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We're Getting a Meteor Shower Thursday Night

It's time for the Leonids to return, and it may be stronger than usual

(Newser) - It's time for the annual Leonid meteor shower. Skywatchers who venture out between midnight and dawn Thursday night into Friday morning should get a treat, reports USA Today . For those who can't make it, Friday night into Saturday morning also should provide an opportunity. The Leonids typically offer...

This Year's Perseid Meteor Shower Is Peaking

Moon permitting, of course

(Newser) - It's that time of year again, when the Perseid meteor shower puts on one of the most popular sky shows of the year. This year, the Perseids became active in mid-July and will continue to be so through August 24, reports . But the peak is happening right...

If You're Up Late This Week, the Sky Has a Treat

Perseid meteor shower peaks Tuesday-Wednesday

(Newser) - A familiar traveler has returned, and it should make for some nice sky-watching this week. The Perseid meteor shower peaks Tuesday and Wednesday nights, reports CNET . For the best viewing, NASA recommends getting outside around 2am local time, and it says the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday in particular will be...

Goodbye, Neowise Comet. Hello, Meteor Showers
Get Ready for 2 New
Meteor Showers

Get Ready for 2 New Meteor Showers

Weather permitting, you could catch a glimpse of the Delta Aquariids, Alpha Capricornids this week

(Newser) - When the door for one sky show closes, another one opens—and with the comet Neowise starting to fade, two sets of meteor showers are ready to fill that slot. If the weather holds up, space enthusiasts should be able to catch a glimpse this week of both the Delta...

Skies Will Light Up for Cinco de Mayo

We'll get a meteor shower courtesy of Halley's Comet

(Newser) - This Cinco de Mayo brings the perfect excuse to take your margarita outside, lie down, and lift your eyes skyward: CBS News reports that there will be a meteor shower peaking in the early hours of Tuesday, May 5, courtesy of the Earth passing through the debris trail left by...

One of the Oldest Meteor Showers Peaks Overnight
Earth Day Gets a
Celestial Welcome

Earth Day Gets a Celestial Welcome

Annual Lyrid meteor shower, one of oldest known on Earth, will peak overnight

(Newser) - One of Earth's oldest known meteor showers will usher in Earth Day 2020. The annual Lyrid meteor shower, first recorded some 2,700 years ago in China, will peak around 10pm local time Tuesday until about 5am Wednesday, which is Earth Day. Up to 20 meteors will be visible...

Geminids Are Here, if the Moon Cooperates

Lunar brightness doesn't have to totally foil your meteor gazing this weekend

(Newser) - This year has been a major letdown for fans of shooting stars, notes—not because there haven't been any, but because the moon has been mucking things up, shining a little too brightly right around the time of some of 2019's major meteor events. Now, what...

Coming to Tonight's Sky: The Leonids

Meteor shower will peak overnight, but look out for that moon

(Newser) - If you've been over Dancing With the Stars for at least a dozen years, the home of the actual stars is offering you some alternative Sunday night entertainment. The Leonid meteor shower—so named because it appears to originate in the constellation Leo—will peak overnight, clocking in at...

Videos Capture Apparent Meteor in St. Louis

Fireball and boom startle residents

(Newser) - Mercury wasn't the only treat for sky watchers Monday. A fireball streaked through the night sky in the St. Louis area, accompanied by a loud boom, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . The apparent meteor zipped by about 8:45pm, and videos immediately began flooding social media. It's likely...

Stay Up Later to Catch Meteor Shower
Big Meteor Shower
Is About to Peak

Big Meteor Shower Is About to Peak

Look up late Monday into Tuesday for the Perseids

(Newser) - One of the best meteor showers of the year peaks Monday night into Tuesday morning. The Perseids are back to put on their annual August show, though a nearly full moon might cut down on the number of shooting stars visible, reports Accuweather . Sky watchers will have the best luck...

Tonight Only: Double Meteor Shower Will Be Visible

Viewing conditions will be especially good in the eastern US

(Newser) - Two concurrent but separate meteor showers should be visible late Monday night, for a total of 20 to 25 meteors per hour. Viewing conditions are good now because the Southern Delta Aquariids and the alpha Capricornids are both active, and the waning crescent moon will only be 6% full, Space....

Tonight's Meteor Shower Could Be Worth a Peek

With luck, North Americans could see 30 to 40 per hour

(Newser) - The Quadrantid meteor shower occurring annually in the first week of January is one of the few to produce more than 100 meteors per hour. Excited? Curb your enthusiasm. The display, set to peak around 10pm EST or 7pm PST on Thursday, is also one of the shortest-lived displays—"...

We Won't Have a Winter Solstice Like This Till 2029

And the last time we did was 2010

(Newser) - Today might feel like a long day, with America waiting to see if a shutdown comes to pass at midnight. But scientifically speaking, it's the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. That's because it's winter solstice, a day on which most of the US...

Get Ready, Night Owls: Leonids Return This Weekend

Peak viewing time is before dawn on Sunday

(Newser) - It's time again for the Leonids, the meteor shower repeated annually in mid-November. It comes as Earth passes through a trail of debris left by the comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, which orbits the sun once every 33 years. Earth will pass through the thickest part of debris at 7pm EST Saturday,...

'Fireball-Like' Sky Show Headed Our Way

The Orionids are peaking Saturday night after midnight

(Newser) - The Orionids are back, and says this weekend's celestial display will be "beautiful" and "fireball-like." Per Vox , the meteor shower will peak overnight Saturday into Sunday, blasting about 15 to 20 meteors per hour through the night sky. It will be easiest to see...

The October Sky Show You've Been Waiting For Is Here

Orionid meteor shower is Friday, Saturday night, visible from anywhere on Earth (except Antarctica)

(Newser) - USA Today wants you to "count your lucky stars" this weekend—literally. That's because what it's deeming "one of the year's best sky shows" is set to take place: the Orionid meteor shower, scheduled to peak on Friday and Saturday nights, with the best...

What to Expect From This Weekend's Perseid Meteor Shower

NASA debunks a rumor

(Newser) - Last year's Perseid meteor shower was an extravaganza . Don't expect the same this year. While astronomers are expecting a decent 150 meteors per hour during peak hours between midnight and dawn on Aug. 12 and 13—a little less than the 200 per hour visible in 2016—NASA'...

Thursday Night's Meteor Shower: Expect a Deluge

160 to 200 meteors expected per hour

(Newser) - Never watched the Perseid meteor shower? This is the year to do it. Though Earth spins through the same ancient comet debris each August, Jupiter's gravity has pulled debris closer to Earth this year, meaning Earthlings will witness twice as many shooting stars as normal, or about 160 to...

How to Watch the Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower This Week

You're either going to want to go to bed very early or very, very late

(Newser) - The Eta Aquarids meteor shower happens when Earth passes through the debris left behind by Halley's Comet, and it's peaking this week, the New York Times reports. The Weather Network reports that most everyone will have a good view of the shower Thursday and Friday. About 10 to...

Leonid Meteor Shower Returns

Peak time for viewing is midnight across the US

(Newser) - Get ready to tune your eyes on the sky: The annual Leonid meteor shower will hit its peak overnight on Tuesday, sending shooting stars above the eastern horizon around midnight local time on both coasts. Unfortunately, clouds will cover much of the skies across the US, but those in areas...

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