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New Bible Adds Words of Constitution and Lee Greenwood

Opponents see blasphemy and Christian nationalism in the project, whose marketer says it's about unity

(Newser) - The Book of Revelation warns that anyone who takes it upon themselves to add text to the Bible will be punished. Hugh Kirkpatrick is undeterred. His new publishing project will combine the words of the Bible, the US Constitution, and Lee Greenwood. The God Bless the USA Bible is scheduled...

His Ancient Find Was 'Too Good to Be True.' Maybe Not

Inside new research on what one scholar says is a precursor to the Book of Deuteronomy

(Newser) - Biblical scholar Idan Dershowitz started a fellowship at Harvard's Society of Fellows in 2017 , and he sent emails to its chairman about a theory he had about 15 manuscript fragments found more than a century ago. The response he got: "You're crazy, I don't want to...

Bible Reading Was a Little Too Prophetic

North Carolina parishioners read passage about an earthquake and immediately felt one

(Newser) - The Bible passage was chosen well in advance, but the timing could not have been more perfect. "After the wind there was an earthquake," read members of St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, during an outdoor mass on Sunday morning, reports the Charlotte Observer . Two...

'Explosive' Biblical Fragment Leads to Byzantine Scheme
'Explosive' Biblical Fragment
Leads to Scholar's Arrest
in case you missed it

'Explosive' Biblical Fragment Leads to Scholar's Arrest

Dirk Obbink, once a leading papyrologist, is now in hot water

(Newser) - Dirk Obbink seemed eerily calm when a reporter knocked on his door near Oxford University last year. "I'd like to tell it," the scholar said of his alleged role in a major antiquities scandal. "But I'm under a duty not to speak about the matter...

More Embarrassment for DC Bible Museum
These Dead Sea Scrolls
Turn Out to Be Fakes
in case you missed it

These Dead Sea Scrolls Turn Out to Be Fakes

Experts say all of DC museum's fragments are 'deliberate forgeries'

(Newser) - It would be more accurate to call the "Dead Sea Scrolls" at a museum in Washington, DC, the "Old Sandal Fakes," researchers say. A team of art fraud experts spent six months analyzing the supposed scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible and concluded that billionaire...

Judge Hands Amber Guyger a Bible, and Herself Controversy

Critics say Tammy Kemp shouldn't have been 'proselytizing' in court as a government worker

(Newser) - Convicted murderer Amber Guyger got a "remarkable" hug from the brother of her victim, Botham Jean, during her sentencing hearing Wednesday, and then she got one from presiding Judge Tammy Kemp. Now Kemp is facing complaints, both for the hug but also for a possible legal violation. With one...

Trump's Bible- Signing Session Causes a Buzz

Some were offended by what happened at Alabama church; others say it's not a big deal

(Newser) - President Trump made the rounds in Alabama Friday to offer support for those affected by the tornadoes that devastated the state this week, killing at least 23. Per the Washington Post , some called his visit a "godsend," but one thing he did during his trip had others scratching...

Trump's Bible Tweet Sparks a Conversation
Trump Tackles a
New Topic on Twitter
the rundown

Trump Tackles a New Topic on Twitter

He backs Bible literacy classes, something he hasn't discussed before

(Newser) - A tweet from President Trump was the subject of discussion and scrutiny on Monday, and this time, the topic wasn't one of his habitual ones. He wrote , "Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!...

New Bible Translator: Others 'Have Done a Wretched Job'

Robert Alter takes a more literary approach

(Newser) - A new Hebrew Bible translation stands out for accentuating the poetic style of the original language—and for having just one translator, the New York Times reports. Robert Alter, 83, began the project about 20 years ago partly out of frustration: "The modern translators, English and American, have done...

In China, Burning Bibles Is All the Rage
China Waging War
on Christianity 

China Waging War on Christianity

Activists say Beijing is burning Bibles, shutting churches, forcing the faithful to renounce

(Newser) - China's government is ratcheting up a crackdown on Christian congregations, destroying crosses, burning Bibles, shutting churches, and ordering followers to sign papers renouncing their faith, according to pastors and a group that monitors religion in China. The campaign corresponds with a drive to "Sinicize" religion by demanding loyalty...

