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Harvard Will Again Require Test Scores for Admission

Debate has involved whether SAT and ACT help or hurt efforts to diversify student body

(Newser) - Like Yale , Dartmouth, and Brown before it, Harvard has dropped its admissions policy that made submitting standardized test scores optional. The change will apply to Harvard applicants for the fall 2025 term and beyond, after the school had said the tests would not be required for another year, the New ...

Harvard Applications Fall After a Rough Year
Harvard Applications Fall

Harvard Applications Fall

Several Ivy League competitors that have had quieter years report increases

(Newser) - After months of criticism of Harvard that included the resignation under fire of its president, student applications for the university's next freshman class have dropped to a four-year low. Figures released Thursday show the school received 54,008 undergraduate applications for the class of 2028, the Wall Street Journal ...

Harvard's Gruesomely Infamous Book Has an Update

University announces it has removed binding made of human skin from 19th-century tome

(Newser) - If you've ever spent a rainy day browsing through Harvard's "Ask a Librarian" FAQ, you may have stumbled upon one particularly gruesome query : "What is the status of the book bound in human skin at Harvard?" After a decade of debate and controversy, that status now...

Department of Education Is Investigating Harvard

Following claims of Islamophobia, anti-Arab sentiment

(Newser) - Following a civil rights complaint filed by Arab and Muslim students against Harvard, the Department of Education has launched an investigation into the university. The students say that because they are Palestinian, Muslim, or supporters of Palestinian rights, they've been subjected to "rampant harassment and racist attacks including...

Harvard Prof Allegedly Falsified Data, Tainting Study Results

Consultant Elisabeth Bik uncovers issues in more than 2 dozen of Khalid Shah's research papers

(Newser) - Another major figure at Harvard is facing accusations of plagiarism . Khalid Shah, a Harvard Medical School professor who serves as vice chair for research at Brigham and Women's Hospital's Department of Neurosurgery, is accused of falsifying data and taking research images from other papers and the websites of...

Gay, Critics Concur: Harvard Hubbub Isn't Just About Her

In 'NYT' op-ed, Gay notes there's a 'broader war to unravel public faith in pillars of American society'

(Newser) - This week, Claudine Gay made the "wrenching but necessary decision" to step down as president of Harvard University, amid backlash on her testimony about antisemitism on campus, as well as accusations of plagiarism . But while she's lost her plum position as the head of an elite Ivy League...

Harvard President Resigns Amid Controversy
Harvard President
Resigns Amid Controversy

Harvard President Resigns Amid Controversy

Claudine Gay is out after plagiarism allegations, handling of antisemitism on campus

(Newser) - Updated with details from Gay's resignation letter. Harvard President Claudine Gay will not keep her job amid controversy after all, reports the Harvard Crimson and the Boston Globe . Gay resigned on Tuesday, per the New York Times . The move comes after she faced accusations of plagiarism in published papers,...

Harvard President Comes Under Fire Again

This time for allegations of plagiarism as House committee investigates Claudine Gay

(Newser) - Harvard President Claudine Gay, lately facing backlash for her congressional testimony addressing antisemitism on campus, is now accused of plagiarism. A CNN investigation found what it says are clear examples of plagiarism in academic papers she has written, including as a PhD candidate at Harvard in the 1990s. "Gay...

Harvard President Will Keep Her Job Amid Backlash

University's governing board backs Claudine Gay after antisemitism controversy

(Newser) - The University of Pennsylvania may have lost its president over her antisemitism testimony, but that's not the case at Harvard. The university's governing board on Tuesday voiced its support for Claudine Gay, reports the Harvard Crimson . Gay, along with the presidents of UPenn and MIT, has been under...

Ivy League Presidents Face Backlash Over Comments on Israel

Penn president apologizes for focusing too much on free speech policies at House hearing

(Newser) - Presidents of three colleges faced a backlash Wednesday over their answers to questions on campus antisemitism at a hearing in Congress the previous day. The New York Times reports that the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania said they strongly opposed antisemitism and supported Israel's right...

