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Sweden Has First Virus Protest
Swedes Protest Restrictions

Swedes Protest Restrictions

With the most coronavirus deaths in region, government has tightened rules

(Newser) - Police on Saturday dispersed hundreds of people who had gathered in central Stockholm to protest coronavirus restrictions set by the Swedish government. Authorities said the demonstration—the first major protest against the country's coronavirus restrictions—was illegal as it was held without permission, the AP reports. Stockholm police said...

This Nurse Is Trapped in a Lighthouse Watching Movies
This Nurse Is Trapped in a
Lighthouse Watching Movies
in case you missed it

This Nurse Is Trapped in a Lighthouse Watching Movies

Lisa Enroth won 'Isolated Cinema' contest to hole up on remote Swedish isle, view film fest premieres

(Newser) - While many people are tiring of being stuck at home binge-watching Netflix during the pandemic, one health-care worker is taking it to the next level. Mashable reports that Lisa Enroth, a nurse from Skoevde, Sweden, is now hunkered down on the nation's barren Pater Noster island, holed up inside...

How Did a Red Scarf From Sweden End Up at Capitol Riot?

Person of interest wore one of 934 scarves mailed from Skellefteå in 2017

(Newser) - Swedes are hoping to identify a person of interest in the Capitol riot, seen wearing a scarf specific to the city of Skellefteå. A resident of the city of 72,000 first noticed the red scarf amid debris on the floor of the Capitol. Further digging by Sweden's Dagens ...

Sweden's King on COVID: 'I Think We Have Failed'

Carl XVI Gustaf unhappy with rising deaths amid lax rules

(Newser) - Sweden's king thinks his nation's relatively lax approach to COVID has backfired. "I think we have failed," said Carl XVI Gustaf in a year-end assessment, reports the BBC . Sweden has fared worse than its Scandinavian neighbors with about 350,000 cases and 7,800 deaths, the...

Stockholm Heads Toward Grim Record Not Seen Since 1934

Will Swedish capital go whole month of December without an hour of sunlight?

(Newser) - "Do you think it's dark?" That was the question posed by Swedish meteorologist Ulrika Elvgren last week to her fellow citizens, and answered in the same tweet with her own answer: "Yes, it has been extra dark." The reason for her inquiry: Multiple parts of the...

Prosecutors: No Proof Mom Imprisoned Her Son

Swedish authorities let elderly woman go, but they're still trying to figure out events of last 30 years

(Newser) - An elderly mother suspected of keeping her 40-something son imprisoned in their Stockholm apartment for nearly 30 years had insisted to authorities that wasn't true. Now, she's been released from custody after Swedish prosecutors decided Wednesday to drop the case against her, saying they don't have enough...

Reports: Mom Kept Son Locked Up for Nearly 30 Years

'The mother is suspected of illegal deprivation of liberty,' Swedish police rep says

(Newser) - A septuagenarian Swedish mother is denying she held her son hostage for nearly three decades after he was reportedly discovered, in bad shape, by a relative. Per local media reports cited by AFP , the 41-year-old man was discovered Sunday after his mother ended up in the hospital and an unidentified...

Here&#39;s Another Something the 1% Do
Here's Another
Something the 1% Do

Here's Another Something the 1% Do

1% of the population causes about half of air travel emissions, and researchers say it's time to rethink

(Newser) - With a 50% drop in passengers taking to the skies in 2020, there's no better time to overhaul an industry responsible for dangerous carbon emissions, according to researchers. "If you want to resolve climate change … then we should start at the top, where a few 'super...

Sweden Rethinks Approach as Coronavirus Cases Jump

Diners will be limited to 8 per table as nation prepares for a 'tough winter'

(Newser) - With the death toll nearing 6,000—up 31 since Friday—Sweden is moving away from its light touch in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Alone in its region in deciding to not impose a lockdown at any point, the BBC reports, the nation now is dealing with a steep...

