Ferris Wheel Nookie: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week

Including Ferris wheel tomfoolery and a Wendy's drive-thru debacle
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 12, 2016 5:33 AM CST
Updated Feb 12, 2016 7:01 AM CST
What Happens in Vegas: 5 Craziest Crimes of the Week
No privacy in these pods.   (Shutterstock)

An alleged thief with repeat customers and a too-close-for-comfort mugshot are among the weirdest crime stories of the week:

  • How Planting Drugs on a PTA President Could Cost You Millions: About $5.7 million, to be exact. That's what a Southern California couple has been ordered to pay in damages after a jury found Kent Easter and his now ex-wife Jill Easter—both former lawyers—had acted with malice, oppression, or fraud in February 2011 when they stashed pot, Vicodin, and Percocet in Kelli Peters' car. The bad blood all began when Jill went to pick up her 7-year-old after school ...
  • 'I'll Have a Junior Cheeseburger and a Small Fries—for my Gator': Well, that's not exactly what 23-year-old Joshua James said when he went through the drive-thru of a Wendy's in Loxahatchee, Fla. But he did apparently have a three-and-a-half-foot gator with him, and he did allegedly do something with that gator that ended up getting him arrested. His mom is calling it a "stupid prank," but his charges are a bit more serious that that.

  • Couple's Ferris Wheel Sex Doesn't Stay in Vegas: Yes, Ferris wheel sex is a thing, and a Houston man and New York woman are facing felony charges after allegedly doing it. Authorities say Philip Frank Panzica III and Chloe Scordianos were recorded having sex in public during a 30-minute ride in a glass-enclosed cabin on the High Roller Ferris wheel, 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. The busted duo's defense is pretty funny.
  • Newscaster Puts Up Mugshot That Looks Eerily Familiar: Jason Mohammad, host of a popular BBC news program, recently put up a mugshot on his show of a criminal sent to jail for assaulting an elderly woman, and the photo looked so much like himself that it became something of a social media phenomenon. See the uncanny resemblance for yourself.
  • This Could Be One of New York's Most Prolific Thieves: Police say Kenneth Lafler is back in jail after stealing from the same poor victim for the second time in as many months. The 24-year-old allegedly got into a woman's car and took her purse in Auburn, and she apparently recognized him because he'd been charged with breaking into her car back in December. But that's just scratching the surface. The number of thefts he has confessed to is staggering.
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