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After Star Cyclist's Murder, a Love Triangle Emerges
Woman Accused of Killing
Star Cyclist Is at Large
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Woman Accused of Killing Star Cyclist Is at Large

Police say Anna Moriah Wilson was killed by Kaitlin Armstrong as part of a love triangle

(Newser) - The murder of one of the best cyclists in the nation, if not the world, shocked the riding community earlier this month in Texas. Now, authorities say a love triangle is at the heart of the killing of 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson. Coverage:
  • Suspect: Police and federal agents accuse Kaitlin

Casey Anthony 'Ongoing Issue' Brings Cops to Fla. Bar

Police: Ex-friend spilled drink on Anthony during heated argument over a man they both once dated

(Newser) - An "ongoing issue" with Casey Anthony brought police down to a Florida bar over the weekend, though no one's in any apparent trouble after the incident. WESH reports the cops were called Sunday to O'Shea's Irish Pub in West Palm Beach, where the 35-year-old who was...

Pastor Allegedly Killed by His Threesome Partners

That would be his wife and her/their lover, according to police

(Newser) - "I love you so much, David!!!!" Kristie Dawnelle Evans wrote of her husband and "best friend" in a March 20 Facebook post. A day later, David Evans was shot in the head in the middle of the night as he lay in bed, per KFOR . His wife...

College Recruit Was Shooting Hoops. Then Came Bullets
He's a Teen
Football Star—
and Under Arrest

He's a Teen Football Star— and Under Arrest

Luke Hill allegedly threatened the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend

(Newser) - A high school football star who fielded offers from more than a half-dozen colleges isn't likely to attend any this fall after he allegedly tried to murder his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. Luke Hill, 18, of Maryland was arrested on a slew of charges including attempted first-degree murder and first-degree...

2 Men Wanted Her. Her Alleged Solution: a 'Medieval Duel'

Her ex-hubby bled to death as a result: prosecutors

(Newser) - A UK woman on trial for conspiracy to commit murder arranged for two lovers to battle for her affection in a "medieval duel" to the death, according to prosecutors. Asta Juskauskiene, 35, had left her husband, Giedruis Juskauskas, when she met a Lithuanian prisoner online. Mantas Kvedaras was an...

Ex-Zookeeper Cleared of Love-Triangle Assault

A meerkat handler, monkey expert, and llama-keeper, oh my!

(Newser) - Finally, legal closure in a tumultuous zookeeper love triangle across the pond—and perhaps the best lead-in sentence you'll read all week: "A former meerkat expert at London Zoo was cleared Tuesday of assaulting a monkey handler in a love spat over a llama-keeper" is how the AP...

Zookeeper Love Triangle Gets Incredibly Messy

Monkey, meerkat handlers clashed over llama-keeper

(Newser) - It's the same old story: Boy meets girl, boy meets another girl, meerkat-keeper gets fired from London Zoo for attacking monkey handler. The love triangle at the zoo centered on llama-keeper Adam Davies, who started dating meerkat expert Caroline Westlake after his five-year relationship with monkey-keeper Kate Sanders ended,...

Cops: Man's Penis Severed, Flushed by Jealous Husband

Tokyo grad student accused of cutting off man's genitals with garden shears

(Newser) - If you just Googled "jealous husband," "Japan," "penis," and "toilet" to see if there could possibly be any stories that merge all of those keywords into one mind-blowing story, today's your lucky day. One person who's not having a lucky day:...

France's First Lady Took 'One Pill Too Many'

She wants to stay together, but President Hollande doesn't

(Newser) - France's spurned first lady is out of hospital, recovering, and determined to make her relationship with President Francois Hollande work—but sources say he wants it to end, the Telegraph reports. It's unclear whether Hollande has visited girlfriend Valérie Trierweiler, 48, since she moved from a hospital...

Madoff's Office Was Sexual Hotbed: Court Papers

Prosecutors make accusation in Manhattan federal court

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff's office was a hotbed of relationships that included a love triangle involving the Ponzi scheme king himself, according to court documents released today. Four associates of Madoff Securities and Madoff's former secretary were in Manhattan federal court facing charges over the $65 billion scheme when prosecutors...

