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She's On a One-Woman Mission Against 'Femicide'
She's On a One-Woman
Mission Against 'Femicide'

She's On a One-Woman Mission Against 'Femicide'

Mexico's Frida Guerrera tracks down the men who kill women

(Newser) - For the last five years, Mexico's Frida Guerrera has made it her personal mission to tell the stories of women who were murdered by men in her country. But as the Guardian reports, the 50-year-old journalist frequently goes well beyond blogging about these victims—she actually tracks down their...

8-Year-Old Drowns Crossing Rio Grande

Storm has made trying to reach Texas even more dangerous

(Newser) - An 8-year-old boy from Honduras drowned while trying to cross the freezing Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas with his family. Although they had stopped on a small island, the boy "couldn't withstand the pounding water, which covered him and kept him submerged for several meters," Mexican...

Ted Cruz Controversy Unfolds on Twitter
Ted Cruz:
Yes, I Flew
to Cancun


Ted Cruz: Yes, I Flew to Cancun

Texas senator says he accompanied daughters to be a 'good dad' amid state's winter emergency

(Newser) - Texans have lots of questions on their minds these days. When will the heat come back on ? Will we run out of water ? And now, where's Ted? That would be Sen. Ted Cruz, who confirmed on Thursday that he flew to Cancun with his family amid the...

Migrants Made to 'Remain in Mexico' Will Soon Arrive in US

Biden administration rolls back Trump DHS program, will start letting asylum-seekers trickle in

(Newser) - Starting next Friday, asylum-seekers languishing south of the border will start to see a respite. Under the Trump administration, Central American migrants trying to cross into the US from Mexico were made to "Remain in Mexico"—Trump's name for the Migrant Protection Protocols program , set up in...

Mexico's President Has COVID
Another World
Leader Has COVID

Another World Leader Has COVID

'The symptoms are mild,' Mexico's Lopez Obrador says

(Newser) - Yet another world leader has tested positive for COVID-19. Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Sunday that he is being treated for a "mild" case of the virus, CNN reports. "I regret to inform you that I have contracted COVID-19. The symptoms are mild, but I...

Anthropologists Recount Grisly Tale of Conquistador Era

One mass atrocity was answered with another in Tecoaque

(Newser) - It's a particularly gruesome page of history. New research suggests Spanish conquistadores butchered at least a dozen women and their children in an Aztec-allied town in an act of revenge, per the AP . It seems the inhabitants had sacrificed and eaten a detachment of Spaniards they'd captured months...

One Country Is Prepared to Offer Assange Asylum

That would be Mexico, according to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

(Newser) - Julian Assange won't be extradited to America, but he could be North America-bound. Reuters reports that in the wake of a British judge's rejection of a US request to extradite the WikiLeaks founder, Mexico announced it is ready to welcome Assange. "I’m going to ask the...

Families Struggle to Get Oxygen for Patients
Refill Offer

Oxygen Refill Offer Draws Crowds

Families are struggling to fill tanks for patients in Mexico City

(Newser) - On New Year's Day, dozens of people stood in line with empty oxygen tanks in one of Mexico City’s hardest-hit boroughs to take advantage of a city offer of free oxygen refills for COVID-19 patients. Jorge Infante took his place in line at 8am with three tanks he...

After They Killed Her Daughter, a Mother Got on the Case
They Killed Her Daughter,
and Her Revenge Followed
in case you missed it

They Killed Her Daughter, and Her Revenge Followed

Miriam Rodriguez helped put 10 people in prison in Mexico before being murdered herself

(Newser) - It reads like an improbable thriller novel, but it's all too true. A story by Azam Ahmed in the New York Times Magazine tracks the incredible story of Mexico's Miriam Rodriguez. In 2014, her adult daughter was kidnapped in San Fernando, then tortured and killed by her abductors...

Former Mexican Gov. Killed in Restaurant Bathroom

Aristóteles Sandoval had served as governor of Mexico's Jalisco state

(Newser) - The former Governor of Mexico's "violence-wracked" state of Jalisco died early Friday morning after being shot in the back while in a restaurant bathroom, the Guardian reports. Authorities say that Aristóteles Sandoval, 46, was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta when he was gunned down, per the New York ...

