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Troubles Add Up for Truth Social
Snags, Bills
Add Up for
Truth Social
the rundown

Snags, Bills Add Up for Truth Social

Partner appears wary of merging with Trump's site

(Newser) - Truth Social, the social media website launched by former President Donald Trump, is up against a series of unsolved issues that could be serious enough to be giving the company that agreed to merge with it cold feet. The issues include:

Fastest Man in the World Wants Ownership of His Victory Pose

Retired sprinter Usain Bolt has filed to trademark signature celebration move to use logo on merch

(Newser) - If you're a famous athlete with the name "Bolt," and you've got a signature victory move that resembles a jagged line of electricity, chances are you're going to make sure you control that likeness. There's only one man this situation currently applies to in...

NBCUniversal Makes a Michael Scott-Level Snafu

Company files suit against 'trademark squatter' that snatched up Dunder Mifflin name before it could

(Newser) - NBCUniversal is suing to ensure no one else gets to sell merch branded with The Office's fictional paper company, Dunder Mifflin. In "a classic Michael Scott-style bungling," the company doesn't actually own the Dunder Mifflin trademark, per AV Club . The company is suing alleged "trademark...

Ohio State Trademarks 'THE' for Merchandise
OSU Wins Trademark
Approval for 'THE'

OSU Wins Trademark Approval for 'THE'

Trademark only applies to branded clothing sold through 'customary' channels

(Newser) - While it's still OK to use the word "the" in conversation—and British post-punk band The The probably doesn't have to worry about a lawsuit—Ohio State University has successfully trademarked the most common word in the English language. The US Patent and Trademark Office has approved...

Judge Tosses Girl Scouts' Suit Arguing Branding Confusion

Boy Scouts can avoid gender references by using 'scouting,' ruling says

(Newser) - Update: The Girl Scouts have lost the legal argument that its brand and recruiting efforts have been damaged by the wording used by Boy Scouts in marketing. Because Boy Scouts are entitled to leave gender out of it by using "scouting" and similar terms, "there are no issues...

Meghan Markle Tries to Trademark 500-Year-Old Word

'Archetypes' is the title of her new Spotify podcast, examining female stereotypes

(Newser) - Meghan Markle is seeking to trademark "archetypes," which in addition to being a 500-year-old word is also the title of her upcoming Spotify-exclusive podcast. The Duchess of Sussex, acting through her Archewell Audio company, filed the application with the US Patent and Trademark Office in March, the same...

Ringo: OK, I'll Let This Sex Toy Be Called 'Ring O'

Ex-Beatle ends trademark battle over penis ring with similar-sounding name

(Newser) - Hear "Ringo Starr," and the first words you may associate with him are "the Beatles," "drummer," maybe "Octopus's Garden" —but probably not "penis rings." The 80-year-old star wanted to keep it that way, which is why he filed a...

Banksy Just Suffered a 'Devastating' Loss

Street artist loses EU trademark fight with greeting card company over his own artwork

(Newser) - In a desperate move to claim the trademark for one of his most famous works, British street artist Banksy, usually known for floating untethered in anonymity, opened up a shop last fall, hoping to sway European Union judges in his favor. His efforts—deemed a "weakass attempt" by Techdirt...

Astronomer Sues American Girl Over Doll

Lucianne Walkowicz argues similarities with Luciana Vega aren't coincidental

(Newser) - An astronomer in Chicago has sued the maker of American Girl dolls, alleging the Wisconsin company stole her likeness and name to create its astronaut doll. The federal trademark lawsuit filed in Madison this week by Lucianne Walkowicz asks American Girl and its parent company, Mattel, to stop selling the...

Brady's First Attempt Involves Wordplay

With his new team, quarterback wants to own 'Tompa Bay'

(Newser) - Tom Brady has lost before at the US Patent and Trademark Office —when he sought sole rights to "Tom Terrific" while with the New England Patriots—but you don't become a star athlete by giving up. Now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the quarterback wants to reserve...

