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Get Your 10K Steps? Don't Sweat It if Not
When It Comes to Steps,
10K Is Not a Magic Number
new study

When It Comes to Steps, 10K Is Not a Magic Number

Study suggests that 4K is enough to convey health benefits

(Newser) - Ten thousand has become something of a magic number among people who count their daily steps for health reasons. A new study adds to the evidence that the figure is arbitrary, suggesting that 4,000 steps are enough to convey benefits, reports the BBC . That's not to say people...

These US Cities Are a Runner's Paradise

Relative to the other cities in Lawn Love's latest fitness ranking; San Francisco tops the list

(Newser) - Next Wednesday is Global Running Day, and some cities are more amenable than others if you're in training to be the next Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Usain Bolt—or even if you just like hitting the pavement to burn off some stress and stay fit. Lawn Love scouted the 200...

Fountain of Youth? Try 'Couzens Immortality Quotient'

'Outside' takes a look at the importance of continuing to exercise as we age

(Newser) - Older athletes, especially runners, worried about their ability to stay fit might want to keep in mind what Alex Hutchinson of Outside magazine dubs the Couzens Immortality Quotient. It's based on an observation made by triathlon coach Alan Cummings: "All else being equal, the amount of aerobic fitness...

New Year, New You? Best US Cities for Fitness
This Is America's
Most Active City

This Is America's Most Active City

WalletHub ranks Honolulu as being most conducive to an active lifestyle; see where other cities stand

(Newser) - If you've decided that 2023 is the year when you're going to get your fitness act together, that motivation is the first step to a better you. Of course, things beyond our control often derail even the best-laid plans, including whether where we live is conducive to living...

This Famous Stunt Dieter's Approach: Empathy, Shame

Like many diet and fitness programs, this may not align with the latest medical research

(Newser) - Trainer Drew Manning is "the world's most influential stunt dieter," proclaims the headline of Spenser Mestel's piece for Men’s Health. Manning, he explains, is known for his binge-based, emotionally charged Fit2Fat2Fit brand and went viral in 2011 when he spent six months getting fat on...

This Is the City With the Most Active Lifestyle

San Francisco tops WalletHub's ranking, while North Las Vegas brings up the rear

(Newser) - Juggling work, family, and one's own health and fitness can be a daunting task, and the latter often takes a back seat to all other responsibilities. The pandemic has caused even more people to stay away from gyms and other indoor activities. But there are some cities where residents...

Counting Steps? A Lower Total Still Pays Off
Counting Steps? A Lower
Total Still Pays Off
new study

Counting Steps? A Lower Total Still Pays Off

Study finds that 7K per day is associated with better health

(Newser) - A new study might please those who routinely come up short for their goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst say that 7,000 steps appears to be enough to make a difference in health, reports the Boston Herald . In the study...

OK, We Get It—This City Is Extremely Fit

Arlington, Va., named fittest city in America for 4th straight year on ACSM's annual list

(Newser) - For the 14th straight year, the American College of Sports Medicine, in conjunction with the Anthem Foundation, has published its Fitness Index , ranking America's largest 100 cities and Washington, DC, on more than 30 indicators regarding various health behaviors, local infrastructure, and chronic diseases. And for the fourth year...

4 Hours of Tests Lead to Verdict on Trump's Health

President gets a 'very good' from Dr. Sean Conley

(Newser) - Last year President Trump was said to be in "excellent" health at his annual physical; this year, that's been somewhat downgraded to "very good," but considering the commander in chief's penchant for fast food and reluctance to hit the gym , he may not be distressed...

Here Are Your New Federal Exercise Guidelines

Feds now recommend children begin healthy habits as young as 3

(Newser) - Move more, sit less, and get kids active as young as age 3, say new federal guidelines that stress any amount and any type of exercise helps health. The advice is the first update since the government's physical activity guidelines came out a decade ago, reports the AP . Since...

Are You Doing This Often Enough? Probably Not

A CDC report found that just 23% of Americans are getting enough exercise

(Newser) - Here’s some bad news, but don’t take it sitting down. A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report has found that only 23% of Americans are getting enough exercise. For adults 18 to 64, US guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week (half that...

She Set a Burpee World Record, Got Pilloried for Her Form
She Set a Burpee World Record,
but Her Form Is Bugging People
in case you missed it

She Set a Burpee World Record, but Her Form Is Bugging People

Elizabeth Llorente says she adhered to Guinness' definition

(Newser) - If you dread doing burpees, this stat might make you blanch: A Melbourne, Australia, woman set a world record last weekend for the most burpees done in 60 minutes by a female at 1,490, topping the previous record of 1,321. Except the internet is freaking out a bit...

Woman Uses Fitness App, and Insurer Takes Notice

Woman in Denmark apparently goes a little too public

(Newser) - A woman in Denmark using a fitness app to post her workout data caught the attention of the wrong people—the insurance company paying her for the last several years after an injury. As Business Insider reports, the woman had been receiving $33,000 a year since 2008 after a...

10 US Cities With the Highest Exercise Rates

3 of the top 4 are in Colorado

(Newser) - Colorado is home to not one, not two, but three of the 10 US cities with the highest rates of exercise in the country. California also counts three cities on the top 10 list, based on the percentage of people who said they'd exercised for at least 30 minutes...

Professor Nears 70 Marathons Heeding Wife's Dying Wish

She pleaded with him to be there for the kids

(Newser) - In 2003, as Christine Guetzloff was dying of ovarian cancer at the age of 34, she sat her husband down for an important conversation. "Tom, you need to do something—you're just way out of shape," she told the West Virginia State college chemistry professor. "Look...

Study Says Fitness Trackers Are Getting Major Stat Wrong

Calorie burning stats are up to 93% inaccurate on some devices

(Newser) - Constantly checking the calories burned on your fitness tracker to determine what to eat? Then tuck it away and read on, because you might not want to indulge in that second piece of cake. NPR reports that cardiologist and professor Euan Ashley responded to his tech-savvy patients’ frequent requests to...

Happy Ending for Couple Who Lost Nearly 600 Pounds Total

Their meet-cute was at the gym

(Newser) - Frustrated with his ever-growing weight that peaked at 675 pounds, Ronnie Brower began dieting and working out on his way to losing an astounding 458 pounds. His four-year fitness journey earned him the admiration of a woman at his gym who similarly was trying to lose a lot of weight....

Fitness Tracker Data Clued Man In on His Lyme Disease

Signaling how the trackers could serve as a 'check-engine light' for health

(Newser) - In mid-2015, researchers studying fitness trackers counted 500 different devices on the market. They ended up having 60 participants, including the lead researcher, wear up to 7 devices every day for as long as 11 months, and then analyzed the more than two million data points they'd collected. Reporting...

Exercising Only One Day a Week Still Pays Off
Too Busy for Daily
Workouts? That's OK

Too Busy for Daily Workouts? That's OK

Study finds that 'weekend warriors' still reap benefits

(Newser) - Hate having to drag yourself to the gym after work? A new JAMA study suggests people who exercise only on the weekend enjoy much of the same benefits as weekday gym-goers. Researchers at Loughborough University in the UK who reviewed data on more than 63,500 mostly white adults found...

Workout Not Doing Much? You May Need to Switch

Researchers say a simple at-home test can help you tell if you've picked your best workout

(Newser) - On the whole, working out is good for people. But when digging into the numbers, researchers have found a wide range of responses to regimens: Some people reap tremendous benefits, while others actually regress in their fitness, reports the New York Times . But new research suggests that these so-called "...

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