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Hasbro Laying Off Almost 20% of Workers
Hasbro Announces
Mass Layoffs

Hasbro Announces Mass Layoffs

Nearly 20% of employees will be let go

(Newser) - It's not a very merry Christmas season for one of the world's biggest toy makers: Hasbro told employees Monday that it would be laying off almost one-fifth of its workforce over the next year and a half to two years. Some had already been notified their positions would...

For Older Set, a 'Generations' Version of Favorite Games

Toymakers tweak classics like Scrabble, Life, Trivial Pursuit to appeal to people 65-plus

(Newser) - Toymakers are tweaking original classic games or coming out with new ones that embrace an audience that's been around for a while: people more than 65 years old. The products are being marketed as a way for older folks to sharpen their brain skills, as well as allay loneliness...

Toy Hall of Fame Fans Can Vote on 'the Forgotten 5'

Pogo stick, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, PEZ, Transformers all up for a vote

(Newser) - They're playfully called the "forgotten five": A handful of toys—the pogo stick, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, My Little Pony, PEZ dispensers, and Transformers—that regularly approach toy-box royalty as finalists for the National Toy Hall of Fame, only to be tossed back on the pile. For one...

Hasbro Is Reviving the Furby
Hasbro Is Reviving
the Furby

Hasbro Is Reviving the Furby

Original launched 25 years ago

(Newser) - First launched in 1998, Hasbro's Furby was something new: A big-eyed, fuzzy electronic companion for kids that cooed and burbled and even learned words. Furbys could also communicate among themselves, appearing to have nonsensical conversations when situated in sight of each other. A massive hit at first, with 40...

Scrabble Dictionary Gets a Radical Update

First update since 2018 contains abbreviations and—gasp!—some proper nouns

(Newser) - Hey "bae," want to turn this "convo" into a Scrabble game over "margs"? If so, you'll want to seek "inspo" from the seventh edition of the official Scrabble dictionary, which includes 500 new playable words, some of which break with the typical Scrabble...

Hasbro Was Monday's Biggest Loser in the S&P 500

It fell almost 10% amid 'Magic: The Gathering' worries

(Newser) - Stocks closed lower on Wall Street, easing back after posting a big gain last week on hopes that the worst of the nation’s inflation may finally have passed. The S&P 500 fell 35.68 points, or 0.9%, to 3,957.25 Monday after drifting between gains and...

Hasbro Can Turn You Into an Action Figure

Company has partnered with 3D printing firm for 'Selfie Series'

(Newser) - After advances in 3D printing in digital scannings, Hasbro can now make you into an action figure. The company has partnered with 3D printing company Formlabs to create its Selfie Series of customizable action figures, Yahoo reports. Hasbro says that after people scan their faces using its app, they can...

Hasbro CEO Dies 2 Days After Going on Medical Leave

Brian Goldner helped toy company move into the entertainment business

(Newser) - Longtime Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has died just two days after announcing that he was taking a medical leave of absence. The company confirmed Tuesday that the 58-year-old, who disclosed last August that he had been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer since 2014, had passed away, CNBC reports. Goldner, who...

Hasbro Warns: Take These Water Guns Away From Kids

53K Super Soakers recalled due to lead risk

(Newser) - Squirt guns: the perfect activity for a summer stuck at home, right? Well, not so much for the thousands of people who bought two particular styles of Nerf's Super Soaker water guns between March and July of this year at Target. Hasbro is recalling 52,900 Super Soaker XP20...

Looks Like Scrabble's Next Move Is Against Slurs

Offensive words may soon be disqualified from game play, per Hasbro and players association

(Newser) - Scrabble competitors may soon have more than 200 words taken out of game play, after recent protests and attention to the Black Lives Matter movement renewed a longtime debate about the n-word and other racial and ethnic slurs, profane terms, and scatalogical references. Mashable reports that the North American Scrabble...

A 'Child' Is Born, and Immediately Ascends Amazon

Baby Yoda from 'The Mandalorian' tops plush toy list, but it won't be available for a few more months

(Newser) - The hot item of the holiday season is none other Baby Yoda , the character also known as "The Child" in Disney Plus' The Mandalorian—but no one's going to be unwrapping him (and it is a him ) for several more months. Variety reports an 11-inch Mattel "...

Smell Familiar? Hasbro Trademarks a Classic Odor

Play-doh: Think sweet, slightly musky, vanilla fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry

(Newser) - Hasbro has trademarked the scent of Play-doh. The toy company on Friday announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has recognized Play-doh's distinctive smell with a registered trademark, something rarely issued for a scent. The Rhode Island toymaker describes it as a "sweet, slightly musky, vanilla fragrance,...

Monopoly's New Request: Cheat If You Can

Hasbro's new edition has special cards with instructions to break the rules

(Newser) - We've all met a sticky-fingered Monopoly player who loves to be the banker. Indeed, a survey suggests that lots of Monopoly players attempt to cheat while playing the classic Hasbro board game, notes Insider . Now, Monopoly has made a version of the game just for them. Monopoly: Cheater's...

Monopoly's Thimble Gets the Boot
Iconic Monopoly Piece
Gets the Boot

Iconic Monopoly Piece Gets the Boot

So long, trusty thimble

(Newser) - You can still pass "Go" and collect $200 on the Monopoly board, but you soon won't be able to do it with the thimble game piece. Voters have rejected the thimble, an integral part of the game since 1935, reports the AP . The move is part of a...

Monopoly's Classic Tokens Might All Be Replaced

Hasbro collecting votes on tokens for new game

(Newser) - Your lucky Monopoly thimble is at risk of being replaced by a hashtag. Monopoly maker Hasbro is asking fans of the classic board game to help choose eight tokens for a new Token Madness version of the 82-year-old game to be released this fall, with options like a hashtag and...

Hasbro Gives In on #WheresRey Controversy

8-year-old's letter may have gotten company's attention

(Newser) - The "Star Wars" version of Monopoly will add a game piece based on the female character Rey after an 8-year-old girl wrote to game maker Hasbro complaining about the omission. Carrie Goldman, of Evanston, Illinois, posted a letter on Twitter this week written by her daughter, Annie Rose, asking...

Fox Anchor Sues Hasbro for Naming Rodent After Her

Harris Faulkner says toy hamster was 'demeaning and insulting'

(Newser) - If Harris Faulkner were a 9-year-old girl, she might have been tickled to have a Hasbro toy named after her. But the 49-year-old Fox Report Weekend anchor is suing the toy company for bestowing her moniker on its Harris Faulkner hamster, part of its "Pet Pawsabilities" line for the...

Play-Doh! Hasbro Toy Looks a Lot Like a Penis

Someone missed risque-looking icing maker

(Newser) - "Oh no, Play-Doh" has been the horrified reaction of some parents whose kids unwrapped their Hasbro Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain playset over the holidays. The reaction of practically everyone else: hysterical, juvenile laughter at the set's icing maker (or, as Hasbro calls it, the "2-piece extruder"),...

Lego Is Biggest Toymaker in the World

Company overtakes Mattel, thanks in part to its movie

(Newser) - Barbies and board games will always have a place in the family rec room, but it's Legos that rule the roost. The Danish toymaker now ranks as the largest toymaker in the world in terms of revenue, beating out competitors Hasbro and Mattel for the top spot with an...

Another GI Joe Movie in the Works

Third film follows big opening week for Retaliation

(Newser) - If you were among those who helped GI Joe: Retaliation hit the $132 million mark over Easter weekend and you're already suffering withdrawal, don't worry: Another movie is on its way. Paramount has given the green light to a third GI Joe flick, insiders tell Variety . Retaliation raked...

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