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'Stray Lion' in Bushes Was Just a Shopping Bag
'Stray Lion' Alert Leads to
Much More Innocuous Find
in case you missed it

'Stray Lion' Alert Leads to Much More Innocuous Find

It was a shopping bag with a lion's face on it in the bushes outside a Kenyan home

(Newser) - A farmhand in Kenya may be feeling a little foolish today, but also pretty lucky: His anxiety-ridden "stray lion" sighting turned out not to be a lion after all. The BBC reports on the incident that took place in Kinyana, a village not far from Mount Kenya National Park,...

Bystander Reported a Wolf Pack. The Reality Was 'More Hilarious'
Bystander Reported
a Wolf Pack. The Reality
Was 'More Hilarious'
in case you missed it

Bystander Reported a Wolf Pack. The Reality Was 'More Hilarious'

Park County Sheriff's Office says 'pack' was actually a bunch of escaped Saint Bernards

(Newser) - People tend to see what they want to see. For one particular person along a Colorado roadway, what they apparently wanted to see was a pack of wolves, but what they actually spotted in the wild was something else entirely. A video emerged earlier this week titled "Pack of...

For the First Time, a Major Analysis of Threat to Reptiles

21% of 10K reptile species reviewed are endangered

(Newser) - Even the king cobra is "vulnerable." More than 1 in 5 species of reptiles worldwide are threatened with extinction, according to a comprehensive new assessment of thousands of species published Wednesday in the journal Nature . Of 10,196 reptile species analyzed, 21% were classified as endangered, critically endangered,...

Fear Alone Takes Toll on Wildlife Populations

Fear of
Takes Surprising
Toll on Animals
new study

Fear of Predators Takes Surprising Toll on Animals

Study with sparrows suggests it affects multiple generations

(Newser) - If an animal species lives in an area where it's surrounded by predators, you wouldn't expect to see robust population growth. But what if the animals just think they're surrounded by predators? Turns out, the same applies, according to a new study out of Canada's Western...

Government Agents Killed 200 Animals an Hour in 2021

Critic slams USDA's Wildlife Services as 'taxpayer-funded wildlife slaughter'

(Newser) - A government agency killed more than 1.75 million animals across the country in 2021, in what it claims were necessary actions. New data shows the Wildlife Services branch of the US Department of Agriculture, which acts to "resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist,"...

Jungle Search Is On for Tiger That Lost a Hind Leg

Wildlife group in Thailand wants to move animal to safety

(Newser) - Forest rangers in western Thailand are searching a remote jungle on the Myanmar border hoping to rescue a wild tiger with a missing leg from an area where poachers have recently been operating. Staff from the wildlife protection organization Freeland spotted the animal earlier this week on video recorded by...

Calif. OK's Plan to Blanket Islands In Poison

Mice threaten wildlife at Farallon Islands

(Newser) - The California Coastal Commission has approved a plan to poison invasive mice threatening rare seabirds on the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, per the AP . The agency that regulates California's coastline voted 5-3 Thursday night to approve a plan to drop about 3000 pounds of poisoned bait from helicopters...

Under Picnic Table Were Mountain Lion Kittens

The litter was spotted outside an office building near LA

(Newser) - Two mountain lion kittens that survived after a litter of four was found under a picnic table are being cared for at a Southern California veterinary hospital, officials said. The four tiny cats, estimated to be about six weeks old, were spotted Nov. 29 outside an office building near foothills...

Mother Chases Down Leopard To Rescue Son

Predator struck at night in an Indian village

(Newser) - When a little boy was snatched by a leopard in India, his mother wasted no time in getting him back. Armed with nothing but her instincts, officials in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh told CNN the woman chased the animal as it dragged the boy away from their...

Cute Critter in Colorado Garage Turns Out to be Endangered

Extremely rare black-footed ferret was returned to habitat

(Newser) - One of the rarest animals in North America turned up in a Colorado garage. Black-footed ferrets were once thought to be extinct until a colony was found in Wyoming in 1981, and scientists have been working on helping them thrive. They successfully cloned one earlier this year. They've also...