This Could Prove Biblical Prophet's Existence. Or Not

Clay seal reading 'Isaiah' up for debate

(Newser) - A clay seal found in an ancient garbage pit in Jerusalem might have belonged to the prophet Isaiah, who's described as predicting the virgin birth and Jesus' death in the Old Testament. Or, less exciting, it might have belonged to some random guy named Isaiah. At present, it's...

Man Who Beat 'Adulterous' Wife Escapes Jail Time

Activists slam 'revolting' court ruling in Portugal

(Newser) - Women's rights groups reacted with outrage after a Portuguese court quoted the Bible in a ruling that justified a suspended sentence for a man who attacked his "adulterous" ex-wife with a nail-spiked bat, NPR reports. The appeals court judges in Porto called adultery a "serious attack" on...

Hold Up, Is Bacon Kosher?
Hold Up, Is Bacon Kosher?

Hold Up, Is Bacon Kosher?

Some biblical scholars argue that not eating bacon is part of broader misunderstanding

(Newser) - Have Jews been depriving themselves of bacon for no reason? A group of biblical scholars makes the argument in Haaretz that the Book of Leviticus, the third in the Old Testament that lays down various laws dictating how Jewish people should live, wasn't actually meant for the laity. Rather,...

Bloody Scene in Hernandez Cell: Police Report

Ex-NFLer wrote 'John 3:16' on his forehead in ink, on the cell wall in blood

(Newser) - Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez wrote a reference to a biblical passage in ink on his forehead and in blood on his prison cell wall before he hanged himself with a bedsheet, Massachusetts State Police say in an investigative report released Thursday. The report notes "John 3:16" was...

Report: Hernandez Had Bible Verse on Forehead
Report: Hernandez Died With
Bible Verse on Forehead

Report: Hernandez Died With Bible Verse on Forehead

He may have smoked synthetic marijuana before death

(Newser) - Aaron Hernandez had a Bible verse scrawled on his forehead when he was found hanged in his prison cell early Wednesday, sources tell WBZ . The sources say the former NFL star had the words "John 3:16" on his forehead, along with red marks on his hands and feet....

College Student Finds Forgotten 1599 Bible

Geneva Bible sat in a box in college library

(Newser) - A curious college student has rediscovered a copy of what the Oregonian calls "one of the most historically significant Bibles ever published." Junior Sam Bussan had only been working as an archival assistant at Lewis & Clark College's Watzek Library in Portland for less than a month...

Church's Drones Will Drop Bibles on ISIS Territory

Swedish church wants to convert Syrians

(Newser) - What people living in ISIS-controlled areas really need is Christianity delivered by drone, an evangelical church in Sweden has decided. The Uppsala-based Word of Life church says it plans to use military drones to drop thousands of Bibles over parts of Syria in the hope of converting Muslims, CNET reports....

Huge Find Could Reveal the Truth About Goliath's People

The 3K-year-old Philistine remains could help solve a biblical mystery

(Newser) - Harvard University archaeologist Lawrence Stager has led the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon since 1985, clocking more than 30 years of excavations in a 150-acre site in the ancient seaport 35 miles south of Tel Aviv, reports the Harvard Gazette . Now, a major find related to the little-known Philistines, some...

After Orlando, Texas Official Tweets: 'You Reap What You Sow'

Dan Patrick blames 'unfortunate timing'

(Newser) - "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." That's the Bible verse Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweeted Sunday morning, just hours after at least 50 people were killed and 53 others were injured in a shooting at a gay nightclub...

Senator Insists He Wasn't Praying for Obama's Death

Despite quoting a well-known Biblical 'death wish'

(Newser) - A spokesperson for Sen. David Perdue insists the Georgia lawmaker wasn't praying for President Obama's death during a Faith and Freedom Coalition event on Friday, ABC News reports. While speaking at the event, Perdue said we need to pray for all leaders, even Obama. He continued: “But...

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