that the Pentagon could send 120,000 troops to the Middle East if tensions with Iran reach a breaking point. Now, a possible clue as to why the hubbub over Iran has suddenly... More »

Report: Pentagon Has Plan to Send 120K Troops to Middle East

Trump says Iran could have a 'bad problem'

(Newser) - Plans to send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East to counter threats from Iran were unveiled at what appears to have been an exceptionally leaky meeting of national security aides last week, reports the New York Times , which cites more than half a dozen sources. The sources... More »

Trump 'Pretty Disappointed' if Kim Tests a Rocket: Bolton

But he says the government is watching North Korea 'constantly'

(Newser) - The top national security adviser says President Trump would be "pretty disappointed" if North Korea were to launch a new rocket or missile test, as some experts believe he could be preparing to do , reports the AP . Speaking on ABC's This Week, John Bolton would not confirm reports... More »

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