Trump impeachment

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Lindsey Graham Talks Impeachment

Senator backs Trump, but opens the door a crack to changing his mind

(Newser) - An interview between Axios and Lindsey Graham is causing a stir, though there's some different interpretations over his comments on the topic of President Trump's impeachment. The upshot is that Graham says he still hasn't seen evidence of an impeachable offense, but he's open to changing... More »

GOP Rep Open to Impeaching Trump Is Retiring

Francis Rooney is heading home to Florida after a single term

(Newser) - Florida Republican Rep. Francis Rooney is full of decisions these days: On Friday, he said he's open to impeaching President Trump if it's "the right thing because I’ll be looking at my children a lot longer than I’m looking to anybody in this building."... More »

Official: I Tried to Warn Biden

George Kent says he worried about the optics of Burisma

(Newser) - A career diplomat says he voiced concerns about Joe Biden's son, but to little effect. In closed-door testimony this week, George Kent told congressional investigators he'd warned the office of then-Vice President Biden about his son's position at a Ukrainian energy company, sources tell the Washington Post... More »

Shadowy Oligarch Has a Thing for Giuliani: Report

And Giuliani allegedly used back channels to help a former Ukrainian official

(Newser) - The media spotlight fell Rudy Giuliani again this week amid fresh accusations and an intriguing foreign-bribery case. Testifying to congressional investigators, diplomat George Kent said Giuliani had pressed the White House and the State Dept. to get a visa for former Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin, CNN reports. Shokin had lost... More »

Report: Mulvaney's Ukraine Remarks Shocked White House

He tried to walk it back Thursday night

(Newser) - Mick Mulvaney issued a statement Thursday night distancing himself from earlier remarks made by Mick Mulvaney. The acting White House chief of staff, who astonished lawmakers by acknowledging there had been a quid pro quo with US aid to Ukraine, accused the media of distorting his remarks as part of... More »

Impeachment Trial Could Be Bad News for 6 Democrats

Senators will have to stay in DC for the duration

(Newser) - With an impeachment trial for President Trump in the Senate is looking more likely every day, the good news for the six Democratic senators running for president is that they will be on TV every day during a trial. The bad news is, they won't be allowed to speak.... More »

Perry Tells Trump He'll Be Gone Soon

Energy secretary is under spotlight in Ukraine inquiry

(Newser) - Energy Secretary Rick Perry has notified the president that he intends to leave his job soon. That's according to an administration official who confirmed the news on condition of anonymity, the AP reports. Perry was traveling with President Trump to Texas on Thursday when he shared the news aboard... More »

Mulvaney: OK, There Was a Quid Pro Quo

The acting White House chief of staff gives a new answer about Ukraine policy

(Newser) - "I have news for everybody: Get over it." Mick Mulvaney said so Thursday while acknowledging a quid pro quo regarding US aid to Ukraine—the first such admission by a White House official, the New York Times reports. The acting White House chief of staff said the administration... More »

As Impeachment Looms, McConnell Starts Planning

Reports: If things head toward Senate trial, there would be hearings 6 days a week

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledges that President Trump's impeachment by the House is rather likely, and he has a plan in place. "There's great motivation to get this done by Christmas," North Dakota GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer tells CNN of the expected trial in the... More »

Key Figure's Ukraine Testimony Won't Please Trump

Gordon Sondland says president ordered him to work with Giuliani on Ukraine

(Newser) - A key figure in President Trump's impeachment controversy is testifying Thursday on Capitol Hill, but Trump probably won't like what Gordon Sondland has to say. Sondland is the American ambassador to the EU, but he was among the handful of diplomats involved in the White House's outreach... More »

White House Adviser Thought US Envoy Was Clueless—and a Risk

Fiona Hill testified that she warned about Gordon Sondland

(Newser) - Fiona Hill, a former high-ranking White House foreign affairs adviser, told House impeachment investigators that the US ambassador to the EU was so unprepared and inexperienced that she thought he was a security risk. Gordon Sondland told foreign officials they could drop by the White House any time, she said,... More »

All 4 Men in Probe of Giuliani Associates Are in Custody

They are expected to appear in federal court Thursday

(Newser) - The fourth and final man wanted in a campaign finance case involving Rudy Giuliani associates has been arrested. David Correia, the Florida man who was named in a grand jury indictment along with three other men on campaign finance violation charges, was taken into federal custody Wednesday at New York... More »

Giuliani: 'I Know Exactly Where the Money Came From'

He defends $500K contract with company founded by Lev Parnas, now indicted

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani may be a metaphorical "hand grenade"—as former White House official John Bolton thinks —but he is a handsomely paid hand grenade for sure. Reuters reports that Giuliani collected $500,000 last year for work with a company co-founded by a Ukrainian-American associate, Lev Parnas.... More »

Report: Bolton Called Giuliani a 'Hand Grenade'

Aide Fiona Hill testifies on Ukraine frictions

(Newser) - President Trump's former top Russian adviser testified before House impeachment investigators Monday—and sources tell the New York Times that she had a lot to say about Rudy Giuliani, Ukraine, and John Bolton. The insiders say former National Security Council adviser Fiona Hill told lawmakers that in July, Bolton,... More »

Unusual Standoff Delays Start of Impeachment Hearing

GOP's Matt Gaetz tries to sit in on testimony of Fiona Hill, but is ordered to leave

(Newser) - The Trump impeachment hearings continued Monday with the closed-door testimony of a former National Security Council staffer named Fiona Hill. But not before an unusual standoff between pro-Trump Republican Matt Gaetz and Democrat Adam Schiff, who is leading the inquiry. Gaetz showed up Monday morning and tried to sit in... More »

Trump Envoy on Why He Wrote 'No Quid Pro Quo'

Gordon Sondland is slated to testify on Thursday

(Newser) - Looks like Congress will be served a fresh platter of denial and innocence when Gordon Sondland is deposed on Thursday, the Washington Post reports. The US ambassador to the European Union, now a key player in the Ukraine drama, appears poised to say he sent a text message denying a... More »

Ex-Ambassador to Ukraine Speaks Out

Marie Yovanovitch says Trump pressured State Department to remove her over 'false claims'

(Newser) - The former American ambassador to Ukraine says President Trump himself pressured the State Department to remove her from that post over "false claims," reports NBC News . Marie Yovanovitch was testifying behind closed doors Friday to House impeachment investigators, but her opening remarks were made available to multiple outlets.... More »

17 Watergate Prosecutors Have Bad Message for Trump

In 'Washington Post' op-ed, they back impeachment

(Newser) - President Trump lashed out at Fox News on Thursday over its poll showing that a majority of Americans back impeachment. The president will like even less a new op-ed in the Washington Post signed by 17 special prosecutors who worked on the Watergate case. In it, they state flatly that... More »

Whistleblower's Lawyer: Report of Ties to Biden Misleading

Whistleblower's legal team pushes back

(Newser) - On Wednesday, President Trump made another accusation against the Ukraine-call whistleblower—and the whistleblower's legal team is pushing back. The president's assertion : that "the Whistleblower has ties to one of my DEMOCRAT OPPONENTS," leading to a "conflict of interest." The Washington Examiner notes Trump'... More »

Crowd Chants 'Lock Him Up' at Minneapolis Trump Rally

Democrats 'want to erase your voice,' president said

(Newser) - A defiant President Trump sought to convert the impeachment probe into a weapon on the campaign trail Thursday night, with biting attacks on Joe Biden. At a rally in Minneapolis, the first since Democrats began proceedings two weeks ago to remove him from office, the president's performance revealed a... More »

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