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Pentagon: Nothing to See Here About Extraterrestrials

DOD reviewed decades' worth of UFO probes, found no evidence of alien technology, cover-ups

(Newser) - For at least two years, the Defense Department's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office has been reviewing nearly eight decades of government probes into alleged sightings of UFOs (also called UAPs, or unidentified anomalous phenomena) and other alleged extraterrestrial happenings, and on Friday, the office released a lengthy, 60-page-plus report on...

Supposed Alien Corpses Shown to Mexican Lawmakers

Scientists have debunked similar claims of Mexican 'ufologist' in the past

(Newser) - During a hearing on "unidentified anomalous phenomena" or UAPs at Mexico's Congress Tuesday, a self-described "ufologist" brought in what he claimed were the bodies of two aliens. As NPR puts it, "the corpses looked white and like stereotypical depictions of aliens—big head, little body, three...

Possible Sign of Life Detected 120 Light Years Away

Webb telescope makes intriguing find in atmosphere of planet K2-18b

(Newser) - A Hycean planet is a planet with a hydrogen-rich atmosphere and oceans of liquid water—and NASA says the James Webb Space Telescope may have spotted an intriguing one 120 light years away. Researchers say they have detected carbon-bearing molecules including methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of K2-18b,...

Wild Claims Emerge in Congress' UFO Hearing
Wild Claims Emerge in
Congress' UFO Hearing
the rundown

Wild Claims Emerge in Congress' UFO Hearing

Multiple people have been injured by UAPs, witness testifies

(Newser) - "Nonhuman biologics" were recovered from crashed UFOs seized by the US government in secret, a former military intelligence officer told lawmakers under oath on Wednesday during a hearing on the potential national security threats posed by what's officially dubbed unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. Retired US Air Force...

Whistleblower Testifies on Alleged Retrieval of UFOs

David Grusch claims government holds alien spacecraft and potentially alien bodies

(Newser) - Lawmakers will hear Wednesday from witnesses who say the government has been concealing evidence of alien life, including possible alien bodies. The House Oversight Committee's subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs will hear from three individuals with experience in the US military, including former Navy Cmdr....

In Search for ET, It's Time for a New Acronym: LAWDKI
To Find ET, We Probably
Need to Think Bigger

To Find ET, We Probably Need to Think Bigger

'Scientific American' coins LAWDKI, for 'Life As We Don't Know It'

(Newser) - It may not exactly roll off the tongue, but Scientific American has coined an acronym to describe a burgeoning field in the hunt for extraterrestrial life, LAWDKI. As in, "Life As We Don't Know It." The idea is that we humans might have to shed our human-centric...

NASA Designs New Message for Aliens
NASA Designs New
Message for Aliens

NASA Designs New Message for Aliens

'Beacon in the Galaxy' proposal builds on previous efforts, with some important updates

(Newser) - The Arecibo message—beamed via interstellar radio in 1974 from its namesake telescope—was “humanity’s first attempt to send out a missive capable of being understood by extraterrestrial intelligence,” per Scientific American, which reports on efforts to develop a sequel, nicknamed “Beacon in the Galaxy.”...

Evidence of Alien Life Might Emerge in a Cloud of Methane

The trick will be ruling out nonbiological explanations

(Newser) - Methane—a key ingredient in delightful things like swamp gas, flatulence, and fossil-fuel emissions —could also prove to be a key biosignature, i.e., evidence of extraterrestrial life. Thus, the gas is top-of-mind for scientists preparing to receive an influx of data from the James Webb Space Telescope. According...

'Very Weird' Radio Signals Turn Out to Be Very Human

Scientists: 2019 signals picked up by telescope at Parkes Observatory were form of radio interference

(Newser) - If you were hoping we'd soon get to meet our neighbors from an Earth-like planet more than 4 light-years away, we'll be waiting a little longer. More than two years ago, researchers using the Murriyang radio telescope at Australia's Parkes Observatory were excited to pick up "...

Defiant Demi Lovato: Space Creatures Are 'ETs,' Not 'Aliens'

Singer says 'alien' is an offensive term 'for anything'

(Newser) - Demi Lovato may need to have a word with Katy Perry . Rolling Stone reports that whispers recently circulated that an upcoming Lovato song is named "Aliens," a rumor that the 29-year-old singer—who goes by the pronouns they/them—seemed to neutralize during an interview with Pedestrian.TV , an...

