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Man Who Set Fire to Own Property Hears His Fate

Denis Molla, who initially blamed antifa for arson, gets 30 months in prison after Minnesota blaze

(Newser) - A Minnesota man was sentenced Thursday to 30 months behind bars after setting fire to his own property to claim insurance money, and initially blaming the September 2020 arson on antifa. Per court documents cited by CBS News , Denis Vladmirovich Molla, 29, who'd first claimed that someone had torched...

GOP Senator's Remarks on Capitol Riot Draw Cries of Racism

Ron Johnson said he wasn't scared during attack because rioters weren't BLM, antifa

(Newser) - On a radio program Thursday, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson says he wasn't scared during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 that left five dead, but his reasoning for why he wasn't in fear as supporters of former President Trump stormed the building has led to accusations of racism...

Lucy Lawless Slams 'Hercules' for Antifa Conspiracy Theory

'Xena' had some words for Kevin Sorbo on Twitter regarding the Capitol Hill riot

(Newser) - Xena the Warrior Princess doesn't mess around in battle, even on Twitter. That's where Lucy Lawless, the actor who played the ancient Greek fighter in the '90s TV series, ended up on Thursday, embroiled in what Fox News calls a "clash of superheroes" over a conspiracy...

New Narrative Emerges on Right About Protests

They're blaming antifa for the violence

(Newser) - In the wake of Wednesday's violence in Washington, a new narrative has emerged on the right about what happened. It boils down to this: Don't blame us, blame the far-left activists of antifa. The accusation is that members of the latter group infiltrated pro-Trump protests and turned them...

One Killed at Dueling Denver Rallies

Media outlet's private security guard in custody after man shot

(Newser) - Denver was the scene of competing left- and right-wing rallies on Saturday, with one pro-law enforcement protester killed after a shooting at the scene downtown. As the Denver Post reports, a private security guard who worked for 9News is in custody as a suspect after violence broke out during the...

Proud Boys, Lefties Gather in Portland

Mother Nature plays a role in keeping them apart

(Newser) - A clash of left-wing activists and far-right Proud Boys seemed all but inevitable Saturday in Portland until the skies opened and everyone got wet, the Oregonian reports. A Proud Boys rally attracted roughly 500 people in Delta Park—many of them touting guns or tactical gear—as various left-wing groups...

Joe Rogan on Wildfire Rumors: 'I'm Very Upset With Myself'

Podcast host apologizes for spreading misinformation about fires out West

(Newser) - Comedian Joe Rogan moved his popular eponymous podcast to Spotify at the beginning of the month, and he got things moving last week by making an accusation regarding wildfires near Portland, Ore. "There is a madness going on there," Rogan said during Thursday's podcast, per CNN Business...

FBI Director Weighs In on Antifa
FBI Director
Weighs In
on Antifa

FBI Director Weighs In on Antifa

Chris Wray testifies before the House Homeland Security Committee

(Newser) - FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers Thursday that antifa is an ideology, not an organization, delivering testimony that puts him at odds with President Trump, who has said he would designate it a terror group, the AP reports. Wray did not dispute that antifa activists were a serious concern, saying...

'Satirical' Antifa Events Spark Angry Lawsuit

Activist John Merrifield says his social-media events were satirical

(Newser) - A Louisiana native who posted fake antifa events online is being sued for his efforts, the Advocate reports. Lafayette city-parish government sued John Merrifield on Monday, saying his pranks forced law enforcement to investigate and respond to the purported antifascist gatherings. But Merrifield insists his social-media posts are about satire,...

Suspect in Portland Shooting Had Gun at Previous Rally
Portland Suspect's Tattoo
Helped Lead to His Arrest
the rundown

Portland Suspect's Tattoo Helped Lead to His Arrest

Estranged sister of Michael Forest Reinoehl called police

(Newser) - New details are emerging about the man suspected of a fatal shooting over the weekend during clashes between supporters of President Trump and counterprotesters in Portland, Ore. The Oregonian reports that Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, has identified himself as "100% ANTIFA all the way!" in an online post...

