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She Won the Boston Marathon in 2014, Is Still Owed $100K
Boston Marathon Organizers
Owe 2014 Winner a Lot of Cash
in case you missed it

Boston Marathon Organizers Owe 2014 Winner a Lot of Cash

Original winner was disqualified for doping, but Buzunesh Deba still hasn't received her $100K

(Newser) - A doping scandal two years after the 2014 Boston Marathon left the women's winner, Rita Jeptoo, out of a medal, and the second-place contender, Ethiopian immigrant Buzunesh Deba, in the first-place slot. But now, more than seven years after getting that congratulatory phone call, Deba says she's still...

Report: 11K Cheated in Mexico City Marathon

Some of them reportedly took public transport to the finish line

(Newser) - This year's Mexico City Marathon was a carnival of cheating, with more than a third of the 30,000 runners disqualified, according to Spanish sports newspaper Marca . According to Marca, tracking data showed that 11,000 runners didn't pass checkpoints set up every 3.1 miles along the...

Runner's Last-Minute Goof Costs Her Thousands

The finish line was straight ahead; Senbere Teferi turned right

(Newser) - Senbere Teferi's resume has some big-name races on it. The 28-year-old Ethiopian runner placed second in the 5000m at the 2015 World Athletics Championships and finished fifth and sixth, respectively, in the same race at the Rio and Tokyo Olympics. But one win she seemed almost sure to snag...

These US Cities Are a Runner's Paradise

Relative to the other cities in Lawn Love's latest fitness ranking; San Francisco tops the list

(Newser) - Next Wednesday is Global Running Day, and some cities are more amenable than others if you're in training to be the next Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Usain Bolt—or even if you just like hitting the pavement to burn off some stress and stay fit. Lawn Love scouted the 200...

The Rain Poured Down on Her; Then the Praise Did, Too

Bou Samnang is being hailed for her perseverance

(Newser) - For some of us, pouring rain makes it hard to get off the couch. It's understandable, then, why a Cambodian runner's determination to finish her race in a downpour, and while in last place and alone on the track, is winning hearts. The run in question happened May...

Ohio Runner's Ear Nearly Severed by Deer

Rebecca Heasley was participating in a local race

(Newser) - An Ohio woman who was running a two-hour "Space Race" on Oct. 1 ended up having a frighteningly out-of-this-world experience. As Rebecca Heasley of Willowick explains, she initially thought she was hit by another runner who got too close to her. Then she saw blood on her hands. A...

His Win Came as a Shock—Especially to the Announcer

Geoff Wightman called World Athletics Championship as son Jake Wightman won gold

(Newser) - Elite athletes often have their parents cheering them on in the audience at championship events, but for one UK runner at the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Ore., his dad's appearance was extra special. In what the Guardian describes as "Britain's most surprising gold medal" in the...

Most Decorated US Runner Is Making This Her Last Season

It 'isn't about the time on the clock, it's simply about joy,' Allyson Felix says

(Newser) - Allyson Felix, who closed the Tokyo Games last year with more Olympic medals than any US track and field athlete in history, says she'll retire after the 2022 season. "This season isn't about the time on the clock, it's simply about joy," Felix said in...

Michigan Teen Ran a Dazzling Race. Then He Shouted
Michigan Teen Ran a Dazzling
Race. Then He Shouted
in case you missed it

Michigan Teen Ran a Dazzling Race. Then He Shouted

Garrett Winter set a personal record then was disqualified for swearing

(Newser) - Garrett Winter's Saturday occupied two ends of the spectrum: the highest high and the lowest low. The Michigan senior came in second in the 5K at the state finals with a time of 15:27.89, a full 22 seconds shorter than the best such race he had ever...

Runner Who Finished 4th in Tokyo Is Murdered
'Prime Suspect'
in Olympian's
Murder Arrested

'Prime Suspect' in Olympian's Murder Arrested

Emmanuel Rotich, husband of runner Agnes Tirop, was detained in Mombasa, Kenya

(Newser) - Update: The husband of a Kenyan long-distance runner who competed in the Tokyo Olympics and was found murdered this week has been arrested. The BBC reports that Emmanuel Rotich was detained in Mombasa on Thursday, a day after 25-year-old Agnes Tirop was found dead in her bed, as he was...

