Best Small-Screen Frightfests Ever

EW lists its top 16, from Twilight Zone to X-Files
By Kate Rockwood,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 9, 2008 7:21 AM CDT

(Newser) – Who says the small screen can't scare up big fear? NBC’s new horror anthology, Fear Itself, has sparked Entertainment Weekly to list its top TV scare-fests of all time:

  1. The Twilight Zone: The geography may be fuzzy (fifth dimension? parallel universe?) but fright fans have memorized every episode.

  1. American Gothic: In this small town, the sheriff is Satan and the schoolteacher is his evil lover.
  2. Tales from the Crypt: Inspired by old-school EC Comics, this gore-fest gleefully pondered, "What if (insert nightmare scenario here)?"
  3. The X-Files: Scully and Mulder were FBI agents up to their eyeballs in alien encounters and demonic possessions.
  4. The Outer Limits: The hero's ethical gray zone was as unsettling as the show's monsters and mutilations.
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