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Lobster Buoy, Smart Fisherman Save Lives of 2 Women

Paddleboarders were missing for 15 hours off the coast of Ireland

(Newser) - Two women who went out paddleboarding on Ireland's Galway Bay are alive today thanks to two things: a lobster buoy and a fisherman determined to find them. The cousins, ages 17 and 23, were apparently swept out to sea in high winds Wednesday, reports the Guardian . They spent 15...

Hong Kong Tycoon Wants to Relocate 50K People to Ireland

Ivan Ko envisions a new small city for Hongkongers

(Newser) - Residents of Hong Kong who don't want to live under new Chinese restrictions might be able to relocate en masse to Ireland if a real estate tycoon's vision is realized. Ivan Ko wants to build a small new city dubbed Nextpolis in Ireland to be the home of...

Your Vote, Mr. Ryan? Mr. Ryan? Zzzzzzz

Irish lawmaker has to be woken up in parliament

(Newser) - An Irish lawmaker's vote in parliament is getting lots of attention, for all the wrong reasons. Eamon Ryan, leader of Ireland's Green Party, was caught snoozing when his turn came to vote, reports Irish Central . (See the video .) The clerk of the Dáil called Ryan's...

Ireland Wins Case, Won't Have to Take $15B From Apple

But this legal battle might not be over

(Newser) - The Irish government has won a European Union court victory, meaning Apple won't have to pay it almost $15 billion in back taxes. Europe's second-highest court, the Grand Court in Luxembourg, overturned an earlier ruling that Ireland had given the company illegal tax breaks, the Irish Times reports....

As Americans Break the Rules, Ireland Looks at Changes

Businesses says US tourists aren't quarantining after landing

(Newser) - Ireland will consider tougher coronavirus restrictions after anger has risen over US tourists breaking the rules. Visitors are supposed to quarantine for 14 days, but owners of pubs, hotels, and restaurants took to Twitter over the weekend to say they'd sent Americans away, SkyNews reports. "Had to cancel...

DJs Get Interview of a Lifetime: a Locked-Down Matt Damon

'I feel like I'm about to throw up,' Dublin's Nathan O'Reilly told Damon, quarantined in small Irish town

(Newser) - Talk about an at-work win. Per the BBC , Dublin DJs Nathan O'Reilly and Graham O'Toole nabbed none other than Matt Damon for a Zoom interview after finding out the 49-year-old star was quarantining with his family in the coastal town of Dalkey. For six weeks, O'Reilly had...

One Mystery Persists About Ireland&#39;s Ghost Ship
Ireland Has a Problematic
Mystery on Its Hands

Ireland Has a Problematic Mystery on Its Hands

It still doesn't know who owns the MV Alta

(Newser) - Who's the captain of the ghost ship that washed up near Ballycotton, Ireland, in February after more than a year of sailing empty in the Atlantic? It's still a giant question mark, and that's problematic for Ireland. As a rep for the country's revenue commissioners tells...

Ireland Reaches Out to Help Navajo Nation

Donors want to repay Native American generosity in 1847

(Newser) - At the height of the Great Famine in Ireland, help arrived from an unexpected source: Members of the Choctaw Nation raised $170, the equivalent of more than $5,000 in today's money, for famine relief in 1847, despite being impoverished and dispossessed by the "Trail of Tears" forced...

Far-Flung Town Adopts Matt Damon: 'Leave Him Be!'

He's a surprise resident in Dalkey, Ireland

(Newser) - Small town, meet your new celebrity neighbor—and pretend he's just like anyone else. That sums up a New York Times report on an Irish town's reaction to Matt Damon, who's been seen walking and talking around Dalkey while holed up there during the coronavirus shutdown. "...

Irish PM Has Part-Time Job to Help Out With the Virus

Leo Varadkar re-registered as a doctor so he can assist one day a week during pandemic

(Newser) - Before his career in politics, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was a medical doctor. Now, the coronavirus outbreak has spurred a return to his roots. The Irish Times reports that in March, the 41-year-old taoiseach registered once again to practice medicine, after a seven-year hiatus, when his country's health...

Ireland Closes All Pubs Before St. Patrick's Day

Videos of crowded pubs sparked outrage

(Newser) - This year's St. Patrick's Day will be a somber—and sober—one in Ireland. The Irish government announced Sunday that to combat the coronavirus outbreak, all pubs should remain closed until at least March 29, the BBC reports. The government also strongly advised against holding private parties. Mass...