Runner Sues Coach, Nike: I Was So Hungry I Stole Food

Mary Cain says she was so underfed she stole Clif Bars

(Newser) - In 2015, Newser summarized a New York Times Magazine profile of Mary Cain. Our headline: " This Teen Runner May Be the Best Ever, Someday ." That's not what happened, and now Cain is suing. On Monday, the now-25-year-old filed a $20 million lawsuit against her former distance running...

Hurdler Who Won Gold Thanks Volunteer Who Got Him to the Race

Hansle Parchment almost missed his chance at Olympic medal after he went to wrong venue

(Newser) - If your mother always told you give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, or to your Olympic 110-meter hurdling competition, we hope you've listened. Hansle Parchment will likely leave the house way early from now on, after the Jamaican hurdler almost missed his chance to compete...

After Relay Fail, a Big Name Dresses Down Men's Team

Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis calls 4x100m race in Tokyo a 'clown show,' 'total embarrassment'

(Newser) - The US men's relay team was already disappointed they came in sixth in a preliminary 4x100m heat Thursday in Tokyo, losing their chance to take a spot in the finals. Making things worse: a scathing critique from track and field star Carl Lewis, who said online that the team...

Tragic End to Search for Distance Runner

Fred Zalokar found dead in Yosemite National Park

(Newser) - After decades as an endurance athlete, Fred Zalokar's final journey was in Yosemite National Park. The 61-year-old, who was well known in the world of endurance sports, was found dead Tuesday, two days after he was reported missing, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The Reno resident had planned an...

Track Star Who Wowed US Tests Positive for Marijuana
Before Her First Olympics,
a Positive Test for Pot

Before Her First Olympics, a Positive Test for Pot

It's now not clear if 21-year-old sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson will compete in Tokyo Games

(Newser) - A breakout track star set to head to her first Olympics is now in competition limbo after she tested positive for marijuana. In news first reported by the Gleaner in Jamaica, US sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson has had her win at last month's 100-meter race at the US Olympic...

Teen Beat 2 Usain Bolt Records. Now He's Bound for Olympics

Meet 17-year-old Erriyon Knighton, who's headed to Tokyo for 200-meter competition

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Erriyon Knighton became the youngest male to make the US Olympic track and field team in nearly 60 years, and he also now has two big record-busters under his belt to boot. The Athletic reports that on Sunday, the 17-year-old came in third place in the finals...

Runner Who Blamed Burrito Won't Be in US Olympic Trials

US authorities do U-turn in Shelby Houlihan case

(Newser) - US authorities, under pressure from world anti-doping authorities, have done a U-turn on allowing runner Shelby Houlihan to compete in Olympic trials starting Friday. USA Track and Field had initially said it would allow the 28-year-old, who blames a burrito for a positive anabolic steroids test, to compete for a...

Suspended Shelby Houlihan Blames Steroid on Burrito

Olympic runner is out of the Tokyo Olympics after flunking drug test

(Newser) - Shelby Houlihan says her mistake wasn't taking a performance-enhancing substance. It was grabbing a burrito from an "authentic Mexican food truck" near her home in Oregon 10 hours before providing a sample for a drug test. The test results came back positive, and the US Olympic runner now...

Man's 2.8K-Mile, 14-Month Run Is a Big First

Don Muchow, an Ironman with diabetes, ran from California's Disneyland to Florida's Disney World

(Newser) - It was an endurance run that was supposed to take just under 100 days. It ended up taking 14 months, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but Don Muchow's ultramarathon from California to Florida is still a big first. Per WESH , the 59-year-old Texas man is said to be the...

Runners, Time to End Fixation With Mileage
Should Stop
on Mileage
new paper

Runners Should Stop Focusing on Mileage

Researchers say it presents an incomplete picture in terms of injury risk and training

(Newser) - GPS devices make it easier than ever for runners to gauge that all-important number: the number of miles clocked. But in a new paper , researchers make the case that tracking mileage by itself presents too misleading of a picture. To better prevent injury and to improve training, runners need to...

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