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For the Sake of Your Heart, Don't Drink on the Plane

Study finds combination of alcohol, sleep, and low air pressure can trigger hypoxia

(Newser) - "Please don't drink alcohol while being on an airplane." That's the advice of Dr. Eva-Maria Elmenhorst, a researcher at the German Aerospace Center's Institute of Aerospace Medicine and co-author of a new study showing the combination of alcohol, low air pressure, and sleep can trigger...

Daily Pot Smokers Now More Common Than Daily Drinkers
Daily Pot Smokers Now
Outnumber Daily Drinkers

Daily Pot Smokers Now Outnumber Daily Drinkers

'A good 40% of current cannabis users are using it daily or near daily,' says study author

(Newser) - Daily and near-daily marijuana use is now more common than similar levels of drinking in the US, according to an analysis of national survey data over four decades. Alcohol is still more widely used, but 2022 was the first time that this intensive level of marijuana use overtook high-frequency drinking,...

NPS: He Came, He Saw, He Kicked a Bison

Pair of tourists from Idaho Falls arrested after incident in Yellowstone

(Newser) - A visitor's encounter with a bison at Yellowstone National Park ended badly for both bison and man, though it looks like man ultimately got the short end of the stick. NBC News reports that a tourist from Idaho was arrested earlier this month after allegedly kicking one of the...

Anne Hathaway: I've Been Sober 5 Years

Actor explains why she quit drinking

(Newser) - Anne Hathaway is five years sober, the actor reveals in a New York Times interview cited by outlets including E! and ET . Asked about turning 40 in 2022, she replied, "There are so many other things I identify as milestones. I don't normally talk about it, but I...

More Than One Glass of Wine a Day Is Trouble for Women

Study sees higher risk of heart disease

(Newser) - The latest study on the risks of alcohol might give pause to women who drink more than one glass of wine a day on average:
  • Overall risk: Women ages 18 to 65 who had at least eight drinks a week—an average of more than one a day—had a

Missing Student May Have Been Overserved

Riley Strain was kicked out of Luke Bryan's bar in Nashville

(Newser) - A college student who has been missing in Nashville since last Friday night may have been overserved at country star Luke Bryan's bar, authorities say. Riley Strain, a 22-year-old University of Missouri senior, was kicked out of Luke's 32 Bridge around 9:45pm on Friday and his friends...

Scotland Plans to Raise Minimum Cost of Alcohol

Price expected to go up 30% to combat steep rise in alcohol-related deaths

(Newser) - Six years after Scotland brought in the first minimum alcohol price measure in the UK to curb heavy drinking, the government is planning to hike the price per unit from 50 pence to 65 pence, around 82 cents. Researchers say the measure has been effective over the years but inflation...

Liquor Store Is Big News in Saudi Arabia

First one to open in more than 70 years is only for non-Muslim diplomats

(Newser) - A liquor store has opened in Saudi Arabia for the first time in over 70 years, a diplomat reported Wednesday, a further socially liberalizing step in the once-ultraconservative kingdom that is home to the holiest sites in Islam, the AP reports. While restricted to non-Muslim diplomats, the store in Riyadh...

China's Next Big Thing: Whiskey
China's Next
Big Thing: Whiskey

China's Next Big Thing: Whiskey

The liquor is wooing young Chinese away from 'baijiu' as top distillers target a growing market

(Newser) - A distillery in southwestern China is aiming to tap a growing taste among young Chinese for whiskey in place of the traditional "baijiu" liquor used to toast festive occasions. The $100 million-plus distillery owned by Pernod Ricard at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mount Emei launched a pure-malt whiskey,...

Americans Are Drinking Less Cognac
Cognac Boom
Is Having a

Cognac Boom Is Having a Hangover

Experts cite economic anxiety and a thirst for cheaper tequila for cognac's downturn

(Newser) - After a pandemic boom in the luxury cognac market, Americans aren't toasting with it as much these days. Bloomberg reports that brands are seeing sharp declines, with one of the top makers, Remy Cointreau, down 43% in profits this year. Rather than raise prices on their already pricey bottles,...

