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New E-Bike Ad Made France So Anxious It Was Banned

Country's regulatory agency bans commercial for VanMoof's S3 for 'creating climate of anxiety'

(Newser) - If you feel a little wound up while watching the latest commercial for a Dutch e-bicycle, France's advertising regulatory agency gets it. The 45-second ad for VanMoof's $2,000 S3 e-bike that debuted last month features scenes of bumper-to-bumper traffic, with images of car accidents and smokestacks spewing... More »

Late Comedian's Family Sues Over Trek's 'Farley' Fat Tires

Complaint says Trek Bicycles is capitalizing on late actor's 'fat guy' brand

(Newser) - The family of late comedian and film star Chris Farley has filed a federal lawsuit against Trek Bicycle for naming its fat-tired bikes "Farley," saying the Wisconsin-based bike company misappropriated Farley's name and traded on his "fat guy" brand of comedy, the AP reports. Farley, who... More »

Medical Costs Spike for Bike Injuries

Men account for most of it

(Newser) - Taking a bike ride can offer various health benefits, but along with those pros come the cons: notably, the risk of being seriously hurt in an accident. UC San Francisco researchers say such incidences have risen steadily for adults since the late 1990s, with more visits to the ER and... More »

Meet 'Bike Batman,' a Real-Life Seattle Avenger

He's a private citizen, and he's very good at getting stolen bikes back

(Newser) - They call him "Bike Batman" around Seattle, and Outside magazine profiles this ordinary citizen who has turned into a superhero of sorts for his skill at reuniting people with their stolen bikes. It generally goes like this: The anonymous do-gooder scans Craigslist and the like for deals on bikes... More »

Clever Bike Thieves Using This New Trick

They're cutting racks, then hiding the gap with tape

(Newser) - London's bike thieves are getting extra crafty. On Friday, a police officer tweeted photos of a bike rack that had been sliced through and then taped back together to hide the cuts from the city's unsuspecting cyclists, per Boing Boing . Sarah King, a councilor for South Camberwell, tells... More »

Tiny Part Just Caused a Huge Recall of 1.5M Bikes

Malfunctioning generic lever is root of problem for bikes from 13 different brands

(Newser) - In 2011, heralded the advent of disc brakes as the "biggest revolution in ride technology since integrated shifting," promising a safer, easier way to slow bikes down. But the safety part is now uncertain for some: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has ordered a recall of... More »

9-Year-Old on Go-Kart Foils Thief

Suspect allegedly stole bikes from garage, while owner worked 50 feet away

(Newser) - Nine-year-old Nicolas Ferran may have a future as a superhero. Last week in Utah, Nicolas alerted his father when a man allegedly stole two of his dad's expensive bikes (value: $11,000) from the open garage. "He just said, 'Hey Dad, is someone borrowing your bikes today?'... More »

Cyclists, Beware: Bike Deaths Take Big Jump

Rise 8.7% in 2011

(Newser) - Last year was a good year for road warriors—so long as they were on four wheels, not two. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today released its analysis of 2011 traffic deaths, and overall fatalities sank 1.9% to 32,367, outpacing the 1.2% drop in the number... More »

Why Cyclists Annoy You

Even though most aren't assholes like Jim Saksa

(Newser) - Jim Saska freely admits he is an "asshole cyclist." "I'm that jerk weaving in and out of traffic, going the wrong way down a one-way street, and making a left on red. I'm truly a menace on the road," he writes on Slate . But... More »

4 out of 5 of Bike Sharers Don't Wear Helmets

Study also finds that about half of cyclists overall skip the headgear

(Newser) - Bicycle-sharing programs are catching on around the country, which is good if you care about the environment, and bad if you care about people's skulls. A new study from Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that about half of all cyclists and more than 80% of bike-share... More »

Bicycling Can Hurt Women's Sexual Health

Low handlebars seem to be the big problem, say researchers

(Newser) - Previous studies have shown that riding a bicycle regularly can take take a toll on men's sexual health, and new research from Yale suggests the same holds true for women, reports the New York Times . The one stand-out finding: the lower the handlebars, the greater the trouble. If a... More »

Mayor Smashes Car Parked in Bike Lane With a Tank

Arturas Zuokas shows us why Lithuania is awesome

(Newser) - Here’s one emphatic way to crack down on cars squatting in the bike lane: Run them over with a tank. The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, did just that recently. In the video below you can see Arturas Zuokas—supposedly an “avid cyclist”—climb into an armored personnel... More »

Driver Plows Into Pack of LA Cyclists

Eleven people hurt as police explore DWI charges

(Newser) - A suspected drunken driver plowed into a group of bicyclists on a midnight ride in Los Angeles, injuring 11, one critically, police said. The riders were in a group of about 100 cyclists that were struck by a white Honda Civic shortly before 2am today about 8 miles south of... More »

Transportation Secretary Is an Accidental Hipster

Ray LaHood isn't sure what 'hipster' means, but he likes urban bikers

(Newser) - Transportation chief Ray LaHood tells the Huffington Post that he'll push for more protections for bicyclists in US cities and likes the idea of more dedicated bike lanes. “I’m concerned that people that are driving cars have a level of respect for bikers, and that’s the... More »

Save the Economy: Ride a Bike

You'll save money, and local businesses get a boost

(Newser) - Think of it as the "bicycle economy," writes Elly Blue in Grist . Ditching your car for a bike not only saves you thousands of dollars every year, it boosts local businesses. "It's amazing how much money can stay in your community when it isn't being pumped into... More »

Txt Ban Prposd 4 Cal Cyclists

Bill sparks debate among spokesmen

(Newser) - Next on the list of people barred from texting could be California cyclists. Distracted drivers aren't the only menace on the road, and state politicians plan to crack down on bike riders too busy texting to watch what they're doing. The bill has sparked a firestorm of controversy in California,... More »

Green Joyride Sours for Paris' Rental Bikes

Vandalism, theft hurt pioneering program

(Newser) - A public bicycle-rental program launched in Paris in 2007 amid green good feeling has found reality to be a rough ride. Locals and tourists alike get unlimited access to Vélib’s fleet for about $1.50 a day, but some 80% of the $3,500 bikes have been stolen... More »

Brothel Goes 'Green' With Bike Discount

Public transit passengers get a price break, too

(Newser) - A Berlin brothel that offers a discount to patrons who arrive by bicycle or public transportation is touting itself as the first “green” sex stop. Clients simply present their helmet, bike lock, or bus ticket at the Maison d’Envie, which just happens to be in a district where... More »

Obamas Cut Vacation Short

(Newser) - With a tropical storm bearing down on the Northeast, President Obama and Michelle Obama will leave Martha's Vineyard tomorrow, a day ahead of schedule, to ensure he arrives in Boston in time to deliver a eulogy at Ted Kennedy's funeral Saturday. If possible, they'll return to the Vineyard afterward; if... More »

Bike Theft Victims Turn to Web Posses

(Newser) - Bike owners are turning to newer technology to help nail crooks stealing their rides by posting online pleas to lookout posses, reports the Wall Street Journal. Victims use Twitter, Facebook and other sites geared toward bikers to hook into a nation of eyes watching streets and classified ads for stolen... More »

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