Fox Wants to Trademark "OK Boomer'
Fox Wants
to Trademark
'OK, Boomer'

Fox Wants to Trademark 'OK, Boomer'

Network wants to use it for reality, comedy, or game show

(Newser) - Some people consider it a trendy insult , other think it is an ageist slur —and Fox considers it a good name for a show. The network recently filed a trademark application for the term "OK, Boomer," a phrase used to mock baby boomers for being out of...

Kylie Jenner's New Trademark Attempt Raises Eyebrows

Billionaire sees a business opportunity in 'rise and shine'

(Newser) - Kylie Jenner is trying to trademark the phrase "rise and shine" after singing it to her daughter in a viral video clip. The nine-second clip —taken from a YouTube video in which Jenner offered a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices—has been viewed 15 million times in...

Elusive Street Artist Sells ... Coffee Mugs?

Banksy sells kitschy items in online store

(Newser) - Banksy is selling T-shirts, mugs, and pillows. You can read that again. Yes, the world's most famous street artist—whose disdain for commercial success is no secret—has opened an online store selling various tongue-in-cheek products decorated à la Banksy, ARTnews reports. Shoppers at Gross Domestic Product can peruse...

Ohio State University Loses Bid to Trademark 'The'

Patent office says it 'didn't function as a trademark'

(Newser) - Ohio State University has lost its bid to trademark the most common word in the English language. The United States Patent Office has turned down an application from Ohio State —which likes to be referred to as "The Ohio State University"—to trademark the word "the"...

Supreme Court Allows 'Immoral' Trademarks

It's a victory for founder of clothing company FUCT

(Newser) - FUCT wins. The clothing company can trademark its name, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, reports Reuters . Founder Erik Brunetti tried to do so back in 2011, but the trademark office turned him down under an old provision that blocked "scandalous" or "immoral" names. But in her majority opinion...

Stripes Don't Make for a Logo of Distinction, Court Decides

Adidas loses trademark case in Europe

(Newser) - The Adidas three-stripe logo is famous and many fans think it's cool, but it's just not distinctive enough to deserve trademark protection, an EU court ruled Wednesday. The decision upheld a ruling by the EU Intellectual Property Office, which had rejected Adidas' trademark application, saying the logo was...

He Drew a Smiley Face, Got $45. It's Now Worth Way, Way More
He Drew a Smiley Face, Got $45.
It's Now Worth Way, Way More

He Drew a Smiley Face, Got $45. It's Now Worth Way, Way More

Inside the $500M-a-year business

(Newser) - There is such a thing as the Smiley Company, and as Zachary Crockett explains in a piece for the Hustle , it is just as yellow and icon-filled as you'd expect: "Smiley paintings line the walls. Smiley pillows adorn the couches. There are smiley backpacks, smiley t-shirts, smiley exercise...

Coffee Shop: Big Company Has 'Ridiculous' Claim on Word 'Cat'

Cat and Cloud Coffee is pushing back on Caterpillar's trademark infringement claim

(Newser) - The world of copyright and trademark infringement is a tricky one that often involves David vs. Goliath battles—a truth that a coffee shop in Santa Cruz, Calif., is finding out the hard way. KSBW reports that Cat and Cloud Coffee first received a cease-and-desist order last August from none...

Case of the Brand That Sounds Profane Heads to Supreme Court

Erik Brunetti has long tried to get a trademark for his Fuct streetwear

(Newser) - Nearly 30 years ago, Erik Brunetti, along with skateboarder Natas Kaupas, founded a streetwear company with a name that, depending on how it's said, could sound profane. They started Fuct with no major issues, save for the trademark they tried to get for the name—one that the Patent...

McDonald's Lost a Big Mac Trademark. BK Pounced

Burger King restaurants in Sweden are now selling 'Not Big Macs'

(Newser) - So you're a fast-food giant that loses a trademark for one of your most popular offerings—what's the worst that can happen? Your rival could decide to mercilessly troll you, for one. That's what's happening to McDonald's in the EU, where the chain recently lost...

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