Palin Says She's Got As Much Science Cred as Bill Nye

'He's a kids' show actor, he's not a scientist': Palin at climate-change-denying event
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Apr 15, 2016 6:37 AM CDT
Palin Says She's Got As Much Science Cred as Bill Nye
Sarah Palin speaks during a panel discussion before a preview of the film "Climate Hustle" on Capitol Hill on Thursday in Washington.   (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Sarah Palin has taken on rapper Azealia Banks, Lena Dunham, and, of course, President Obama, but now she's taking on science itself via one of its most well-known representatives. "Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am," Palin said Thursday at a Capitol Hill event, per the Hill. "He's a kids' show actor, he's not a scientist." The former Alaska governor was speaking at an event promoting the flick Climate Hustle, which disputes human-caused climate change, a topic that Palin insists is simply "alarmism" brought about by "those, I think, who are controlling the narrative right now on changes in the weather." "I'm very passionate about this issue," Palin told Variety earlier this week. "We've been told by fearmongers that global warming is due to man's activities and this [movie] presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way."

Palin went a step further and warned parents to keep their kids safe from the science facts spewing out of Nye's mouth, advising them to tell the eager young brains "to ask those questions and not just believe what Bill Nye the Science Guy is trying to tell them," per the Hill. She even extrapolated her conspiracy theory to issues beyond climate change, imploring GOP presidential candidates to elaborate on how they'd make the scientific arena "less political," the Week reports. "Otherwise, it leads us to believe that so many things coming from perhaps the scientists could be bogus," she said. "If this is bogus, you know, what else are they trying to tell us and trying to control around if they can't get this one right?" (Palin will soon be on the air as a reality-TV judge.)

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