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Morrissey Holds Nothing Back in Rant After Sinead's Death

Rails against an industry that didn't support her while she was alive

(Newser) - Adulation for Sinead O'Connor has been pouring in since her death at age 56, and that makes her fellow singer Morrissey angry. In a no-holds-barred post on his website , the Smiths frontman rails against a music industry and world that didn't have "the guts to support her...

Morrissey's Post About Miley Cyrus Is Getting Attention

Though no one really has any idea what's going on

(Newser) - Morrissey posted a Dec. 24 message to his website , but not for the purpose of wishing his fans a happy holiday season. Rather, the British rocker informed everyone that he's split with Capitol Records, the label he just signed with two months ago , and with whom he has not...

Morrissey Manager Slams 'Hateful' Simpsons Parody

'Quilloughby' depicted as a racist meat-eater

(Newser) - The manager for Morrissey, former lead singer of the Smiths, isn't happy about a Simpsons episode featuring Quilloughby, the former lead singer of the Snuffs who initially appears as Lisa Simpson's imaginary friend. When Lisa goes to see the real Quilloughby, the very Morrissey-like British singer (who is...

Bad Sex Award Goes to the Author ... Morrissey

'The pained frenzy of his bulbous salutation extenuating his excitement'

(Newser) - Morrissey: acclaimed singer, well-known vegan , and now, winner of the infamous Bad Sex in Fiction Award. The honor was foisted upon him Tuesday night thanks to a passage in the singer's debut novel, List of the Lost, which follows a '70s-era Boston relay team whose four members are...

Australia, Celebs Battle Over Future of Murderous Feral Cats

'This animal genocide is inhumane and ridiculous'

(Newser) - The lesser bilby. The crescent nailtail wallaby. The desert bandicoot. The large-eared hopping mouse. These are just four of the adorably named animal species that are now extinct thanks largely to the approximately 20 million feral cats currently populating Australia, the New York Times reports. This week, the Australian government...

Morrissey: I've Had 4 Cancer Scrapings

Former Smiths singer reveals latest health struggles

(Newser) - Morrissey, who has canceled several shows recently for health reasons, has revealed to Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he has been treated for cancer, reports Rolling Stone . "They have scraped cancerous tissues four times already, but whatever," said the former Smiths frontman, who started a European tour Monday....

Morrissey's Latest Target: Cast of ... Reality Duck Show

Won't appear on Jimmy Kimmel alongside 'animal serial killers'

(Newser) - Morrissey got the Staples Center to close all its McDonald's outlets during his concert, but apparently he couldn't convince Jimmy Kimmel to rebook the stars of Duck Dynasty. The rocker was due to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, but canceled because he didn't want to appear...

McDonald's to Close for Morrissey's LA Concert

In a first, Staples Center will go vegetarian

(Newser) - Morrissey managed to convince the Staples Center to go meat-free, an achievement even Paul McCartney couldn't accomplish. At Morrissey's sold-out March 1 concert, the LA venue will only offer vegetarian food, for the first time ever. That means all the McDonald's outlets there will be closed, Billboard ...

Morrissey: Fast Food Worse Than Norway Massacre

Singer sparks outrage with comment at concert

(Newser) - Oh, Morrissey, will you ever learn? The singer's stance on animal rights has yet again gotten him in hot water: At a concert in Poland over the weekend, the vegan/former Smiths frontman mentioned the twin terror attacks in Norway. “We all live in a murderous world, as the...

Morrissey: Chinese Are a 'Subspecies'

Racism accusations after singer criticizes 'animal abuse'

(Newser) - Another racism flap for Morrissey: The singer called the Chinese people a "subspecies" because of their treatment of animals, and he won't back off from the remark. "Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific," he says...

10 Gigs Canceled for Odd Reasons
 10 Gigs Canceled 
 for Odd Reasons 
pigeon poop, lollipops...

10 Gigs Canceled for Odd Reasons

Well, would you want a cup thrown at your head?

(Newser) - Kings of Leon had to stop playing mid-gig Friday thanks to a hail of pigeon poop raining down on them, but they’re not the only musical act that’s been forced to cancel a show for an odd reason. The Daily Mirror rounds up 10 more:
  1. David Bowie: A

Morrissey Wants Damien Hirst's Head 'Kept in a Bag'
Morrissey Wants Damien Hirst's Head 'Kept in a Bag'

Morrissey Wants Damien Hirst's Head 'Kept in a Bag'

'How many calves in formaldehyde does world need?'

(Newser) - Damien Hirst’s artwork can be inscrutable to some, but count moody Morrissey as an outright hater. “Hirst’s head should be kept in a bag” for his use of dead animals, the singer opines in Interview —where he’s actually the one supposedly asking the questions of...

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