Possible Descendant Wants Harvard's Early Slave Photos

Tamara Lanier sued university unsuccessfully to reclaim images she believes depict her family

(Newser) - Thirteen years ago, Tamara Lanier underwent a quest to understand her lineage, resulting in a lawsuit to reclaim photos from a Harvard museum that she believes depict her enslaved ancestors. ProPublica unfolds the moving story that begins with an African-born, enslaved man named Renty. Harvard professor Louis Agassiz, who subscribed...

Harvard Gets 'Visionary Gift' to Study Psychedelics

Former Tesla director's $16M donation comes 60 years after university fired Timothy Leary

(Newser) - A former Tesla director has given Harvard what one professor describes as a "visionary gift"—$16 million to establish a Study of Psychedelics in Society and Culture. The gift from Antonio Gracias via the Gracias Family Foundation will fund an interdisciplinary effort across the Faculty of Arts and...

Another Law Firm Rescinds Job Offers Over Israel Letters

Davis Polk slams law students whose groups signed statements condemning Israel

(Newser) - An elite law firm has withdrawn job offers to three law students from Harvard and Columbia, saying those students were part of groups that signed public statements regarding the Israel-Hamas war. "These statements are simply contrary to our firm's values," so "rescinding these offers was appropriate...

Student Out of Job Over Israel Comments: I Won't Be Silenced

Intercept digs into 'targeted harassment' of those advocating on behalf of Palestinians

(Newser) - New York University law student Ryna Workman had a job offer rescinded , lost their position as president of the Student Bar Association, and received a host of online threats after blaming Israel for lives lost in the latest outbreak of its war against Hamas. Speaking to the Intercept , the lawyer-in-training...

Here Are the Best Colleges in America

WalletHub looks at everything from post-grad outcomes and campus experience to the cost factor

(Newser) - Deciding on where to attend college doesn't just come down to academic programs and prestige—it also depends on the cost, and whether students and their parents feel they're getting a decent bang for their buck. WalletHub analyzed more than 850 colleges and universities across the US to...

Here Are the 10 Best Colleges in the US

Princeton University is No. 1, per new 'WSJ'/College Pulse rankings

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal is out with its annual college rankings , prepared in conjunction this year with College Pulse, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, an Ivy League takes the top spot. Princeton University is No. 1, and the Journal says that instructors, a rigorous curriculum, and ample resources all play a part...

Harvard Astrophysicist's 'Wild' Alien Claims Rankle Peers

Avi Loeb believes he's recovered alien-made metal

(Newser) - Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb has been pursuing answers to questions many colleagues would rather he leave in the realm of the speculative. One of those questions sent him on a quest to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for what he believes is alien gold, so to speak. More...

DOE Looking Into How Harvard Admits Students

Harvard's legacy, donor admissions in the spotlight after SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action

(Newser) - A landmark ruling last month by the US Supreme Court struck a blow against using affirmative action in college admissions, and soon after that decision, murmurs began intensifying on an adjacent controversy—legacy and donor admissions. Now, one of the Ivy Leagues is under the microscope over the practice: The...

New Lawsuit: If It's About Merit, End Legacy Admissions

After Supreme Court loss on affirmative action, minority groups challenge Harvard

(Newser) - A civil rights group is challenging legacy admissions at Harvard, saying the practice discriminates against students of color by giving an unfair boost to the mostly white children of alumni. It's the latest effort in a growing push against legacy admissions, the practice of giving admissions priority to the...

Jacinda Ardern Announces a New Gig for the Fall

Former New Zealand PM has been appointed to multiple fellowships at Harvard

(Newser) - If you've been wondering what Jacinda Ardern has been working on since she stepped down as New Zealand's prime minister earlier this year, her plans for the fall seem to be coming together, with "a stint of quiet reflection within academia overseas," notes CNN . The former...

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