For Poisoned Putin Critic, Good News From Hospital

Alexei Navalny is able to leave his bed in Germany

(Newser) - Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s health has improved so that he is now able to leave his bed briefly, the Berlin hospital treating him said Monday, while Germany announced that French and Swedish labs have confirmed its findings that he was poisoned with the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok, per...

Riots Erupt in Sweden
Riots Erupt in Sweden

Riots Erupt in Sweden

A Danish politician helped stoke the flames

(Newser) - Over 300 rioters hit the streets in Sweden on Friday night after far-right activists publicly burned a copy of the Quran, the Guardian reports. The unrest erupted in Malmo after a right-wing Danish politician was barred from entering the country for an anti-Muslim rally. His supporters responded by burning the...

One High-Profile Student Heads Back to School

Greta Thunberg is headed back to class after a year off, 'and it feels so great'

(Newser) - After a year off school to campaign on pressing for tougher action on curbing climate change, Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg says she's returning to class. "My gap year from school is over, and it feels so great to finally be back in school again!" the 17-year-old...

Nation Without Lockdown Has Most Deaths Since 1869

Sweden's toll was more than 50K people in first half of the year, with 5,800 due to COVID

(Newser) - When the coronavirus outbreak began, Sweden went its own way. Instead of ordering a lockdown, the government asked its people for voluntary compliance with social distancing guidelines. Schools, restaurants, and bars stayed open. The results of the strategy have been mixed, with Sweden's death toll by percentage of population...

12-Year-Old's Death Causes an Outcry in Sweden

She was shot to death, an innocent bystander in an apparent gang feud

(Newser) - The Swedish government vowed Tuesday to find the perpetrators of a drive-by shooting that killed a 12-year-old girl in what authorities said appears to be the latest violence from suburban feuds between criminal gangs fighting over territory. "If we don't stop the new recruitment of young people into...

Looking to Raise a Family? These 10 Nations Are Tops

The US doesn't make the cut—in fact, it's got a dismal ranking

(Newser) - No one's able to go much of anywhere at the moment , but one day, when the pandemic is over, you may be on the hunt for the best place to settle down and have kids. Travel and family journalism website Asher & Lyric did the legwork for us, sifting...

Swedish Health Experts: Don&#39;t Do What We Did
Swedish Health Experts:
Don't Do What We Did

Swedish Health Experts: Don't Do What We Did

'Soft' approach to pandemic has been a failure, they say

(Newser) - Sweden's "soft" approach to the coronavirus pandemic has drawn attention from the rest of the world—but a group of more than two dozen Swedish doctors and scientists say the country should serve as an example of what not to do. By "not locking down, introducing mostly...

Sweden 'Literally Gained Nothing' With COVID Approach

The country's economy wasn't shielded, but its top epidemiologist says time will tell

(Newser) - Much has been made about Sweden's rejection of a lockdown and the high death rate that ensued. Per Reuters , the country had logged 5,447 deaths as of Tuesday, out of a population of 10 million—meaning its death rate is well above that of the US and its...

Likely Killer Claimed He Tried to Resuscitate Swedish PM

Prosecutors wrap up investigation, naming deceased suspect who arrived at scene

(Newser) - Authorities have a suspect in the 1986 assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme—but the unsolved case will now be closed. Those are just some of the developments shared Wednesday as chief prosecutor Krister Petersson wrapped up his investigation of the high-profile case that has been an "open...

Sweden May Soon Be Closing an 'Open Wound'

Prosecutor to release findings Wednesday related to 1986 assassination of PM Olof Palme

(Newser) - Swedes are gearing up for what the Local describes as "one of Sweden's most highly anticipated press conferences in the past three decades." Chief prosecutor Krister Petersson, who's been investigating the unsolved 1986 assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme since 2017, is set to announce...

'Other Countries Should Look to Iran, Not Do What It Did'

COVID-19 cases surged after reopening

(Newser) - Iran's president said on Friday it is a "source of pride" that the country has managed to reopen businesses while maintaining a "steady decline of the disease." Local authorities in at least eight of the country's 31 provinces, however, say there has been a surge...

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