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Everest Climber, Guide Go Missing on Descent

Daniel Paul Paterson and Pas Tenji Sherpa may be victims of an ice collapse

(Newser) - Everest may have claimed two victims on Tuesday. A 40-year-old British climber and his 23-year-old Sherpa guide are missing after an ice collapse near the summit, reports the Daily Beast . Daniel Paul Paterson and Pas Tenji Sherpa were descending after reaching the summit when a "cornice broke off and...

Roped Climbers Plunge From Alaska Mountain, Killing One

Another team built a snow cave to protect the survivor

(Newser) - Two climbers roped to each other fell about 1,000 feet from a mountain in Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska, killing one of them and seriously injuring the other. The team was climbing 8,400-foot Mt. Johnson on Thursday night, ABC News reports. The National Park Service said...

Everest Climbers to Face 'Ballroom of Death'

Established late due to unstable conditions, this year's climbing route brings added risk

(Newser) - Every spring, the so-called "Icefall Doctors" leave Everest base camp and begin marking the year's official climbing route up to Camp 1. These specialized Nepalese climbers have what's been called " the most dangerous job on earth ," leading the way through the Khumbu Icefall, a treacherous...

Mallory's Last Note From Everest: 'It Is 50 to 1 Against Us'

The May 1924 letter is the UK adventurer's final correspondence to spouse before he vanished

(Newser) - In his final letter to his wife before he vanished on Mount Everest a century ago, George Mallory tried to ease her worries even as he said his chances of reaching the world's highest peak were "50 to 1 against us." The letter, digitized for the first...

Climber Meets End in Mount St. Helens Crater

It was Roscoe Shorey's 29th time on the summit, authorities say

(Newser) - On his 29th time summiting Mount St. Helens, everything went wrong. Roscoe "Rocky" Shorey, an experienced mountain climber from Washougal, Washington, fell 1,200 feet into the volcano crater, where his body was recovered Saturday. The Skamania County Sheriff's Office said an overhanging edge of snow had broken...

New Everest Rule: You Can't Leave Your Poop Here

Climbers are leaving mountains of excrement behind, causing Everest to 'stink'

(Newser) - Scaling the world's highest summit is an amazing feat that entails plenty of logistics—and now, what climbers do with their poop will be one of them. A new rule requiring people to carry out their waste after ascending Mount Everest was recently enacted by the Pasang Lhamu rural...

US Climber, Sherpa Dead After Himalayan Avalanches

2 more are missing, including sherpa who recently set record

(Newser) - American mountaineer Anna Gutu and a Nepalese guide, Mingmar Sherpa, were confirmed dead Sunday after avalanches struck the slopes of a Tibetan mountain, while two others remained missing, according to Chinese media reports. The avalanches struck Tibet's Mount Shishapangma on Saturday afternoon at about 25,000 feet and about...

Climber 'Exceptionally Lucky' After Fall From Summit

Warmer temps turned ice to snow, which cushioned 2K-foot fall on New Zealand's Mount Taranaki

(Newser) - A climber who reached the summit of a mountain in New Zealand descended a lot faster than anticipated but lived to tell the tale. The unidentified climber apparently lost his footing at the top of the challenging Mount Taranaki, slid down an astonishing 600 meters (about 2,000 feet), and...

He Died Trying to Climb an Unconquered Peak

Japanese mountaineer's climbing partner survived the fall in Pakistan

(Newser) - A Japanese mountaineer is presumed dead after he and his partner fell about 230 feet while climbing a never-scaled mountain in northern Pakistan, their tour operator and a mountaineering official said Wednesday. The second climber, also Japanese, was injured. The accident occurred Friday afternoon as the pair climbed a mountain...

Mountaineer Accused of Climbing Over Dying Man: We Couldn't Save Him

'We couldn't have done anything more,' an emotional Kristin Harila insists

(Newser) - A record-setting Norwegian mountaineer pushed back Sunday against claims that she could have done more to save the life of a Pakistani porter who slipped off a narrow trail near the peak of the world's most treacherous mountain and died there after several hours. The circumstances of Mohammad Hassan'...

