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Wildfire Emergency Declared in 60 Texas Counties
Texas Fire 'Looks
Like Armageddon'

Texas Fire 'Looks Like Armageddon'

Wildfire that started Monday is already 5th-largest in state history

(Newser) - With multiple fires raging in the Texas Panhandle, Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a state of emergency in 60 counties. Multiple communities have been evacuated and mandatory evacuation orders are in place in Moore and Potter counties, reports the Amarillo Globe-News . In Hemphill County, the sheriff's office issued a...

Trump Leans Into Border as a Campaign Issue

Praises Texas for opposing federal Border Patrol

(Newser) - Donald Trump lavished praise Saturday on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for not allowing the Biden administration entry to remove razor wire in a popular corridor for migrants illegally entering the US. In a speech focused overwhelmingly on border security—potentially foreshadowing a big issue in the general election—Trump said...

Trump Urges States to Send Troops to Texas

25 GOP governors back Abbott in border dispute

(Newser) - Former President Trump has waded into the dispute between Texas and the federal government over razor wire along the Rio Grande , urging states to deploy National Guard members to Texas. "We encourage all willing States to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent the entry of Illegals, and to...

In States With Abortion Bans, This Number Stands Out

There were 520K rapes in 14 states, resulting in 64K pregnancies

(Newser) - In September 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott insisted that his state's strict six-week abortion ban was adequate time for women to obtain an abortion, and that he would "eliminate all rapists" in his state, implying that pregnancies from rape in Texas would eventually no longer be an issue....

3 Migrant Drownings New Flashpoint in Border Debate
3 Migrant Drownings New
Flashpoint in Border Debate
the rundown

3 Migrant Drownings New Flashpoint in Border Debate

Feds accuse Texas of refusing to allow them to try to save woman, two children. Texas denies it

(Newser) - The drownings of a migrant woman and two children trying to cross from Mexico into Texas on Friday night has become the latest flashpoint in the immigration debate between Gov. Greg Abbott and the Biden administration. However, both sides have different stories about how the drownings unfolded:
  • Feds: Border Patrol

NYC Sues Over Texas' Busing of Migrants

$700M lawsuit claims bus companies have violated state law on supporting 'needy' people

(Newser) - New York City Mayor Eric Adams has responded to the thwarting of a rule limiting migrant arrivals by filing a $700 million lawsuit against the bus companies bringing them from Texas under Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star. "Just call it the Empire State strikes back," per...

Texas Sidesteps NYC Rule About Busing Migrants

Migrants now being bused to New Jersey and given train tickets to New York

(Newser) - In response to migrants being sent to New York City from southern states, Mayor Eric Adams last week issued an order requiring charter bus companies to provide city officials with drop-off times, locations, and lists of passengers at least 32 hours in advance. The bus companies quickly found a workaround....

Big-City Mayors Vent at Texas' Migrant Buses

Democratic leaders of New York, Chicago, Denver say they're overwhelmed by asylum-seekers

(Newser) - The mayors of Chicago, New York City, and Denver renewed pleas Wednesday for more federal help and coordination with Texas over the growing number of asylum-seekers arriving in their cities by bus and plane. The mayors' requests come as US cities have struggled to manage the increasing number of migrants...

ACLU Moves Fast to Try to Block Texas Border Law

SB4 allows police to arrest migrants who enter the US illegally

(Newser) - Civil rights organizations on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging a new Texas law that would allow police to arrest migrants who cross the border illegally and permit local judges to order them to leave the country. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Austin, came less than 24 hours after...

Joint US-Mexico Body Makes Big Find on Border Barrier

Topographical survey discovers that nearly 80% of controversial buoy barrier is in Mexico, not US

(Newser) - Migrant advocates, environmentalists, and the Mexican and US governments have all pushed back at the controversial border barrier Texas has installed in the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing into the United States. Despite recovering at least two bodies along the barrier since it was installed in July, and...

On Migrant Bus From Texas to Chicago, a 'Tragic Situation'

3-year-old dies after health issues during trip, part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star

(Newser) - A 3-year-old traveling on a bus of asylum-seekers headed from Texas to Chicago died before reaching that destination. ABC News reports that confirmation of the child's death came via a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Public Health, who noted the agency is working with local and state law...

Out of the Rio Grande, a 'Troubling' Report

Mexican officials say 2 bodies have been found along Texas' controversial floating barrier

(Newser) - Despite warnings over possible dangers , as well as a lawsuit from the Justice Department, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott hasn't budged on removing the floating barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande, part of his state's efforts to keep migrants from crossing over from Mexico. Now, two bodies...

Justice Department Sues Texas Over Barriers in Rio Grande

Abbott rebuffs warning and publicly welcomes legal showdown

(Newser) - The Justice Department followed through on its threat to sue Texas on Monday, seeking to force the state to take out the floating barriers it has placed in the middle of the Rio Grande to deter border crossings. The obstacles are a danger to migrants and Border Patrol agents, the...

Texas Governor Signs Bill on Transgender College Athletes

ACLU calls it 'unfair,' 'cruel'

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law Thursday that was denounced by the ACLU of Texas as "unfair, unconstitutional, and just plain cruel." SB 15 requires college athletes to play on teams that correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth, meaning transgender men will...

Abbott Makes His Choice to Replace Paxton During Trial

John Scott represented Trump for three days

(Newser) - Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday appointed John Scott to temporarily serve as Texas' attorney general after the House of Representatives voted to impeach Ken Paxton over allegations of misconduct and crimes. The historic impeachment triggered Paxton's automatic suspension from office pending the outcome of a trial in the state...

Abbott: I'll Pardon Man Who Murdered Protester
Man Gets 25 Years for
Murder of BLM Protester

Man Gets 25 Years for Murder of BLM Protester

Prosecutors rejected Daniel Perry's self-defense claim

(Newser) - A US Army sergeant has been sentenced to 25 years for killing a protester during a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin in July 2020. Daniel Perry, 36, was convicted last month of murdering Garrett Foster. Perry's lawyer says he plans to appeal and will cooperate with Texas Gov....

Biden Goes to Mexican Border
Biden Goes to Mexican Border

Biden Goes to Mexican Border

Abbott blames president for 'chaos'

(Newser) - President Biden inspected a busy port of entry along the US-Mexico border Sunday on his first trip to the region after two years in office, a visit shadowed by the fraught politics of immigration as Republicans try to blame him for the record numbers of migrants crossing into the country....

Greg Abbott Slammed After Migrants Dropped Off in DC

Prominent Dems, WH blast 'shameful stunt'; Texas governor still hasn't confirmed he sent buses

(Newser) - The White House and prominent Democrats are blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after three busloads of migrants were dropped off in frigid weather on Christmas Eve outside of Vice President Kamala Harris' DC home. "Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below freezing temperatures on...

3 Busloads of Migrants Sent to VP's House on Xmas Eve

They arrived from Texas, and suspicion falls on Gov. Greg Abbott

(Newser) - Three busloads of unexpected guests turned up outside the residence of VP Kamala Harris in DC on Christmas Eve. All were migrants from Central or South America who were bused in from Texas, reports CNN . Aid groups were on hand to welcome them with blankets and warm clothes in temperatures...

NYC Declares Emergency as Migrants Pour In

Mayor seeks federal and state help to house arrivals being bused from Texas

(Newser) - With migrants from Latin America needing shelter and health care arriving by the busload, Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency for New York City on Friday, calling the situation a humanitarian crisis. The mayor said at least 17,000 people seeking asylum have been bused in from other...

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