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Billionaire Charged in $2B Tax Evasion Case

'We will not hesitate to prosecute the smartest guys in the room'

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors charged Texas billionaire Robert Brockman on Thursday with a $2 billion tax fraud scheme in what they say is the largest such case against an American. Department of Justice officials said at a news conference that Brockman, 79, hid capital gains income over 20 years through a web...

Billionaire Barred From Buying Himself Nice Things

It's a 'humbling turn of events' for Chen Feng

(Newser) - A life without first-class flights, luxury hotels, and weekends at the golf course. For most of us, that sounds like business as usual. For Chen Feng, it's "a humbling turn of events," reports the New York Times . Chen is both a billionaire and the co-founder and chairman...

Formerly 'Poor as Hell' Tyler Perry Now a Billionaire

He says ownership made all the difference

(Newser) - Tyler Perry, who grew up poor in New Orleans and spent much of the '90s as a penniless—and sometimes homeless—playwright, is now officially a billionaire. The 50-year-old actor and filmmaker has been added to the list of billionaires at Forbes, which estimates he has made more than...

How a Billionaire Heiress &#39;Got Away With Murder&#39;
How a Billionaire Heiress
'Got Away With Murder'

How a Billionaire Heiress 'Got Away With Murder'

Vanity Fair takes a deeper look at Doris Duke's killing of her interior designer

(Newser) - Eduardo Tirella's death was horrible: Hit by a car, slammed through locked gates, and crushed under speeding tires. But was it murder? That's what Peter Lance is asking in Vanity Fair about Tirella's 1966 death at the hands of his employer, America's richest woman—tobacco heiress...

Elon Musk Is Now the 7th Richest Person in World

He surpasses Warren Buffett on billionaires list

(Newser) - Elon Musk is now worth more than Warren Buffett, making the Tesla CEO the seventh-richest person on the planet, according to Bloomberg 's Billionaire Index. Musk, who also runs SpaceX and the Boring Company, is now worth $70 billion, still pretty far behind the No. 1 on the list,...

The World's Richest Person Is Now Richer Than Ever

The Amazon founder is worth a staggering amount of money

(Newser) - Get a raise last year? Jeff Bezos saw his gains go up, too—by $56.7 billion, which makes the world's richest person literally richer than ever, Bloomberg reports. His wealth rose along with a 4.4% surge in Amazon stock, which put shares at a record $2,878....

Son 'Swam for Rescue' After Attempt to Kidnap Billionaire

5 suspects were arrested, police in China say

(Newser) - Chinese tycoon He Xiangjian tends to keep a low profile—but his $25 billion fortune apparently still attracted the attention of a group of kidnappers. Police say the 77-year-old was unharmed after five people broke into his luxury villa in the southern city of Foshan on Sunday, the BBC reports....

Forbes Redid the Numbers. It's Bad News for Kylie Jenner

Magazine says it has concluded 22-year-old 'is not a billionaire'

(Newser) - Remember all the hubbub last year over Kylie Jenner's ascension to the crown of "youngest ever self-made billionaire" at age 21? That title just got yanked by Forbes , which has removed her from its famous ranking of billionaires after looking more closely at what it now calls her...

After a Humble Start, He Made a Bigger Vegas
'King of Gambling'
Is Dead at 98

'King of Gambling' Is Dead at 98

Though Macau tycoon Stanley Ho didn't gamble himself

(Newser) - Casino tycoon Stanley Ho, who made the enclave of Macau into a gambling hub even bigger than Las Vegas, has died in Hong Kong at age 98. Considered the father of modern gambling in China, Ho's long and eventful life tracked the ebb and flow of southern China's...

As Bezos Heads Toward Trillionaire, Outrage

Analysis suggests he could be first trillionaire by 2026

(Newser) - Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos found himself the target of attacks from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, and a lot of social media users on Thursday as outlets highlighted an analysis suggesting he'll become the first ever trillionaire. Business website Comparisun determined the 56-year-old—with a current net...

