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He Lost Life Savings to Scam. The Bank Stepped Up

Australia's ANZ recognized 78-year-old Alex Shaw, who has dementia, had been taken for $300K

(Newser) - An elderly man from Down Under who was scammed out of his life savings has received a reprieve, in a tale described by the Good News Network as "a story of corporate responsibility in the face of personal tragedy." ABC Australia notes that although scam victims in the...

Depressed Adults See Higher Risk of Dementia as Seniors

Large study sees a link, though not an explanation as to why

(Newser) - Young adults and those in middle age who are dealing with depression appear to have a higher risk of another serious issue later in life: dementia. A new study in JAMA Neurology found that those diagnosed with depression between the ages of 18 and 59 were 2.4 times more...

For Members of This Family, Destiny Is a Coin Flip
In This Family, Destiny
Is a Flip of the Coin

In This Family, Destiny Is a Flip of the Coin

All have a 50-50 chance of early dementia diagnosis, as do their children

(Newser) - It was Barb, the youngest in a Pittsburgh family of nine, who first suspected something had gone genetically haywire in her family. As Robert Kolker explains in a New York Times Magazine story, she watched as her mother seemed to unravel mentally at a relatively early age, then sisters Christy...

Treating Hearing Loss Could 'Delay a Dementia Diagnosis'

Research offers hope for those at risk of cognitive decline

(Newser) - People at risk of cognitive decline could cut their risk in half by getting hearing aids. That's according to a new study that has experts questioning whether governments should prioritize hearing health as a means to reducing dementia risk, per CNN . Previous research has shown hearing loss is a...

Jack Hanna's Wife: He Is 'Still in There Somewhere'
Jack Hanna's Wife: He Is
'Still in There Somewhere'
in case you missed it

Jack Hanna's Wife: He Is 'Still in There Somewhere'

Family of renowned wildlife expert speaks about his full-blown Alzheimer's

(Newser) - The symptoms began surfacing around 2017—renowned wildlife expert Jack Hanna would occasionally forget what city he was in on one of his many public outings. He'd lose the thread of conservations, need things repeated, etc. "No way," Hanna said upon being diagnosed with Alzheimer's in...

Rosalynn Carter Is Suffering From Dementia

Former first lady has been a mental health advocate for much of her life

(Newser) - The wife of former President Jimmy Carter is suffering from dementia, the Carter Center shared in a Tuesday statement . "She continues to live happily at home with her husband, enjoying spring in Plains [Georgia] and visits with loved ones," reads the statement, which notes the 95-year-old has been...

Woman, 95, Tasered by Cops Dies
Woman, 95,
Tasered by Cops Dies

Woman, 95, Tasered by Cops Dies

Clare Nowland had dementia, was wandering around her nursing home with steak knife

(Newser) - The 95-year-old woman with dementia who was tasered by police at an Australian nursing home has died "surrounded by family and loved ones," reports the BBC , and the officer who tasered her is now facing assault charges. Clare Nowland was walking with a walker on May 17 "...

Researchers Find Less Dementia Among Regular Internet Users

More study is needed, experts say

(Newser) - A new study suggests a mental health benefit of internet use for older people. The research, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , which followed 18,154 adults ages 50 to 65 over eight years, found that those who regularly spent time online were less likely to develop...

Lasting Marriage May Help Ward Off Dementia
Lasting Marriage May
Help Ward Off Dementia

Lasting Marriage May Help Ward Off Dementia

Unmarried people fare better with kids, researchers say

(Newser) - A lasting marriage appears to come with benefits for the brain, according to new research that suggests a continuous marriage reduces one's risk of dementia in later life. Individuals who are single or divorced are at higher risk of the condition, according to the study published late last year...

Bruce Willis' Wife Has a Message for the Paparazzi

Emma Heming Willis begs photogs not to yell at husband, who has dementia: 'Just keep your space'

(Newser) - If you see Bruce Willis out and about in public, his wife has one simple request: Let him be. That's the gist of Emma Heming Willis' online PSA, in which she asks the paparazzi and gawkers in general to stay back from the 67-year-old actor, whose dementia diagnosis was...

Patti Davis: Bruce Willis' Diagnosis 'Rips Your Soul Apart'

Ronald Reagan's daughter compares his reveal on Alzheimer's to Willis family's reveal on dementia

(Newser) - Bruce Willis' recently revealed diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, a blanket term for a rare group of disorders caused by progressive nerve cell loss in the brain's frontal lobes, shocked and saddened many. One of those now reacting to the news: Patti Davis, daughter of the late Ronald and Nancy...

Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Dementia
Bruce Willis'
Gets Worse

Bruce Willis' Diagnosis Gets Worse

Family says he has dementia after last year's diagnosis of aphasia

(Newser) - Bruce Willis' mental acuity has only gotten worse over the last year, his family said Thursday in an update. In the spring of 2022, Willis was diagnosed with aphasia , a condition that affects the ability to communicate and understand language. Since then, the 67-year-old's condition has deteriorated further, writes...

This Could Be a 'Momentous, Historic' Moment in Fight Against Alzheimer's
FDA Approves
Early Treatment
Alzheimer's Drug

FDA Approves Early Treatment Alzheimer's Drug

Drug to be sold as Lequembi has safety concerns, however

(Newser) - A drug found to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease received federal approval on Friday for patients dealing with mild impairment. Lecanemab was effective in clinical trials but raised safety concerns, and experts say the benefits are not overwhelming, NBC News reports. Nevertheless, the FDA fast-tracked its approval, not...

Watching TV Linked to Dementia, but Computer Use Is Good

'What we do while we're sitting matters,' says researcher

(Newser) - Before they plop on the couch to engage in some "leisure-time sedentary behaviors," adults over 60 may want to pay attention to a recent study linking increased dementia risk to watching TV. In short, per the Washington Post , "those whose time sitting was primarily spent watching television...

In US, 10% of Those Over Age 65 Have Dementia
10% of American
Seniors Have Dementia

10% of American Seniors Have Dementia

New study found Black and Hispanic people were at higher risk for cognitive decline

(Newser) - The first nationally representative study of the prevalence of cognitive decline in the US that has been carried out in more than two decades found that 10% of Americans over the age of 65 have dementia and another 22% have mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The study, published in JAMA Neurology...

Dementia Clues Appear Almost a Decade Before Diagnosis
Dementia Clues Appear
Almost a Decade
Before Diagnosis
in case you missed it

Dementia Clues Appear Almost a Decade Before Diagnosis

Individuals showing signs of cognitive impairment could be key in treatment trials

(Newser) - Memory loss and cognitive impairment may be detectable up to nine years before an official dementia diagnosis, according to research offering some hope for early intervention. Alzheimer's and dementia are hard to treat, as diagnosis usually comes after symptoms appear, at which point it may be too late to...

In Doggy Dementia, Exercise Is a Factor
In Doggy
Age 10 Is
a Big Year
new study

In Doggy Dementia, Age 10 Is a Big Year

Annual risk goes up substantially from then on, though exercise may help ward it off

(Newser) - Among vets, it's called canine cognitive dysfunction. Among pet owners, it's more familiarly known as doggy dementia. Now a large new study in Scientific Reports sheds some more light on the condition, which can be tricky to diagnose. Some key takeaways:
  • Exercise: The study of more than 15,

Woman With Dementia Saved by 4-Legged Hero

Sherry Noppe's dog, who never left her side after she got lost in woods, barked till they were found

(Newser) - Texas' Sherry Noppe, recently diagnosed with dementia, disappeared after taking her dog for a walk on May 3 in the Houston suburb of Katy. Thankfully, the 63-year-old was reunited with family just in time for Mother's Day after said black Labrador "saved her life," daughter Courtney Noppe...

Ex-Cop Who Joked About Rough Arrest Gets 5 Years

Family says Austin Hopp broke 73-year-old Karen Garner's arm during 2020 arrest

(Newser) - Update: "We cannot allow him to get a slap on the wrist for breaking an arm," Karen Garner's daughter-in-law said at a sentencing hearing for Austin Hopp Thursday. The former Loveland, Colorado, cop was sentenced to five years in prison for assaulting Garner, who has dementia, during...

Elderly Sweethearts Sought in Manhunt Die 48 Hours Apart

Ralph 'Terry' Gibbs said he abducted his sweetheart from nursing home out of love

(Newser) - An elderly couple's love story, which included an escape from a nursing home and a mad dash across Australia, has come to a sad end—and not just with a conviction for unlawfully detaining a mentally ill person. Ralph "Terry" Gibbs, 80, pleaded guilty to deprivation of liberty...

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