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Unwanted First in Cannabis Industry: Fatal Asthma Attack

Employee's death in plant highlights a health risk in the growing field

(Newser) - A 27-year-old woman suffered a fatal asthma attack last year in what health and workplace safety officials said was the US cannabis industry's first reported occupational asthma death, per the AP . The woman was working in a cannabis cultivation and processing facility in Massachusetts when she experienced work-related respiratory...

Ohio Votes to Legalize Pot
Ohio Votes to Legalize Weed

Ohio Votes to Legalize Weed

Race is called with 56% in favor

(Newser) - Ohio on Tuesday became the 24th state to legalize adult use of cannabis for non-medical reasons. Voters approved the measure to legalize recreational pot for those 21 and over, the AP reports. The law, which allows for the possession and purchasing of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis as...

Pot May Raise Risk of Heart Issues
Pot Smokers
May Be Doing
Damage to
Their Tickers

Pot Smokers May Be Doing Damage to Their Tickers

Researchers find daily users have a 34% greater risk of heart failure; heart attack, stroke risk also up

(Newser) - If you think you're avoiding serious health issues by switching from smoking tobacco to smoking pot, you might want to reassess. Two new still-to-be-published studies, set to be presented Nov. 13 at an American Heart Association meeting in Philadelphia, show that people who use marijuana on a daily basis...

Minnesota's Cannabis Boss Runs Into Cannabis Trouble

Erin Dupree was about to assume post before reports emerged of her company's illegal sales

(Newser) - The recently appointed director of Minnesota's new marijuana regulatory agency has resigned amid reports that she sold illegal cannabis products in the state, per the AP . Erin Dupree ran a business that sold products exceeding state limits on THC potency, owed money to former associates, and accumulated tens of...

Mastercard Brings Hammer Down on Pot Purchases

Company says it's banning cannabis transactions on its debit cards, as cannabis isn't legal federally

(Newser) - Looking to pick up some pot at the dispensary? Don't pull out your Mastercard. On Wednesday, the payment processing company announced it had informed financial institutions that it would not be allowing marijuana purchases on its debit cards, in what Reuters describes as "a blow to an industry...

A Marijuana Test for Work Is Fast Becoming a Relic
Employers Surrendering
on Pot Tests for Jobs
the rundown

Employers Surrendering on Pot Tests for Jobs

More employers scrapping the practice amid fast-changing laws

(Newser) - It's a brave new world in regard to marijuana use in the US, and getting braver all the time. In May, Minnesota became the 23rd state to legalize recreational use of the drug, notes Reuters , and a number of outlets have been cataloguing the resulting nationwide changes:
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They Grow Pot Illegally, Leave Behind an 'Eyesore'

Oregon Legislature passes bill to make landowners responsible for messy aftermath of illicit grows

(Newser) - Oregon has long been known as a mecca for high-quality marijuana, but that reputation has come with a downside: illegal growers who offer huge amounts of cash to lease or buy land, then leave behind pollution, garbage, and a drained water table. Now, a bill passed by the Oregon Legislature...

Recreational Marijuana Is Legal in a 23rd State

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura joined Gov. Tim Walz for signing ceremony

(Newser) - Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz was joined by a high-profile predecessor Tuesday when he signed a bill to make the state the 23rd in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Former WWF wrestler Jesse Ventura, who governed the state from 1999 to 2003, was among the first governors in...

Pot Farms Face Threat From Widely Spreading Pathogen

Nearly every growing operation in California has it, scientists say

(Newser) - California's marijuana industry is facing a major threat in the form of an infectious pathogen that scientists say has reached almost every pot farm in the state. The damage could run in the billions of dollars, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Hop-latent viroid grows unseen for months in cannabas...

California Cannabis Industry Fears a Big Crash Soon

Unpaid debts and taxes could lead to pot store shutdowns

(Newser) - The massive cannabis industry in California is in real peril, with one industry vet telling SF Gate that an "extinction event" is on the horizon. A number of marijuana dispensaries are in danger of closing due to mounting debt and missed tax payments, according to the outlet. While the...