As Climbing Tragedies Go, It Was Among the Very Worst

'Outside' revisits the 2022 avalanche that killed 29 on India's Draupadi Ka Danda II

(Newser) - On October 4, 2022 , the summit was in sight; then tragedy struck in the form of what would prove to be among the very deadliest avalanches in mountaineering history. In a lengthy piece for Outside , Anna Callaghan revisits what happened that day on India's Draupadi Ka Danda II, or...

As Glacier Ice Melted, Another Grisly Find

Cops say body found near Matterhorn is German mountaineer who went missing 37 years ago

(Newser) - DNA tests have confirmed that the body recently found on a glacier southeast of the famed Matterhorn peak is that of a German mountaineer who disappeared 37 years ago, police in southwestern Switzerland said Thursday. Increasing glacier melt, which many scientists blame on global warming, has spurred a recent increase...

She Tried the Big 14 Last Year and Failed. Now, Success

Kristin Harila, Tenjen Sherpa summit at K2, scale world's highest mountains in record 92 days

(Newser) - A Norwegian woman mountain climber and her Nepali Sherpa guide have set a new record by scaling the world's 14 highest peaks in 92 days, a Pakistani mountaineering official said. On Thursday, Kristin Harila and Tenjen Sherpa summited K2 on the Chinese-Pakistani border in the Karakorum Range—considered to...

Free Solo Climber Loses Hold, Falls 500 Feet

Woman's body recovered from Colorado's Ypsilon Mountain on Monday

(Newser) - Lose your hold and you fall. That's the crux of free solo climbing without ropes, anchors, a net, or any other climbing protection. And it was the fate of a 26-year-old Boulder woman who fell 500 feet to her death at Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday....

Climber Hikes Overnight for Help After Avalanche Kills 3

Cascade Mountains avalanche was America's deadliest in 2 years

(Newser) - Heavy snowfall and high winds on Tuesday kept searchers away from a remote, jagged peak in Washington’s Cascade Mountains, where an avalanche killed three climbers from the northeastern US over the weekend. The slide struck Sunday as a group of six climbers were ascending a steep, snow-packed gulley on...

Dozens of Trainee Mountaineers Dead or Missing in Avalanche

Avalanche hit group of 34 trainees, 7 instructors in Indian Himalayas

(Newser) - The Indian Air Force has joined search and rescue efforts in the Himalayas, where at least 10 people were killed in an avalanche Tuesday and dozens more are missing. Authorities say the avalanche hit a group of 34 trainee mountaineers and seven instructors on Mount Draupadi ka Danda II in...

12 Climbers Went Up the Volcano. Then 5 Fell

Only a few survivors were evacuated from Russia's Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Eurasia's tallest volcano

(Newser) - A dozen climbers went up a Siberian volcano last week, but only a few have come back down. According to the Russian state agency Ria Novosti, the group of 12 began ascending Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Eurasia's tallest volcano, located on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's far northeast, on Aug....

Canadian Climber Falls to His Death on Mt. Rainier

Witnesses say man took 'substantial fall' during descent

(Newser) - The body of a Canadian climber who fell to his death while descending Mount Rainier in Washington state has been recovered by a team of park rangers. Witnesses reported seeing British Columbia resident Chun Hui Zhang take a "substantial fall" while descending the popular Disappointment Cleaver route on Monday,...

It's More Dangerous Than Everest—and Getting Congested

'Conga line' of climbers seen near K2 summit

(Newser) - The world's second-highest mountain is a more difficult and dangerous climb than Mount Everest, but this year's climbing season has seen an unprecedented number of people attempt to conquer K2. Before July 21, only 302 people had ever reached the summit. That number jumped by more than 140...

2 Men Tried to Ascend Denali. Then It All Fell Apart
What Led to a
1K-Foot Fall on Denali

What Led to a 1K-Foot Fall on Denali

Kelsey Vlamis explores the fateful ascent attempt in a piece for Insider

(Newser) - At Denali's 14 Camp, some climbers decide to call it quits. It's where the upper mountain begins, and where the already challenging journey to the Alaskan summit becomes even more treacherous. It's a decision made for safety's sake, but as Kelsey Vlamis explains in a lengthy...

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