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911 Dispatcher Saves Toddler's Life Over the Phone

'It’s very fulfilling,' Florida dispatcher says

(Newser) - Tom Eggers, a 911 dispatcher and shift supervisor in Volusia County, Florida, says it was "amazing" and "fulfilling" to help save a toddler's life over the phone. Eggers dealt with a frantic call Sunday about a 2-year-old girl who had been found unresponsive face down in a...

There's a Big Problem With Apple's Automatic 911 Calls

Call centers are overwhelmed with calls triggered when there is no emergency

(Newser) - Emergency call centers in various states that have been inundated with false calls and officials are pointing the finger at a single culprit: Apple. Since 2018, Apple devices have been able to detect when a user suffers a hard fall . If a fall is detected, the device buzzes and sends...

This City's Self-Driving Cars Are Causing Oodles of 911 Calls

San Francisco logged nearly 100 emergency calls about autonomous cars in second half of 2022

(Newser) - Traffic in San Francisco was, well, weird during the last half of 2022, and fingers are being pointed at the city's autonomous vehicles. Per a Wednesday letter from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to the California Public Utilities Commission, there were a whole lot of 911 calls (92,...

In 'Hilarious' Move, Passenger Calls 911 on the Cops
In 'Hilarious' Move,
Passenger Calls
911 on the Cops

In 'Hilarious' Move, Passenger Calls 911 on the Cops

Person in suspected DUI case misinterpreted law on police pursuits in Washington state, cops say

(Newser) - A passenger being driven by a suspected drunk driver who allegedly reached speeds over 100mph called 911 on Sunday—but not to report the driver. Instead, in what Washington State Patrol Trooper Ryan Senger calls a "hilarious" move, the passenger called police on the police, claiming the pursuit of...

Potentially Shaky Investigative Tool: Analysis of 911 Calls

Prosecutors have been using callers' words against them, but ProPublica raises doubts

(Newser) - Bite marks, blood splatters, polygraphs, hair follicles … these are some of the forensic tools used as evidence by police and prosecutors to convince juries of defendants’ guilt. The scientific validity of these tools has also been questioned, as ProPublica reports in a recent investigation focused on yet another, little-known...

Teen Being Robbed Calls 911, Talks to Her Mom

Teri Clark, a New Orleans dispatcher, handles most harrowing call of her career

(Newser) - In the annals of memorable 911 calls, this one stands out. When 16-year-old Tenia Hill called police in New Orleans to report a robbery in progress, her own mother answered, reports WDSU . Tenia had been working her part-time job at a McDonald's when an armed robber forced her and...

In Hours Before Seoul Surge, Worried 911 Calls

National police chief concedes law enforcement response was 'inadequate'

(Newser) - The deadly crowd surge in Seoul over the weekend, which left more than 150 dead and dozens injured during festivities celebrating Halloween, took place about four hours after an initial 911 call had been placed, warning that the number of people crammed into a narrow alley in the Itaewon district...

Court Officer Suspended, Accused of Ignoring Rape

New Orleans police make clear it wasn't one of their officers involved

(Newser) - New Orleans' police chief said it wasn't his officer who failed to intervene in a rape in the city's French Quarter. A witness had reported the crime on July 26, telling a 911 operator that a man was raping an unconscious woman while an officer about a block...

After Death, 911 Dispatcher Faces Rare Charges
After Death, 911 Dispatcher
Faces Rare Charges
in case you missed it

After Death, 911 Dispatcher Faces Rare Charges

No ambulance was sent, after operator wanted assurance the patient would agree to go

(Newser) - A 911 dispatcher was going to send an ambulance, he told the Pennsylvania woman on the phone whose mother couldn't walk or speak and was turning yellow. But he had questions first, according to a recording. "We really need to make sure she's willing to go,"...

Boater Tried to Save Man in Water, Then 'Had to Shoot Him'

911 calls released from woman whose husband had to fend off drunk attacker, say police

(Newser) - The bare-bones police description of a fatal shooting on a South Carolina lake was strange enough. A couple in a boat pulled aboard another couple who'd fallen off their jet ski, but the man from the jet ski began attacking his saviors, say police. At one point, the man...