Trump Ads With Nazi Symbol Are Taken Down by Facebook

Triangle was used to identify political prisoners in concentration camps

(Newser) - Facebook has taken down campaign ads for President Trump that a spokesman said violated "our policy against organized hate." The ads were an attack on "far-left mobs," including antifa, and featured an inverted red triangle—used by the Nazis in the 1930s to label political inmates...

Cops: Guy Thought Salesmen Were Antifa, Held Them at Gunpoint

Colorado man faces felony charges

(Newser) - Authorities have arrested a Colorado man they say held at gunpoint two roofing-company salesmen who had been knocking on doors in his neighborhood, the AP reports. Both were wearing blue polo shirts with a local roofing company logo when Scott Gudmundsen forced them to the ground on Thursday, police told...

'Oh Lord': How GOP Senators Responded to Trump Tweet

Many Republicans simply say they haven't seen it, continue on their way

(Newser) - What do Republicans think of President Trump's most controversial tweets? Conveniently enough, they apparently haven't read them. The New York Times reports that journalists printed out copies of the most recent example— Trump's suggestion that the man pushed to the ground by police in Buffalo was actually...

Trump Suggests 'Set Up' Involving Buffalo Protester

President implies, sans evidence, Martin Gugino is antifa actor who faked fall; Gugino is still in hospital

(Newser) - President Trump is pushing a conspiracy theory that claims the elderly Buffalo protester who remains in the hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by two police officers faked his fall. "Could be an ANTIFA provocateur," Trump wrote in a Tuesday tweet . Trump, offering no evidence, said 75-year-old Martin...

Ominous Tweet Tied to White Nationalists, Not Antifa

Twitter suspends account that posted message hinting of more violence to come

(Newser) - As if tensions weren't high enough with the George Floyd protests taking place across America, an ominous message circulated Sunday night that seemed to hint at more violence to come—and it appeared to be linked to antifa . "Tonight's the night, Comrades," the @ANTIFA_US account said...

Another High-Profile Republican Hit With Twitter Flag

Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested 'hunting down' antifa

(Newser) - Twitter slapped a warning label on a tweet from another high-profile Republican on Monday. This time it was Rep. Matt Gaetz, a congressman from Florida whom Politico refers to as "one of President Donald Trump’s fiercest allies." After Trump said the US would declare antifa a terrorist...

Officials: Extremist Groups Are Infiltrating Protests

Trump threatens to declare antifa a terrorist organization, though it's not clear he can

(Newser) - As officials warned that extremist groups may have infiltrated the protests over George Floyd's death , President Trump on Sunday asserted that the US would declare antifa a terrorist group. "The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization," he tweeted , after days of...

FBI Takes Guns From 'Unhinged' Ex-Marine

Shane Kohfield said he might have to 'slaughter' antifa members

(Newser) - Publicly threatening mass murder tends to get people's attention—and Shane Kohfield learned his actions were no exception. The FBI used Oregon's new "red flag" law to take guns from the ex-Marine after he stood outside the Portland mayor's house in July with a megaphone saying...

Over 20 Law Agencies Get Ready in Portland
Cops Arrest 13, Seize
Weapons at Portland Rally

Cops Arrest 13, Seize Weapons at Portland Rally

Far-right protesters and anti-fascists swarmed the city

(Newser) - Police arrested at least 13 people and seized metal poles, bear spray, and other weapons Saturday as hundreds of far-right protesters and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators swarmed downtown Portland, Oregon, the AP reports. Authorities closed bridges and streets to try to keep the rival groups apart. The city's mayor said the...

Proud Boys Face Off Against Antifa Again
Proud Boys Rally
Runs Into Antifa

Proud Boys Rally Runs Into Antifa

This time, no one was injured

(Newser) - A Proud Boys rally attracted enough supporters and counter-protesters Saturday to make things interesting for police in Washington, DC, USA Today reports. The self-described "chauvinistic men's" group assembled a crew of about 250 but was outnumbered by liberal opponents, including roughly 50 black-clad antifa members wearing helmets. The...

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