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NY Nurses Sold $1.5 Million in Fake Vax Cards, Police Say

Two Long Island women face felony charges

(Newser) - The owner of Long Island's Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare and one of her employees allegedly made more than $1.5 million selling forged COVID-19 vaccination cards, per the New York Times . Julie DeVuono, 49, and Marissa Urraro, 44, were charged Friday with second-degree forgery, court records show. DeVuono, the...

Buffalo Bills Have Fans Arrested Over Their Vaccine Cards

Amber Naab, 37, and Michael Naab, 34, allegedly used fake ones

(Newser) - They watched the Buffalo Bills trounce the New England Patriots—and it might cost them. A New York couple who attended the Jan. 15 wild card game allegedly used fake vaccination cards to do so. USA Today reports Amber Naab, 37, and Michael Naab, 34, were charged Tuesday with one...

Police Suspect Fake Vaccine Card Spurred Murder-Suicide

German man procured forged document for wife, and her employer found out

(Newser) - German investigators said Tuesday that a man suspected of killing his family and then himself left a note indicating that he was afraid of being arrested after procuring a fake vaccination certificate for his wife. The bodies of two 40-year-olds and their children aged 10, 8, and 4 were found...

Man Accused of Selling Fake Vax Cards: 'I'm Gonna Be Rich'

Amar Shabazz of Maryland is facing charges of mail fraud, obstruction of justice

(Newser) - In April, Amar Shabazz was released from prison after time served for possession of child porn. By October, Shabazz's Maryland residence had been raided by authorities, and the 23-year-old is now facing new charges, this time for allegedly selling hundreds of fake vaccine cards, reports the New York Post...

Fake Vaccine Cards Could Land SC Nurse in Prison

Tammy McDonald was indicted by federal grand jury

(Newser) - A nurse who stands accused of creating fake COVID vaccination cards for her family could face a lot of prison time. Per WISTV , Tammy McDonald was charged by a federal grand jury in South Carolina Friday on two counts of producing fraudulent cards and an additional count of lying to...

3 NFL Players Suspended for Misrepresenting Vaccine Status

Antonio Brown, Mike Edwards, and John Franklin III are out for 3 games

(Newser) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown, his teammate Mike Edwards, and free agent John Franklin III have been suspended by the NFL for violating the football league's COVID-19 protocols. The three players will be ineligible to play for three weeks and won't be paid, USA Today reports....

Charges: VA Nurse Got at Least $150 per Vaccination Card

Informant posed as a buyer during investigation

(Newser) - Since coronavirus vaccination cards became a feature of pandemic life, authorities have said they've thwarted schemes to sell fake cards . Investigators say a Veterans Affairs nurse in Michigan was selling the real thing, going so far as to provide her customers with genuine lot numbers. Bethann Kierczak was arrested...

Her Alleged Bogus Vax Card Had an Easy Giveaway
Woman's Alleged Bogus
Vax Card Had an Easy Giveaway
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Woman's Alleged Bogus Vax Card Had an Easy Giveaway

It's Moderna, not 'Maderna'

(Newser) - Authorities in Hawaii say a tourist tried to get in with a fake vaccine card, one that had a telltale giveaway. The card misspelled Moderna as "Maderna," reports Gizmodo . After further digging, officials at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on the island of Oahu determined that 24-year-old Chloe...

NJ Woman Sold Hundreds of Fake Vax Cards for $200 Each

Jasmine Clifford, of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, was charged Tuesday

(Newser) - A New Jersey woman advertising herself on Instagram as the AntiVaxMomma sold about 250 fake COVID-19 vaccination cards at $200 a pop to New York City-area jab dodgers, including people working in hospitals and nursing homes, prosecutors said Tuesday. For an extra $250, a second scammer would then enter a...

Feds Say Pharmacist Sold Vaccination Cards on eBay

Tang-Tang Zhao could face long prison sentence

(Newser) - Chicago pharmacist Tang-Tang Zhao made around $1,250 selling official COVID vaccination cards on eBay, federal prosecutors say. He could now face the loss of his license—and a long prison sentence. The 34-year-old has been indicted on 12 counts of theft of government property, NPR reports. Prosecutors say he...

DHS Seizes 'Low-Quality' Fake Vaccination Cards

Sellers advertise bogus documents openly online

(Newser) - On Thursday, New Orleans announced that anyone wanting to enter a bar, restaurant, gym, or concert will have to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test, WDSU reports. On Friday, customs officers said they had intercepted a shipment of fake cards on their way to...

Father, Son Allegedly Faked Vaccine Cards for Hawaii Trip

They face up to a year behind bars and a hefty fine

(Newser) - Another case of US tourists allegedly faking their vaccine cards : On Sunday, two travelers were arrested at Hawaii's Honolulu airport and accused of violating the state's Safe Travels rules. Hawaii has a mandatory 10-day quarantine for new arrivals, but US travelers aren't subjected to it if they...

Bar Owner Charged With Making Fake Vaccination Cards

Counterfeits sold for $20, investigators say

(Newser) - The owner of a California bar has been charged with making and selling fake coronavirus vaccination cards. State investigators received a tip about the false cards, then began an undercover operation, ABC reports. The agents said they bought cards for $20 each from Todd Anderson on different visits to Old...

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