There's Been an 'Exponential Rise' in College Football Stadiums Selling Alcohol

80% of major stadiums now sell beer, wine on game days

(Newser) - College football tailgates are as synonymous with the game as blocking and tackling. Burgers, brats, and beer go along with the cornhole and camaraderie for tens of thousands of people every Saturday, a beloved tradition seen outside stadiums big and small. "My dad almost gets more excited for football...

Wisconsin's 'Friday Night Tradition' May Become Official

Bill proposed by GOP lawmakers there wants brandy old-fashioned deemed the state drink

(Newser) - There's a "Friday night tradition" in Wisconsin, per WISC , and it doesn't center on football. Instead, it apparently involves quaffing brandy old-fashioneds, the drink of choice for many Wisconsites, and it's a libation that may soon become the state's official cocktail. GOP lawmakers there have...

Police: Thieves Took Off With $1.6M of Distributor's Booze

Warrant says thousands of cases of liquor were crammed into tractor trailers in Florida on July 8

(Newser) - Republic National Distributing Company bills itself as "one of the nation's leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors," a description that may have caught the eye of a band of burglars in Florida. CNN reports that an investigation is now in progress after thieves crammed upward of $1.6...

Report: Prosecutors Looking at Giuliani's Drinking Habits

The 'New York Times' talks to friends who claim he has a problem

(Newser) - "It's actually one of the saddest things I can think about in politics," says a longtime friend of Rudy Giuliani of the former New York mayor's increased drinking. That friend—former New York City Council president Andrew Stein—went on the record, telling the New York ...

There's Been a Big Shift in Young Adults' Views on Alcohol
Kids These Days Have Very
Different Opinions on Booze
in case you missed it

Kids These Days Have Very Different Opinions on Booze

More than half of millennials, Gen Z now view moderate drinking as harmful, per Gallup poll

(Newser) - A greater share of Americans than ever before believes drinking in moderation is unhealthy. In a Gallup poll released Thursday, 39% of 1,015 adults across the US surveyed during the month of July say moderate drinking—consuming one to two drinks per day—is bad for one's health,...

Tom Holland: 'I Was Definitely Addicted to Alcohol'

Actor says he's now sober and has never been happier

(Newser) - Tom Holland says he gave up drinking more than six months ago—and he's never been happier. The English actor, best known for starring in three Spider-Man movies, told the On Purpose With Jay Shetty podcast this week that he realized he had a problem after he tried to...

Olympics Booze Ban Has an Elite Exception

VIPs will get to swill alcohol, while the masses will drink water, soft drinks

(Newser) - Paris has deemed that the hoi polloi will not be getting a buzz on at its 2024 Olympics—but there's a notable exception to its booze ban, and that is the folks in the VIP section. As the Guardian reports, VIPs can swill champagne to their hearts' content under...

Ireland Gets Aggressive on Alcohol Warnings

Nation to require blunt warnings about health risks such as cancer

(Newser) - Ireland may be the butt of endless jokes about heavy drinking, but the nation has just approved aggressive new labeling rules that are anything but amusing to alcohol suppliers. Starting in three years, the nation will require stark health warnings on alcoholic beverages, reports NPR . The warnings also will have...

Alcohol's 'Health Halo' Is Finally Fading

'Health Halo'
Is Losing
Its Luster

Alcohol's 'Health Halo' Is Losing Its Luster

Slate digs into the shifting sentiment, offers context for those who imbibe

(Newser) - Those who drink alcohol might well be "feeling a fair bit of whiplash" these days, writes Tim Requarth at Slate . Starting in the 1990s, the consensus of health studies suggested that moderate drinking—a glass of red wine at dinner, say—was good for you. But now the consensus...

Animal Shelter Reports an Unusual First

Dog named Coco arrived suffering from canine alcohol withdrawal; he's doing much better now

(Newser) - In a "heartbreaking" first for one UK animal shelter, a dog that arrived there earlier this year turned out to be an alcoholic—though now he's doing much better and is on the path to recovery. CBS News reports that Coco, thought to be a chocolate lab-spaniel mix,...

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