Paul Ryan's Got Trump Jokes at Charity Dinner

'Look at all the jobs the president has created, just among the White House staff'
By Michael Harthorne,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 20, 2017 12:26 PM CDT
Paul Ryan's Got Trump Jokes at Charity Dinner
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks during the 72nd Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, in New York.   (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

"Every morning, I wake up in my office and scroll Twitter to see which tweets I will have to pretend that I didn't see later," Paul Ryan says of President Trump's social media use. The program for the annual Al Smith Dinner prods speakers to “poke fun at a political issue, an opponent, or themselves," the Washington Post reports. And Ryan, as the keynote speaker at the 72nd annual charity dinner Thursday in New York City, obliged, poking fun at Hillary Clinton, the media, and himself, according to NBC News. But it was the barbs directed at Trump that got the most attention, as the House speaker has been notably trying to avoid conflict with the president since the election. The dinner, emceed by actor Patricia Heaton, raised $3.4 million for charity, the New York Times reports. Here are 10 more examples of the comic stylings of Paul Ryan:

  • "Please, enough. You sound like the Cabinet when Donald Trump walks into the room." (Said upon receiving applause.)
  • "I know last year at this dinner Donald Trump offended some people with his comments, which critics said went too far. Some said it was unbecoming of a public figure and that his comments were offensive ... Well, thank God he's learned his lesson."
  • "I'm from Wisconsin. It's a great state to visit in the fall. Looking back, someone should have told Hillary."

  • "Everyone will report what happened here tonight differently. Breitbart will lead with 'Ryan slams the president amongst liberal elites.' The New York Times will report 'Ryan defends the president in a state Hillary won.' And the president will tweet, '300,000 at Al Smith Dinner cheer mention of my name.'"
  • "Every afternoon, former Speaker John Boehner calls me up. Not to give advice. Just to laugh."
  • “I'm now second in line of succession since Steve Bannon has resigned.”

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  • "The press absolutely misunderstands and never records the big accomplishments of the White House. Look at all the jobs the president has created, just among the White House staff!”
  • “I don’t think I’ve seen this many New York liberals, this many Wall Street CEOs in one room since my last visit to the White House.”
  • "I know why Chuck [Schumer] has been so hard on President Trump. It's not ideological. Chuck is just mad he lost his top donor."
  • "I got Hillary's new book. This sums up today's politics perfectly. She took eight months, writing 10 hours a day, to explain what happened in 512 pages. The president explained it in a tweet. Hash tag, I won."
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