Captain America Might Be Best Marvel Flick Yet

'Summer, we have liftoff'
By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff
Posted May 6, 2016 8:55 AM CDT

It's a battle of good versus … good? Captain America: Civil War sees your favorite Marvel superheroes (almost literally every one) clash over whether their actions should be supervised by the UN following a mission gone wrong. Critics and audiences alike are impressed, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Here's what critics are saying:

  • It's a "hugely entertaining … comic book extravaganza" that boasts a "quicksilver mix of hardcore action and bright comedy," writes Joe Morgenstern at the Wall Street Journal. It helps that the plot "makes consistent sense," which isn't always the case with such flicks. Tom Holland's appearance as Spider-Man also spells good things for the future of the genre.
  • "It's basically a third Avengers film, and creatively the best of the bunch," writes Brian Lowry at CNN. The film's scope "marks a significant departure from the genre's past," but it manages to tease multiple new characters "without losing its focus—and more significantly, its sense of fun." The ending, however, is "a trifle messy, and rushed."

  • While Batman v Superman was a "dour and dark … excuse for spectacle," Civil War is "colorful and fun" and "rooted in character and emotion," writes Jamelle Bouie at Slate. That's not even the best part: It features "one of the most joyous cinematic superhero battles ever filmed," Bouie writes. Overall, it's "one of the best films to come out of Marvel Studios."
  • "Smart, snappy, politically savvy, and blessedly fast on its feet," is how Peter Travers describes it. "Sure, it's too much and way too familiar," but it "brings the fun, the fierce, and the fireworks," he writes at Rolling Stone. "Summer, we have liftoff." Travers also praises Chris Evans "for bringing a charming quirk" to the title character.
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