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Seattle Will Be Hotter Than Cairo This Weekend

'This is an unprecedented event'

(Newser) - A record-breaking heat wave in the Northwest will make Seattle hotter than Cairo this weekend and authorities are scrambling to find ways to keep vulnerable residents cool. The National Weather Service predicts that temperatures in the city will hit 100 on Sunday and a record-breaking 104 on Monday, the Seattle ...

With Temperatures Climbing, Risk of Surface Burns Rises

Doctors warn of danger from pavement, especially

(Newser) - Doctors at Arizona and Nevada burn centers are warning of injuries from contact with super-heated roadways and other surfaces as the first extreme heat wave of the year extends across the West. A high-pressure system is expected to push temperatures above 115 degrees this week in Las Vegas and Phoenix....

EPA's First Climate Update Since 2016 Is Dire

'Americans are seeing and feeling the impacts up close with increasing regularity'

(Newser) - The EPA's website dedicated to climate change indicators wasn't updated once under the Trump administration. Now, it's been given a facelift —and a disturbing one at that. The US is in unprecedented territory with the effects of climate change intensifying even since 2016, according to the...

For 20 Weeks in 2020, This City Saw Triple-Digit Temps

Phoenix shattered a bunch of heat records this year

(Newser) - It's been a hot Arizona summer, and nowhere more so than in the state's capital. "Almost every heat record that we have here in Phoenix, we've broken this year—shattered some of those records, even," a National Weather Service meteorologist tells the Arizona Republic . One...

Unusual Heat Wave Sets Off Chaotic Chain Reaction

Wildfires, mass evacuations, and detonating land mines in the Middle East

(Newser) - Wildfires around the Middle East triggered by a heat wave hitting the region have killed two people, forced thousands of people to leave their homes, and detonated land mines along the Lebanon-Israel border, state media and officials said Saturday. The areas hit by the heat wave are Syria, Lebanon, Israel,...

LA County Just Had Its Hottest Temperature on Record

California's epic heat wave sparks wildfires, power outages

(Newser) - Heat records fell all over California on Sunday as an epic heat wave continued to sweep the state. Woodland Hills in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley recorded a high of 121 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles County, the Daily Breeze reports. Other areas in southern...

Triple-Digit Temps Over the Weekend, Then ... Snow?

Denver on 'roller coaster' weather ride, while West in general is getting slammed by a heat wave

(Newser) - Summer is definitely not over. A CNN meteorologist says the heat out West over the past couple of months "has been nothing short of amazing," and it doesn't look like it's going to let up over Labor Day weekend, with weather warnings emerging for California, Arizona,...

California Having Worst Heat Wave in Years

Rolling power outages ordered as demand soars

(Newser) - A heat wave baking California in triple-digit temperatures is straining the electrical system, reports the AP . But Saturday afternoon, the California Independent System Operator, which manages the power grid, said that it did not need to order power outages because the grid was able to handle demand. California ISO ordered...

We Need to Start Naming Heat Waves, Too: Coalition
Naming Heat Waves
Might Save Lives

Naming Heat Waves Might Save Lives

Coalition says the convention raises awareness of dangerous storms

(Newser) - Putting names to hurricanes works pretty well. Calling a storm Harvey or Wanda raises awareness of the threat, of how hurricanes work, and ensures everyone's talking about the same storm, Grist reports. That could help with heat waves, too, an international coalition of climate, weather, and public health experts...

Baghdad Sets New Blistering Heat Record

It was 125.2 degrees on Tuesday

(Newser) - Baghdad hit 125.2 degrees Tuesday, the highest temperature ever recorded for the city in Iraq. The Middle East is in the midst of a heat wave, and on Wednesday, Baghdad hit its second-highest temperature ever: 124 degrees. The previous record, set in July 2015, was 123.8, the Washington ...

It's Hot This Week, and It Gets Worse Next Week

That applies to virtually all of the US

(Newser) - The heat is on. And for most of America it’ll stay on through the rest of the month and maybe longer, meteorologists say, per the AP. Widespread and prolonged extreme heat is baking the contiguous United States and meteorologists see no relief in sight, except for a brief time...

Major US Heatwave Could Last for Weeks

It's going to start heating up around the 4th of July

(Newser) - A potentially life-threatening heat wave is about to hit large swathes of the US—and forecasters warn that it could linger for weeks. Experts say higher than average temperatures will affect a huge area from Colorado and eastern New Mexico across the Plains and into the Northeast, NBC reports. "...

Australia&#39;s Average Temp Tuesday? It Had 3 Digits
A Continent Experiences
Its Hottest Day on Record
in case you missed it

A Continent Experiences Its Hottest Day on Record

Average temp in Australia on Tuesday was 105 degrees Fahrenheit

(Newser) - Australia experienced its hottest day on record and temperatures are expected to soar even higher as heatwave conditions embrace most of the country. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said the average temperature across the country of 105 degrees Fahrenheit Tuesday beat the record of 104 degrees Fahrenheit from Jan. 7,...

Earth Endured Its Hottest Month Ever Recorded

Final data will be in on Monday

(Newser) - Last month was the hottest ever recorded, either equaling or surpassing July 2016—we'll know which on Monday. Preliminary data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service runs through July 29 and found the monthly global average temperature anomaly was 1.2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. The final data...

Landlord Killed Over Lack of AC: Report

Maryse Malin was remembered as a 'sweet, kind, and caring' woman

(Newser) - A French landlord was allegedly killed Monday by a tenant who was desperate for air-conditioning, the Local France reports. With much of Europe sweltering in a heatwave , 71-year-old Maryse Malin was shot dead Monday in Les Arcs-sur-Argens, a village in south-east France. The alleged gunman is a 66-year-old army veteran...

Temperature in Paris Climbs to a Record 108

As heat records are broken all across Europe

(Newser) - All-time heat records are being set across Europe as the continent deals with its second summer heat wave . Paris hit a record high of 108.7 degrees Fahrenheit Thursday, as tourists streamed to any body of water they could find to escape the heat, USA Today reports. All-time records were...

Bad News for Notre Dame? Europe's Record-Breaking Heat

Historical architect worries that soaked stone walls could dry too quickly, collapse

(Newser) - Europe is sweltering amid a heat wave that's overheating bodies and breaking records, with the AP reporting that people were cooling off in any handy body of water including public fountains and the sea. The Guardian reports that the Netherlands and Belgium both broke all-time heat records in what...

Cops: It's Too Hot to Commit Crime

Police in Braintree, Mass., would appreciate it if you would break the law when it's cooler outside

(Newser) - Baby, it's hot outside and the fine officers at the police department in Braintree, Mass., really do not feel like dealing with your criminal shenanigans until "Monday when it's cooler." CNN reports on the department's cheeky Facebook post, which encouraged "anyone thinking of doing...

Scorching Heat Is Everywhere
Scorching Heat Is Widespread

Scorching Heat Is Widespread

The National Weather Service calls it a 'dangerous heat wave'

(Newser) - Americans from Texas to Maine sweated out a steamy Saturday as a heat wave canceled events from festivals to horse races and pushed New York City to order power-saving steps to avoid overtaxing the electrical grid. The National Weather Service said "a dangerous heat wave" was expected to break...

National Weather Service Bakes Biscuits, to Make Point

Experiment demonstrates heat wave danger

(Newser) - To give everyone an idea of what this week's heat can do to humans and pets in cars, the National Weather Service in Omaha demonstrated its effect on biscuit dough. A pan with four future biscuits was placed on the dashboard of a car parked in the sun, the...

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