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65K Heatstroke Cases, Morgues Overrun in Pakistan

Weeklong heat wave has now claimed 1.2K people

(Newser) - A devastating weeklong heat wave in Pakistan's southern port city of Karachi killed 1,233 people, an official said. Nazar Mohammad Bozdar, operations director at the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, said about 65,000 heatstroke patients were treated by doctors at all of Karachi's hospitals since June 20... More »

As India Swelters, 2.2K Now Dead

Country's epic heat wave has taken devastating toll; rains help little

(Newser) - Despite hopes that weekend thundershowers would help end a raging heat wave in southern India, the rain brought only limited relief as the death toll since mid-April climbed past 2,200. Officials say the intense heat is likely to continue for another day in worst-hit Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.... More »

See How India Is Trying to Survive the Heat

Deadliest heat wave in two decades has killed 1.8K

(Newser) - A good indication of how hot it is right now in India: The roads are melting . May is typically the country's hottest month, but temperatures have hit especially scorching levels over the past 10 days—nearly 117 degrees in Jharkhand and Odisha states on Wednesday, about 10 degrees hotter... More »

'Melting Roads': Heat Wave Kills 1.1K in India

Reports of 122 degrees

(Newser) - A brutal heat wave has killed more than 1,100 people in India over the past week. How brutal? CNN reports temperatures of 117 degrees Fahrenheit, while the BBC is even higher at 122 degrees. A dispatch from AFP refers to "melting roads" in New Delhi. The vast majority... More »

Scientists Discover Why Koalas Hug Trees

It helps them stay cool amid Australia's heat

(Newser) - Using thermal cameras, researchers in Australia uncovered the science behind a habit that seems, well, cute: Koala bears hug trees to cool themselves. It turns out that tree trunks can be up to 12 degrees cooler than the air, and with Australia's recent hot spells rising well above 100... More »

100K Dead Bats Drop From Sky in Australia

Heat overtakes 'flying foxes'

(Newser) - As the US emerged from that whole "polar vortex," Australia saw an intense heatwave last weekend—leading to the deaths of 100,000 bats, many of which reportedly dropped from the sky. In one video that went viral, a man filmed what he estimated to be more than... More »

China Endures Worst Heat Wave in a Century

It's above 100 degrees in many cities

(Newser) - It's been so hot in China that folks are grilling shrimp on manhole covers. The heat wave—the worst in at least 140 years in some parts—has left dozens of people dead and pushed thermometers above 104 degrees in at least 40 cities and counties, mostly in the... More »

Global Warming Is 'Paused': Scientists

But don't get too excited: It'll be back, they say

(Newser) - Global warming has slowed down in the past decade or so: "Some people call it a slow-down, some call it a hiatus, some people call it a pause. The global average surface temperature has not increased substantially over the last 10 to 15 years," notes a scientist. That'... More »

West Is So Hot, Planes Grounded

No end in sight to scorching triple-digit temps

(Newser) - Forecasters called for more supercharged temperatures today as a heat wave gripped the Southwest, leaving one man dead and another hospitalized in serious condition in heat-aggravated incidents in sunbaked Phoenix. US Airways canceled 18 flights yesterday over the heat; planes are certified to takeoff in up to 118 degrees, but... More »

200 Treated for Heat at Concert as West Bakes

Death Valley will approach 130 today

(Newser) - Authorities say 200 people were treated for heat problems yesterday as temperatures soared at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas. None of the problems were life-threatening, but about 30 people at the Van Warped Tour at Silverton Casino were hospitalized. The National Weather Service reported temperatures in the area of... More »

Wild Weather Strikes Across the Globe

Snow and ice hit southeast US, London, while Australia bakes in heat

(Newser) - It was a wild day for weather around much of the world today, as snow hit the southeastern United States and Britain while record heat baked Australia. In Virginia, 13 inches of snow hit some areas, while in Mississippi two to four inches fell in places, reports the AP . At... More »

Iconic Photo Emerges as Aussie Fires Rage

Flames approach military bomb range

(Newser) - As wildfires tear through southeastern Australia, one family survived a near-death experience—and snapped photos in the process. Tim and Tammy Holmes were babysitting five grandkids when flames conquered their Tasmanian town, forcing them to take refuge under a jetty. Tim caught a stunning image of Tammy holding two grandchildren,... More »

Australia Too Hot —for Its Own Weather Map

New colors added as officials warn of 'catastrophic' weather

(Newser) - Australia is suffering a heat wave so blistering that officials have been forced to add new colors to the country's weather map. Purple and pink are now representing temperatures upward of 122 degrees, which could arrive on Sunday and Monday, reports the Sydney Morning Herald , which has the map.... More »

It's Not Just You: 2012 Is Hottest Year Yet

But only our 3rd-hottest summer on record

(Newser) - If you've lately found yourself often saying, "Wow, it's really hot!"—you ain't kidding. The National Climatic Data Center reports that 2012 is officially the hottest year on record so far for the US. This summer was only the third-hottest on record, CNN reports,... More »

UN Scientist: Blame Extreme Weather on Climate Change

Dire warnings heard at first congressional hearing in two years

(Newser) - Get used to droughts, hurricanes, heat waves, and wildfires, scientists warned Congress today, because the extreme weather is a result of global warming. The comments were made to the Senate's environmental committee during the first hearing on the subject in more than two years, reports the Guardian . "There... More »

US Had Hottest 12 Months Ever

And the hottest first half of a year ever

(Newser) - If you're still reeling from this weekend's heat wave, this is going to sound especially credible: The US just completed its hottest 12-month stretch ever recorded, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced today. That's in part thanks to a warmer-than-average June, which saw 170 all-time high... More »

Gasping US Has Heat Wave End in Sight

Lower temps today before cold front moves in

(Newser) - Americans in much of the country will be getting a slight break from the oppressive heat today, one day after temperatures rose to above 100 degrees from the central states to the mid-Atlantic. Yet for many, the cooler temperatures won't exactly be brisk, falling only into the 90s. Cooler... More »

Sorry, Grandpa: It Really Is Harder to Bear the Heat Now

Blame air conditioning

(Newser) - It's hot times in Indianapolis, notes the Star , and by end-of-day tomorrow, the city will likely have hit four consecutive triple-digit days. How miserable, right? Well, maybe not compared to 1936, when it weathered nine days of 100-degree heat in a row. But go ahead and whine: The Star ... More »

Heat Wave Smashes 1K+ Records in Week

It's so hot, you can fry bacon on your driveway

(Newser) - The nation is sizzling this week, breaking a whopping 1,015 daily high temperature records in just the seven days ending Tuesday alone. That's significant, considering records typically aren't broken until July or August, the AP reports. And don't get your hopes up for any sort of... More »

Northeast Broiling as Summer Begins

Heat expected to hit triple digits in some areas

(Newser) - Summer started off with a bang in the Northeast yesterday, with temperatures often higher than 90 degrees up and down the East Coast. In some states, the heat index hit as high as 105 degrees, and New York City and parts of New Jersey expect that number to get higher,... More »

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