Drug Dealer Learns Big Lesson on Where Not to Hide Bitcoin Codes

$60M now can't be accessed after Clifton Collins stashed codes in fishing rod case that's vanished

(Newser) - He should've stuck to his praise-winning honey. An Irish former beekeeper-turned-drug dealer is ruing the day he came up with the bright idea to stash the codes to accounts harboring close to $60 million in bitcoin in the aluminum cap of a fishing rod case—which, per the Guardian...

For More Than a Year, This 'Ghost Ship' Traveled the World

The MV Alta's journey has finally ended, in Ireland

(Newser) - A "ghost ship" has finally struck land after more than a year traveling the world, from the Americas to Africa and Europe, without a crew. The MV Alta cargo vessel disabled some 1,380 miles southeast of Bermuda while traveling from Greece to Haiti in September 2018. The crew...

Irish Politics in Turmoil After Sinn Fein Surges

Two-party system is over, SF leader says

(Newser) - Ireland faced political turmoil Sunday as an exit poll from the weekend’s parliamentary election suggested that Sinn Fein, a left-wing party committed to reunification of the island, finished in a virtual dead heat with the two parties that have governed since the country won independence almost a century ago....

He Wanted the Last Laugh, Definitely Got It at His Funeral
Dead Man's Final Prank
Leaves Everyone Laughing
in case you missed it

Dead Man's Final Prank Leaves Everyone Laughing

Irish man recorded himself calling for help, loved ones played it as his coffin was lowered

(Newser) - An Irish man with a sense of humor left behind a final prank for his friends and family: He made a recording before his death, and after his coffin was lowered into the ground, it started playing. "Hello?" he can be heard saying. "Let me out. It's...

Why Irish Politicians Are Seeking to Unearth James Joyce

They want him repatriated by 2022, but it won't be easy

(Newser) - James Joyce could be in for an international move some 70 years after his death. Officials in Ireland hope to dig up the country's "premier writer" in order to repatriate his remains and those of his wife, kept at a Swiss cemetery, before the 100th anniversary of Joyce'...

A Customer&#39;s Card Got Declined. Then, &#39;One of the Kindest Acts&#39;
Cashier Didn't
Think Anyone
Noticed His Good
Deed. They Did
in case you missed it

Cashier Didn't Think Anyone Noticed His Good Deed. They Did

David Vance quietly paid for elderly man's groceries out of his own pocket after the customer's credit card kept getting declined

(Newser) - David Vance tried to pull off a subtle act of kindness for someone in financial straits last month, but someone noticed, posted about it online, and now the grocery store cashier in Northern Ireland is being hailed around the world. Vance, who works at a Lidl in Belfast, was working...

Pence&#39;s Visit to Ireland Causes Fuss on 2 Continents
Pence's Visit to Ireland
Causes Fuss on 2 Continents
the rundown

Pence's Visit to Ireland Causes Fuss on 2 Continents

Democrats want to know why he stayed in Trump's resort; Irish columnists ticked for another reason

(Newser) - Vice presidential trips abroad don't typically generate controversy, but Mike Pence managed to buck the norm on his visit to Ireland. The big issue is the decision to stay at President Trump's golf resort in Doonbeg, though Pence's hosts were upset for other reasons. One columnist even...

10 Years Later, Mystery of Man on the Beach Endures
Decade Later, Police Can't
Crack Mystery of Beach Visitor
in case you missed it

Decade Later, Police Can't Crack Mystery of Beach Visitor

'Peter Bergmann' was found dead in Ireland, but nobody really knows who he was

(Newser) - A decade ago, a man calling himself Peter Bergmann checked into a hotel in Sligo, Ireland, and turned up dead on a local beach a few days later. Police are now sure the name was a fake, but they don't know much else about the man in his 60s....

'Boy A' and 'Boy B' Guilty of a Murder That Shocked Ireland

They were 13 at time of brutal attack on 14-year-old Ana Kriegel

(Newser) - They're known only as "Boy A" and "Boy B" to the public, and the 14-year-olds on Tuesday became the youngest murder convicts in Ireland's history. Both were 13 at the time of last year's attack on 14-year-old Ana Krieger, reports the New York Times . Prosecutors...

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