Scientist Who Spotted Whales: 'Chills Up and Down My Spine'

3 specimens spotted in Mexico thought to be unknown species of beaked whale

(Newser) - When three beaked whales surfaced next to Jay Barlow's boat, he was excited. He and his colleagues had traveled north of Mexico's remote San Benito Islands to search for the elusive whales, which spend most of their time at depths of 3,000 feet. "It's very...

Cartel Boss Arrested in Massacre of 9 Americans

Mormon women, children, were killed on highway

(Newser) - A cop-turned-cartel boss has been arrested in connection with last year's massacre of nine American Mormons in an ambush in northern Mexico. Roberto Gonzalez Montes, also known as Mudo or El 32, is the alleged leader of the La Linea drug cartel in Chihuahua state, reports the Daily Beast...

Feds: Guy Ran 'Virtual Kidnapping' Scam From Prison

Reyes Zuniga has pleaded not guilty to 31 counts

(Newser) - A California man imprisoned in Mexico ran a "virtual kidnapping" scheme that duped dozens of Americans into paying ransoms to free family members who were never actually kidnapped, according to federal prosecutors, per the AP . Julio Manuel Reyes Zuniga, 48, appeared in a Los Angeles court on Thursday after...

Search Teams Make 'Sad and Terrible' Find

Officials make a grim discovery in central Mexico

(Newser) - Search teams dug for more remains Thursday at a site in central Mexico where 59 bodies have already been found in clandestine graves over the past week in an area known as a cartel battleground, the AP reports. It was the largest such burial site found to date in Guanajuato,...

US Embassy Worker Called 'Experienced Sexual Predator'

Brian Jeffrey Raymond charged with crimes against one victim so far

(Newser) - A 23-year veteran of the US government who lately worked as first secretary at the US Embassy in Mexico is an "experienced sexual predator" with at least 22 victims, according to federal prosecutors. Brian Jeffrey Raymond, 44, was arrested in California on Oct. 9 and charged with videotaping and...

With Tourists Gone, Record Number of Baby Turtles Hatch

In Mexican community, locals released 2,250-plus hatchlings into the sea; usually it's less than 1,000

(Newser) - The plight of the sea turtle in Mexico is so perilous that the country banned capturing and killing them 30 years ago. From late spring to early fall, one particularly vulnerable species lays its eggs on beaches throughout the nation, with nesting often disrupted by fishermen and tourists. This year,...

Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Policy Will Get SCOTUS Review

Court won't look at the case until 2021, though—meaning it may be moot if Biden is elected

(Newser) - The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to review a Trump administration policy that makes asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for US court hearings. As is typical, the court didn't comment in announcing it would hear the case. Because the court's calendar is already full through the end of the...

Ex-Mexico Army Chief Arrested in Los Angeles

General is accused of drug trafficking, money laundering

(Newser) - Former Mexican defense secretary Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos, who led the country’s army for six years under ex-President Enrique Peña Nieto, has been arrested on drug trafficking and money laundering charges at Los Angeles International Airport, US and Mexican sources told the AP Thursday. Two people with knowledge of...

Protesters in Mexico: 'We Were Not Discovered'

Demonstrators in several nations mark Columbus Day in the streets

(Newser) - Mexicans have never had much affection for Cristopher Columbus, and officials were coy about why his statue was removed from the capital's main boulevard before Monday's observances of Columbus Day, which saw protests in several Latin American nations. Unlike in other cities where monuments to the 15th-century explorer...

'Maybe Millions' of Birds Dying of Unknown Causes
Masses of Migratory Birds
Are Dropping Dead
in case you missed it

Masses of Migratory Birds Are Dropping Dead

Necropsies are underway in New Mexico

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of birds are dropping dead in New Mexico, alarming biologists who suspect wildfires could be playing a role. A large number of migratory birds were found dead at the US Army White Sands Missile Range and White Sands National Monument on Aug. 20, before more...

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