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US Military Charter Plane Makes Forced Landing in Iran

Plane told it couldn't fly in Iranian airspace: officials

(Newser) - A commercial aircraft chartered by the US-led military in Afghanistan was re-routed to Iran today and forced to land there in a mix-up over its flight plan, US officials say. The plane was carrying military contractors, some of whom were American, CNN reports. The plane was flying from Bagram airfield...

Southwest Deplanes Family Over Dad's Critical Tweet

Gate agent didn't like that tweet mentioned her name

(Newser) - Think twice before you tweet—it could get you kicked off a plane. After Duff Watson used Twitter to complain about a Southwest gate agent, he was deemed a safety threat, deplaned with his two young daughters, then threatened with police action unless he deleted the tweet. It all started...

Pilot Lands on Highway for 2nd Time in 8 Days

Long Island man, 75, has engine trouble in same spot

(Newser) - Pilot Frank Fierro had to bring his small plane down on Long Island's Sunrise Highway in an emergency landing yesterday after he developed engine trouble, reports the Daily News . Which isn't that unusual, except for the fact that the same pilot had to bring the same plane down...

Irate Captain Locks Out Co-Pilot in Mid-Flight

Air New Zealand captain unhappy about tarmac delay, airline says

(Newser) - An unhappy pilot got back at his first officer the way mature adults do—by locking him out of the cabin in mid-flight, according to an Air New Zealand official. The captain on a flight from Perth, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, apparently held a grudge after the first officer...

Nasty Note-Writing War Breaks Out on Flight

'Bachelor' producer Elan Gale sends angry woman the 1st note

(Newser) - Ah, the spirit of the season: The producer of ABC's Bachelor and Bachelorette apparently engaged in a bitter note-passing war with a woman who complained about their flight being delayed, Business Insider reports via BuzzFeed . "Today is Thanksgiving!" she cried, according to producer Elan Gale's Twitter...

&#39;Perfect&#39; Plane Seat Located

 'Perfect' Plane Seat Located 
survey says

'Perfect' Plane Seat Located

Row six, by the window: survey

(Newser) - The perfect plane seat: 6A. A new survey from Skyscanner came to that conclusion after determining that most passengers, given a choice, want to sit in a window seat toward the front of the aircraft. Previous studies have also found the first six rows of a plane to be the...

Jet to Zoom From Paris to NYC in 90 Minutes

... But not for another 40 years

(Newser) - A jet in the works would travel four times the speed of sound—meaning a 90-minute flight from Paris to New York City or a 2-and-a-half-hour trip from Paris to Tokyo. ZEHRA is planned by the makers of the Concorde and would travel 3,125 mph, or twice as fast...

Pakistan Jet Evacuated in Sweden After Bomb Threat

Karachi-bound flight diverts after Canada reports threat

(Newser) - A Pakistan International Airlines plane bound for Karachi diverted this morning to Sweden, where it was evacuated over reports of a passenger carrying explosives, reports the AP. Police detained a man they described as a Canadian citizen of Pakistani origin as passengers were being evacuated, but have thus far found...

Rail Travel Pollutes as Much as Flying: Study

(Newser) - Train riders might not actually have that much to lord over their jet-setting rivals as far as pollution goes, Scientific American reports. A new study shows that although planes emit three times more greenhouse gasses per passenger per mile than trains, the industrial emissions necessary to rail infrastructure makes the...

How to Find a Missing Plane
 How to Find a Missing Plane 

How to Find a Missing Plane

(Newser) - How will authorities go about finding Air France Flight 447? Essentially, it'll take a lot more planes, Slate explains. Most of the jet’s location gadgets, like its emergency locator transmitters, are unlikely to work underwater. The flight recorders have sonar devices attached that can transmit from 14,000 feet...

'No Hope' for Air France Plane
 'No Hope' for Air France Plane 

'No Hope' for Air France Plane

Lightning strike feared

(Newser) - There is "no hope" for the 228 people onboard the Air France plane that disappeared en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro this morning, says an Air France official. An automatic message sent at 2:14am GMT reported a short circuit, which authorities believe means it was struck...

Alert Air Passenger Warns of Fuel Leak

Air force sergeant spotted leak before 747 headed over the Pacific

(Newser) - An eagle-eyed passenger warned a 747 flight crew about a fuel leak on a recent Japan-bound flight from Chicago, CNN reports. Air Force Sgt. Bartek Bachleda, who serves in an air refueling squadron, spotted vapor billowing from behind the wing and realized the jet was losing fuel fast. He alerted...

Errant Plane Breaches Security at White House

(Newser) - An errant plane set off a brief security scare in Washington today, prompting the relocation of President Obama and VP Biden, Bloomberg reports. The small aircraft entered restricted airspace before being intercepted by military jets and obeying orders to leave the area and land at a nearby airport. During the...

Baby Born on Transatlantic Flight

Passengers cheer as Boston-bound flight gets an extra passenger

(Newser) - Passengers on a Boston-bound plane from Amsterdam got a New Year's surprise when a woman on board went into labor, the Boston Herald reports. Two doctors on the flight informed the pilot that the baby would come before the aircraft could make an emergency landing. Passengers cheered after the woman...

McCain-Endorsing Papers Lose Seats on Air Obama

But Fox News keeps its spot

(Newser) - The Obama campaign has kicked reporters from the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News off its campaign plane, and as the Drudge Report was quick to note, all three papers endorsed McCain. An Obama spokesman confirmed the report, but said it was not politically motivated, noting that...

Obama Lives Large on Decadent Jet
Obama Lives Large on Decadent Jet

Obama Lives Large on Decadent Jet

Inside the candidates' rides

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s new campaign plane oozes luxury—at least for Obama. The candidate’s section of the 757 is decked out with leather recliners, a dining booth, and a small table kept stocked with up-to-date newspapers, CBS reports. "O-Force One" is so far beyond the typical charter jet...

New-Look 'Obama One' Has Dem Flying High

Hammered earlier for trying to look too presidential, candidate aims for balance

(Newser) - The jet bearing Barack Obama on his trip abroad is sporting a new look, the Los Angeles Times reports. The plane is emblazoned with Obama’s “Change You Can Believe In” slogan, and sports the candidate’s rising-sun logo on its tail. Obama is using the jet for campaign-financed...

Man Sues JetBlue After Spending Flight in Bathroom

Passenger humiliated after sitting in can for 3 hours

(Newser) - A New York man is suing JetBlue for $2 million, claiming he was put in the bathroom during a cross-country flight, the New York Post reports. Gokhan Mutlu said he was "mortified, disgraced, degraded and shamed" after a flight attendant took his seat and the pilot told him to...

No Survivors in Venezuela Crash
No Survivors in Venezuela Crash

No Survivors in Venezuela Crash

Wreckage of 46-passenger plane found

(Newser) - Search helicopters today found what was left of the Venezuelan passenger plane that crashed yesterday with 46 people aboard. No survivors were found in the wreckage, which was nestled among the Andes mountains at an altitude of 13,000 feet, the AP reports. The plane crashed into the mountain head-first,...

Airbus Goes Light on New A350 Jetliner

In about-face, switches to composite material used by rival Boeing

(Newser) - Airbus joined rival Boeing in switching from aluminum to carbon-fiber composites to build its new jetliner’s frame, reports the Wall Street Journal. Boeing has built the new 787 Dreamliner entirely from composites, which are lighter and easier to maintain. Airbus had held out on the A350, claiming its method...

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