Singapore Executes Man Over 2.2 Lbs. of Pot

Tangaraju Suppiah had maintained his innocence

(Newser) - Despite protests that spread far beyond its borders, Singapore on Wednesday executed a man who was convicted in 2018 of aiding an attempt to smuggle 2.2 pounds of cannabis into the country. British billionaire Richard Branson was among those urging Singapore to give Tangaraju Suppiah clemency, warning, "Singapore...

Daily Pot Use May Take a Toll on the Heart
Daily Pot Use May Take
a Toll on the Heart
new study

Daily Pot Use May Take a Toll on the Heart

Study suggests regular marijuana use leads to greater risk of coronary artery disease

(Newser) - A new Stanford study released Friday found evidence that people who smoke or vape cannabis every day could be at higher risk for coronary artery disease than nonusers. CNN quoted study author Dr. Ishan Paranjpe, who said there is "a growing body of evidence" suggesting cannabis is not harmless...

Judge: Taking Guns From Pot Smokers Unconstitutional

Jared Michael Harrison wins his federal case in Oklahoma

(Newser) - A federal judge in Oklahoma has ruled that a federal law prohibiting people who use marijuana from owning firearms is unconstitutional, the latest challenge to firearms regulations after the US Supreme Court's conservative majority set new standards for reviewing the nation's gun laws. Lawyers for Jared Michael Harrison...

Kids Got Their Hands On Lots of Edibles During Pandemic

Study finds 1,375% spike in reports to poison centers involving children under 6 from 2017 to '21

(Newser) - More than 40% of human poison exposure calls to US poison centers in 2020 were about children who'd accidentally been exposed to cannabis, according to a new study, which shows an alarming rise in accidental ingestion of edibles in particular. The number of children under 6 who accidentally ate...

47K People Just Got Weed Offenses Wiped

Ore. Gov. Kate Brown's pardon applies to simple possession convictions from before 2016

(Newser) - More than 47,000 Oregonians will have prior offenses pardoned in a move Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday. Brown said she will pardon simple marijuana possession offenses in certain cases, a move that will also see the $14 million in fines and fees associated with those offenses forgiven, KATU reports....

'Diddy' Just Struck a 'Historic' Cannabis Deal

Rapper Sean Combs' acquisitions will create the biggest Black-owned pot company in the US

(Newser) - Sean Combs already has branched out from his rapper and producer career with business ventures in the fashion, alcohol, and media worlds. Now "Diddy" is dipping his toe into marijuana, with a deal worth up to $185 million that, if approved by federal and state regulators, may result in...

Uber Eats Launches Its First Pot Delivery Service

Toronto program is a world first, company says

(Newser) - Pot smokers in Canada's biggest city might now be calling Uber Eats long before they get the munchies. In what the company says is a world first, it is partnering with cannabis marketplace Leafly for home cannabis delivery in Toronto, Engadget reports. "This is the first time cannabis...

Today's Potent Marijuana Poses Bigger Addiction Risk

Users of high-potency THC products have 4 times the risk of users of low-potency products

(Newser) - Cannabis potency is climbing and with it the risk of addiction to the drug. That's according to a review of 20 studies involving nearly 120,000 people, published in The Lancet Psychiatry , per CNN . "One of the highest quality studies included in our publication found that use of...

Pot Plant's Blinds Won't Close, Creating 'Sunset on Steroids'

Sky turned an eerie pink over Aussie city of Mildura, leading to rumors of solar flare, aliens, apocalypse

(Newser) - No, there's not a Kenny Rogers Roasters opening in Mildura, though that was one suggestion this week as to why there's been a strange pink glow hovering over the Australian city. Locals had been worriedly musing over the origin of the colorful but mysterious light, which made its...

Griner's Lawyers Show Court a Doctor's Note

In letter, doctor recommended WNBA star use medical cannabis for pain

(Newser) - Brittney Griner's trial resumed in Khimki, Russia, on Friday, and a key defense argument tied her apparent use of vape cartridges to her health. Reuters reports that in the fourth hearing for the WNBA star, her lawyers told the court that Griner had been authorized to use medical cannabis...

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