Cute Voice on Emergency Call: 'I've Got Some Toys for You'

4-year-old New Zealand boy invites police over to play

(Newser) - "Police lady … I've got some toys for you." So begins an endearing 111 call placed to emergency services in New Zealand this week by a 4-year-old boy. With his mother under the weather and his caretaker distracted by another child, the apparently bored boy picked up...

Cops Getting Irked at Bogus 911 Calls for J-Lo's Home

The 'swatting' has been going on for months

(Newser) - Back in March, reports emerged that Jennifer Lopez had become a "swatting" victim of sorts, with more than a dozen 911 calls made since mid-January that brought police to her Los Angeles-area home—only for cops to find no one was home and that the complaints, which ranged from...

Migrants' 911 Calls Spur Search for Truck: 'We Are Dying'

Local authorities in San Antonio, DHS desperately seeking white tanker that may have 80 trapped

(Newser) - Authorities from the San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, and even the Department of Homeland Security have embarked on a desperate search for a tanker truck that may be crammed with dozens of trapped migrants in a human smuggling operation. Sheriff Javier...

Woman Made 2nd Hoax Call About Black Birdwatcher

Amy Cooper claimed he had 'tried to assault her'

(Newser) - Amy Cooper, the white New York City woman who falsely claimed a Black birdwatcher had threatened her after a disagreement over her unleashed dog in Central Park, made a second 911 call even more likely to provoke a strong response from police, prosecutors revealed Wednesday. In the second call, Cooper...

A Library Voiced Its Support for BLM. A Sheriff Pounced

Dan Coverley has backtracked since telling Nevada library not to call 911

(Newser) - A Nevada library recently posted a proposed statement on diversity and inclusion, and it didn't sit well with the county sheriff. The Douglas County Public Library "denounces all acts of violence, racism, and disregard for human rights. We support #Black Lives Matter," the library wrote in the...

SF Lawmaker: CAREN Act 'Is the CAREN We Need'

The legislation would ban racially biased 911 calls

(Newser) - A San Francisco lawmaker wants to deploy "CAREN" against people making racially motivated calls to 911. Supervisor Shamann Walton introduced the ordinance Wednesday, calling it the "CAREN Act," for Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies. The San Francisco Chronicle describes the name as an "apparent nod to...

Woman Arrested in Odd Kerfuffle Over Cell Service

Seloni Khetarpal complained after her parents cut off her cellphone service

(Newser) - An Ohio woman was arrested for calling 911 when her parents cut off her cellphone service, authorities said. Seloni Khetarpal was arrested Feb. 13 by Massillon police and charged with disrupting police services, a fourth-degree felony, the AP reports. Jail records show that Khetarpal, 36, repeatedly called emergency dispatchers because...

Mother's 911 Call: 'I Was Fine and Then I Ate a Cupcake'

Elysia Miller described feeling numb after encounter with Juliette Parker

(Newser) - "I was fine and then I ate a cupcake," a mother in Tacoma, Wash., told a 911 dispatcher after an encounter with a woman who told her she was a newborn photographer . Elysia Miller began to slur her words in the call placed Feb. 5 after she had...

Woman Calls 911 With Toes After Hands Crushed

The jack slipped while she was changing a tire

(Newser) - A woman trapped in "excruciating pain" next to a highway in South Carolina had to use her toes to summon help, authorities say. Trouble began for the 54-year-old resident of Charlotte, NC, when she got a flat tire on I-95 Sunday night, CNN reports. She was in the breakdown...

Quick-Thinking Daughter Makes Fake Pizza Call to 911

That allows officers to arrive and stop an alleged domestic abuse incident

(Newser) - A quick-thinking daughter in Oregon, Ohio, teamed up with a quick-thinking 911 dispatcher to stop an alleged domestic abuse incident. The woman called police and pretended to order a pizza, reports ABC 12 . The real reason for the call: A man was beating her mother, and the caller didn't...

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