Pregnant Woman Drives Into Pregnant Woman: Cops

Alise Kelley, Shareyll Starre Hunter apparently have same babydaddy

(Newser) - A pregnant woman drove a car into and seriously injured another pregnant woman yesterday in Houston, say police—in what Fox News Houston is calling a "love triangle dispute." The five-month pregnant Alise Kelley suffered two broken legs and had a foot amputated after Shareyll Hunter, four-months pregnant,...

Buzz Aldrin Falls in Love Again ... Scandalously

Soon-to-be-ex-wife calls astronaut's galpal a 'predator'

(Newser) - The good news: At 81, it’s still possible to find love again, at least if you’re Buzz Aldrin. The bad news: If said love is found with a woman 30 years your junior, after a messy divorce that isn’t quite finalized yet, your ex-wife is likely to...

Hate-Crime Hoax: He Admits Arranging Wife's Murder

Husband's elaborate plot unravels quickly

(Newser) - A Pakistani-American admitted to police that he set up his wife's murder and made up a cover story about getting jumped by three black men shouting "terrorists!" Kashif Parvaiz of New Jersey and a woman the New York Post describes as his lover, Antoinette Stephen, are under...

Peter Orszag Fathered Love Child

Sources dispute whether budget boss jilted preggo lover for ABC reporter

(Newser) - White House Budget Director Peter Orszag has some pretty tabloidy equations going on in his personal life, the New York Post gleefully reveals. Orszag recently made headlines with his engagement to ABC reporter Bianna Golodryaga, but fathered a child with his ex in November—leading sources to speculate that the...

Facebook Love Letter Triggers Teacher Fight

Two women arrested for brawling after love triangle turns ugly

(Newser) - Two female middle school teachers face misdemeanor charges after getting into a profanity-laden brawl in front of students. The fight was the result of a love triangle between them and a male teacher at the Georgia school, police tell Fox 5 News , and began after one of the women found...

Kazemi Didn't Kill McNair: Angry Sis

Quarterback lied to 20-year-old lover about getting a divorce

(Newser) - Sahel Kazemi was a gentle young woman who couldn’t have murdered boyfriend Steve McNair, Kazemi’s sister Sepideh Salmani tells the Tennessean. "She was one young girl who had so many dreams that they never came true," Salmani said. "She would never kill anyone, ever. Or...

Student Killed in Teacher's Love Triangle

Ex-pupil boyfriend held in murder of Ariz. woman's teen lover

(Newser) - An 18-year-old Arizona high school student caught with his 48-year-old math teacher in her bedroom was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, who is himself a former student of hers, police said yesterday. Sixto Balbuena, 20, a Navy sailor on leave, was arrested on a murder charge after police found...

NYC Love Triangle Triggers Murder-Suicide

Boyfriend kills lover and second beau, say cops

(Newser) - A Manhattan love triangle ended tragically when a jealous lover killed a woman and her second boyfriend before committing suicide, the Daily News reports. The bodies were found by police yesterday in a tony apartment on the city's Upper West Side, with the killer slumped in a chair, a 9-mm....

Kidnap Dad Suspected in Love Triangle

'Rockefeller' may have been involved with missing woman, hubby

(Newser) - A love triangle could be behind a California couple's 1985 disappearance, which police say involved Christopher Chichester—potentially yet another alias for accused kidnap dad Clark Rockefeller, reports the Boston Herald. Authorities theorize Chichester, a tenant of Linda and John Sohus, may have become romantically involved with Linda before growing...

Call the Tabs: CBS Reporter Is Pregnant, Too

Lara Logan's romantic dramas came home from Iraq with her

(Newser) - Lara Logan is sick of being tabloid fodder, CBS’ star reporter tells the Washington Post. But in the same interview, she acknowledged a nugget sure to keep gossip hounds at her heels: She’s pregnant. Having generated a slew of press over a romantic triangle in Iraq—said to have...

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