Cops on Tycoon's Missing Wife: 'Clearly Planned Deception'

Norway's Tom Hagen arrested on suspicion of murdering spouse, who vanished in 2018

(Newser) - One of Norway’s wealthiest men was arrested Tuesday in connection with his wife's 2018 disappearance and held on suspicion of murder or complicity to murder in a case that police had earlier thought was a kidnapping. Tom Hagen, a real estate investor and owner of an electric company,...

Forbes Just Named Kanye a Billionaire. He's Still Not Happy

Rapper says magazine undervalued him at $1.3 billion

(Newser) - It's not clear whether Yeezy will soon change his name to "Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West," as he's long wanted to , but he can at least now officially claim part of that moniker. CNN reports the 42-year-old rapper and fashionista is worth $1.3 billion, per...

Billionaire Sports Owners Abandoning Workers During Virus
Dear Stingy
Sports Owners,
We'll Remember This

Dear Stingy Sports Owners, We'll Remember This

Nancy Amour for USA Today says those who don't pay workers shouldn't expect tax breaks

(Newser) - Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is getting slammed for cutting salaries or laying off workers altogether during the coronavirus pandemic. Tilman Fertitta, who owns the Houston Rockets—as well as Landry's, the parent company over hundreds of restaurants, hotels, and casinos—is likewise drawing criticism after laying off 40,...

Billionaire to Dole Out $9M in 'Serious Social Experiment'

Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa wants to see if $9K will make 1K lucky winners happier

(Newser) - Money supposedly doesn't buy happiness, but a Japanese billionaire thinks it might at least cheer some people up. Just a couple of weeks after Zozo founder Yusaku Maezawa donated more than $18 million to a Japanese city hit hard by a typhoon, the fashion-minded entrepreneur is back in the...

Billionaire&#39;s Son Is Found Dead
Billionaire's Son Is Found Dead

Billionaire's Son Is Found Dead

Andrew Burkle was only 26

(Newser) - A California billionaire experienced what must be a living nightmare Monday when he rushed to his son's home and found him dead, People reports. Andrew Burkle, 26, was unresponsive and declared deceased Monday at the Beverly Hills property. His father, Ron Burkle—who co-owns the Pittsburgh Penguins and has...

New Trouble for Billionaire Claiming Beach as His Own

California commissions sue Vinod Khosla over access to Martins Beach

(Newser) - The California Attorney General's Office has filed suit against a billionaire who's long tried to block the public from accessing a beach he claims as his own . The suit, filed Monday on behalf of the California State Lands Commission and California Coastal Commission, claims Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod...

Bloomberg Drops $100M on Anti-Trump Ads

Yet he hasn't committed to a presidential run

(Newser) - Got $100 million? Neither do we—but Michael Bloomberg does. The billionaire and former New York City mayor is planning to spend that much on anti-Trump ads as he mulls a run for president, the Hill reports. The ads will target Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan, four states the Dems...

Finance Bigwig at Summit: 'I Want to Talk About What's in Your Pants'

Fisher Investments has now lost nearly $1B after sexist remarks at CEO conference

(Newser) - Cities across the US have entrusted Fisher Investments with shepherding their pension investments, but several have now bailed after the firm's founder made sexist comments at a conference in San Francisco last week. CNBC reports the city of Boston is the latest to drop Fisher, withdrawing nearly $250 million...

Bill Gates No Longer Planet's 2nd Richest

Bernard Arnault jumps over him

(Newser) - In the seven years that Bloomberg has been putting out its Billionaires Index, Bill Gates has always ranked in the top 2. No more. On Tuesday, Bernard Arnault leaped over him and into the No. 2 spot, with a net worth of $107.6 billion, a slim $200 million over...

Hip-Hop Has Its First Billionaire
Hip-Hop Has Its First Billionaire

Hip-Hop Has Its First Billionaire

It's Jay-Z

(Newser) - Forbes estimates that Jay-Z's fortune now "conservatively totals $1 billion," which is notable for a couple reasons: He's one of just "a handful" of those in showbiz who have become billionaires—and the first ever in the realm of hip-hop. (As Billboard explains, Dr....

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