Family's Puppy Grows Up, Takes Surprising Turn
Family's Puppy Grows Up,
Takes Surprising Turn

Family's Puppy Grows Up, Takes Surprising Turn

Adorable baby critter in Peru turns out to be a wild Andean fox

(Newser) - Run Run is on the run. The Sotelo family in Lima, Peru, raised a puppy they thought was going to grow up to be purebred husky. They raised the cute little puppy with no problem for a while. Then Run Run started to chase things, killing and eating guinea pigs,...

Venomous Sharks Prove London's River Is No Longer 'Dead'

Report finds River Thames is bustling with wildlife, despite pollution concerns

(Newser) - The Thames River was declared "biologically dead" in the late 1950s. But after decades of cleanup and conservation efforts and investments in sewage treatment, that's no longer the case. Indeed, the 215-mile waterway running through London is now home to hundreds of wildlife species, including seahorses, eels, seals,...

Critics Rip USDA's 'Inhumane' Killing of Wolf Pups in Idaho

Students tracking the pups, conservation groups blast culling, while agency defends it

(Newser) - For students at Idaho's Timberline High School, a wolf pack roaming nearby in Boise National Forest offered the opportunity to study the animals, and so they've tracked the group since 2003. This spring, though, a shocking find was made: eight pups in the pack were killed by none...

After 2 Years, Elk Freed of Tire Necklace

Animal in Colorado was first seen wearing the tire in July 2019

(Newser) - Wildlife officials in Colorado say an elusive elk that has been wandering the hills with a car tire around its neck for at least two years has finally been freed of the obstruction, per the AP . The 4 1/2-year-old, 600-pound bull elk was spotted near Pine Junction, southwest of Denver,...

For 23 Endangered Species, All Hope Is Now Gone

Ivory-billed woodpecker, nearly 2 dozen other species have been declared extinct by US

(Newser) - Wednesday is set to be a sad day for nearly two dozen endangered species, with all hope gone that we'll ever see them again. Federal wildlife authorities are expected to announce that the ivory-billed woodpecker, Bachman's warbler, and 20 other animals, as well as one plant, are now...

Photographer/Barrel Racer Says State Took His Opossum

Boudoir portrait photographer and social media star is worried about his 'baby'

(Newser) - A barrel racer, boudoir photographer, social media star, and unofficial wildlife rehabber is pleading for the life of his "baby," a 4-year-old opossum with a bone disease. To be clear, that’s all one person. The person is Matt Mathews. The opossum is Donovan. Saying it's a...

Jelly Doughnuts and Sardines Save Bear Stuck in a Tree

The young animal wandered into city and was likely startled by people

(Newser) - Jelly doughnuts and sardines are usually an either/or proposition. But in an emergency, they could be in the same meal. This was an emergency. A young bear, about a year and a half old, wandered out of the woods into North Carolina's capital city Monday night and was likely...

Two Attacked by Rabid Fox at Virginia Theme Park

The fox was captured and died shortly after the attack

(Newser) - Last week, two people were attacked by a rabid fox at a Virginia theme park. The fox was found quickly, and died not long after it was captured, per the Daily Press . The local health district advised that rabies is preventable and treatable and recommended people vaccinate their pets and...

Culprit in Car Break-Ins Smarter Than Your Average Bear

Police in New Hampshire town ask residents to stop leaving food in cars, and make lots of noise

(Newser) - Surveillance video helped police get to the bottom of a series of vehicle break-ins in the town of Thornton, New Hampshire. Home security footage captured the bandit—a black bear—opening the door of a vehicle and then crawling inside, per the AP .

3 Gray Wolf Pups Give Hope to Colorado Wildlife Watchers

While no longer endangered, the species is protected in the state

(Newser) - Three pups born in Colorado made history. Gray wolves, while no longer on the endangered species list, are still very rare—and protected in Colorado. A plan to reintroduce them to the area has been both controversial and slow. Wildlife officials tracking a pair of what they thought to be...

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