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After COVID Hiatus, Bull Runs Return, With a Fatality
Man Gored to
Death at Bull Run

Man Gored to Death at Bull Run

Other participants tried to lure the animal away at Onda festival in Spain, but it kept attacking

(Newser) - The bull runs are back in Spain—and so are the gorings, with a fatal one happening over the weekend. The BBC reports a 55-year-old man was taking part in the controversial activity at a festival in Onda when he was attacked by one of the bulls, ending up with...

Activists Slam 'Shameful' Killing of Escaped Bull

Campanito the bull gored 2 elderly men in Brihuega, Spain, before a local slammed their car into him

(Newser) - Animal rights advocates are steaming after a 500-pound-plus bull escaped from a bullfighting ring in Spain over the weekend and met a terrible fate. The Guardian reports that spectators had gathered early Sunday in Brihuega to attend a "concurso de recortadores" event, in which those taking part taunt the...

Dozens of Vials of Bull Semen Explode in Fire

The containers were worth thousands, went up in flames at Australia lab

(Newser) - An Australia building that was destroyed by fire in the wee hours of Tuesday housed a cattle breeding laboratory—and more than more than 100 cryogenic cylinders filled with bull semen, worth thousands of dollars, exploded during the blaze. Yarram Herd Services has for two decades provided artificial insemination, breeding...

He Escaped the Bulls Unscathed. Then He Went Back for a Selfie

'The impact was unlike anything I've ever felt'

(Newser) - After taking part in the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona and narrowly making it to safety, most people would probably call it a day. Jaime Alvarez decided to go back for a selfie. The 46-year-old California man, one of two Americans gored at the Spanish festival on Sunday,...

Running of the Bulls Goes Badly for 2 Americans

A 46-year-old from San Francisco was gored in the neck

(Newser) - Five people were hospitalized after the opening bull run of this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona, including two Americans and a Spaniard who were gored by bulls, officials in the northern Spanish city said Sunday. A 46-year old man from San Francisco was gored in the neck in...

Bull Kills Itself After Fiery Torches Put on Horns

It ran head-on into a post at a Spanish festival

(Newser) - A horrifying scene out of a bull festival in Spain has reignited a firestorm—this one a literal one—around the subject of how bull are used as entertainment. The Independent reports on a bull that was tied to a post in front of a "baying" crowd during the...

Matador's Debut Bullfight Ends in Throat Goring

Daniel Garcia Navarrete tossed around 'like a rag doll' in Madrid's Las Ventas ring

(Newser) - A 23-year-old matador was severely injured after a nasty turn with a bull in one of Spain's most famous bullfighting venues. More than 10,000 people in Madrid's Las Ventas bullring watched in horror Sunday as a bull started tossing Daniel Garcia Navarrete around "like a rag...

Wall Street's Famous Bronze Bull Has 'Defiant' New Frenemy

'Fearless Girl' installed by investment firm in the name of corporate gender diversity

(Newser) - Wednesday is International Women's Day, as well as the International Women's Strike and "A Day Without a Woman," and one bronzed young lady isn't taking any bull when it comes to celebrating them. A New York City firm erected a statue of what Business Insider...

7 Gored During Pamplona's Running of the Bulls

3 Americans among the injured

(Newser) - Six foreigners, including three Americans, were among seven people gored in a hair-raising second running of the bulls Friday at Pamplona's San Fermin festival, the Navarra regional government said. A 58-year-old Spaniard identified only by the initials FLR, a 73-year-old South African man identified as MHO, and a Canadian...

Cops Kill Rancher in Scuffle Over Loose Bull

Jack Yantis brought gun to scene after crash involving bull: cops

(Newser) - Two deputies in Idaho killed a cattle rancher after a dispute over an injured bull on Sunday, authorities say. The bizarre case unfolded after rancher Jack Yantis, 62, received a call that one of his bulls had gotten loose near Council, a town of 800 north of Boise, and was...

Pamplona Cops: Do Not Stop for Selfies With Bulls

'Idiot with mobile' faces $4.1K fine

(Newser) - While putting yourself in the way of stampeding bulls is considered a matter of personal choice at Pamplona's annual festival, authorities say slowing down for a selfie while doing so is just plain stupid. A runner who was filmed trying to get a photo of himself inches ahead of...

Running of the Bulls Coming to US

Organizers say it will be safer, but the Humane Society is not happy

(Newser) - Americans will no longer have to travel to Spain to get trampled on by hordes of running bulls. The Great Bull Run, a new US-based event, will allow thrillseekers to experience Pamplona's favorite pastime stateside, reports the AP . The first run will be held near Richmond, Virginia, on August...

21 Hurt in Bloody Pamplona Run
 23 Hurt in Bloody 
 Pamplona Pileup 

23 Hurt in Bloody Pamplona Pileup

But no fatalities as human-bull melee happens outside bull ring

(Newser) - This morning marked the penultimate running of the bulls in Spain's storied San Fermin Festival, and it turned bloody quickly, with 23 revelers in Pamplona injured in a pileup of bulls and humans outside the bull ring. As the AP reports, dozens of falling runners clogged the ring's...

Randy Bull Trashes Cop Car
 Randy Bull Trashes Cop Car 

Randy Bull Trashes Cop Car

Escaped bull tries to mate with man against squad car

(Newser) - From Arkansas, one of many good reasons to stay out of the way of escaped bulls: A sheriff's deputy responding to calls about a loose bull found a man slapping the animal across the head and trying to lead it across a yard. The amorous bull then tried to...

3 Gored at Running of the Bulls

None seriously injured

(Newser) - The third bull run of the San Fermin festival saw three runners gored, two Brits and one American. All were gored in the leg and none was seriously injured, the AP reports. Thousands ran ahead of the six bulls in Pamplona today for about three minutes over the 2,785-foot...

Man Dragged 30 Yards in Pamplona Bull Run

San Fermin festival kicks off series of annual races

(Newser) - Stampeding bulls gored an elderly man and injured five others in Pamplona today during the San Fermin festival's first bull run, AFP reports. A 73-year-old local man took a horn to the leg, but wasn't seriously hurt, and a runner was knocked down on the final stretch and...

Meet Spain's Killer Star: 'Mouse'

Killer bull becomes big celebrity in Spain

(Newser) - A 1,200-pound, 11-year-old bull named "Mouse" has become an unlikely star in Spain: After killing as three people —most recently on Aug. 14—and injuring five over the years, Mouse is now the most famous beast in the country, reports the AP . More than 3,000 fans...

Deadly Bull Kills 3rd Victim in 10 Years

Bull is so fearsome, owners command higher fee for appearances

(Newser) - A fearsome bull killed a man at a festival in Spain Saturday—the bull's third kill in 10 years. Ratón, or Mouse, has such a terrifying reputation that its owners earn more than $14,000 whenever it appears at a festival, the Guardian reports. This time around, witnesses...

Man Dies After Being Gored by Wayward Bull

74-year-old man gored in the neck during bull run

(Newser) - A 74-year-old man has died after being gored in the neck by a young bull during a small-town summer festival. The man was charged and killed by the young bull during an early morning bull-run in the northern town of Lodosa today, a spokeswoman for the Spanish town said. She...

Pamplona Bulls Gore Two More Runners
 2 Gored by Bulls in Pamplona 
day 6 of 8

2 Gored by Bulls in Pamplona

Bulls managed to claim a few victims during fastest run yet

(Newser) - Six races down, two to go, and score another one for Pamplona's famed bulls. Two people were gored in today's 8am run, the fastest yet, notes the AP . One person sustained a horn injury to the back, another was wounded in the shoulder, and at least two other...

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