29 Planets Are in Prime Spot to Observe Earth
29 Planets Are in 
Prime Spot to 
Observe Earth

29 Planets Are in Prime Spot to Observe Earth

They orbit some of the stars that have a 'cosmic front seat'

(Newser) - Astronomers searching the cosmos for signs of life are getting curious about who might be looking back. Of the hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy, astronomers have pinpointed 1,715 nearby systems where their alien counterparts might have been able to detect Earth at some point in the...

Israel's Ex-Space Boss: Trump Interacted With Aliens

Haim Eshed claims 'Galactic Federation' is experimenting on Earth, Mars

(Newser) - The race to get to Mars is apparently a smokescreen. According to the man who led Israel's space security program for almost three decades from 1981 to 2010, American astronauts have already found their way to a secret underground Mars base created by aliens. In an interview with Yediot ...

In Clouds of Venus, a Tantalizing Find
Weird Is
on Venus
new study

Something Weird Is Happening on Venus

Chemical associated with biological life is detected in the clouds

(Newser) - Astronomers have found something unexpected in the clouds of Venus—a chemical usually associated with biological life. Does this mean there's life on Venus? Nope, far from it, explains the MIT Technology Review . But the gist from coverage is that the discovery is extremely intriguing. In their paper in...

If ET Calls This Week, We Probably Won't Hear Him

Famous Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico is badly damaged by haywire cable

(Newser) - If aliens pick this month to finally send a message to us earthlings, we might not hear it. The famous Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico, known for scanning the heavens in search of extraterrestrial signals, has been knocked out of commission for the near future by a giant cable that...

Scientists Have Surprisingly Specific Answer on Alien Life
Scientists Have Surprisingly
Specific Answer on Alien Life
in case you missed it

Scientists Have Surprisingly Specific Answer on Alien Life

Study estimates 36 alien civilizations exist in our galaxy capable of communicating with us

(Newser) - Asked the meaning of life, the supercomputer in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy came up with a very specific answer: 42 . Tasked with a different Big Question—how many intelligent alien civilizations exist in our galaxy—real-life scientists have gotten just as specific: 36. That's the estimate...

First-Ever Radio Signal Hits Earth From Inside Our Galaxy

And scientists think they've found the source

(Newser) - Intrigued by radio signals from outer space? Scientists have spotted a fast radio burst from inside the Milky Way—the first ever from our own galaxy—and say it might solve the riddle of other such bursts from the cosmos, Science Alert reports. This signal was discovered Tuesday and reported...

Think Life Endures Anywhere on Earth? Try This Place
Life Endures Pretty Much
Anywhere—Except Here
new study

Life Endures Pretty Much Anywhere—Except Here

The landscape at Dallol is forbidding to say the least

(Newser) - Just because a planet has liquid, don't expect life there—at least according to a new study that delved into one of Earth's most toxic environments, CNN reports. Scientists took samples from the creepy, multicolored pools on a volcanic crater in Ethiopia, and found not one living thing....

'Mystery Men' Took Our UFO Data: Navy Veterans

5 veterans tell their version of a UFO sighting

(Newser) - The Navy already admits to seeing "unidentified aerial phenomena." Now five Navy veterans are adding to the story with details about longer video footage and two mysterious visitors, Fox News reports. In a private group chat with Popular Mechanics , the veterans tell their version of what happened on...

Snowden: I Looked for Government Proof of Aliens, Found None

NSA leaker talks to Joe Rogan

(Newser) - Extraterrestrial enthusiasts may be disappointed to hear Edward Snowden's official take on the matter: The infamous NSA leaker doesn't think the government is hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life. While he was a contractor at the National Security Agency, "I had ridiculous access to the networks of the...

Dozens Show Up at Area 51 Gate
Dozens Show Up 
at Area 51 Gate

Dozens Show Up at Area 51 Gate

No mass storming takes place, but one person is arrested for urinating near the gate

(Newser) - About 75 people arrived early Friday at a gate at the once-secret Area 51 military base in Nevada—at the time appointed by an internet hoaxster to "storm" the facility to see space aliens—and one person was arrested, authorities said. The "Storm Area 51" invitation spawned festivals...

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