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Neil Young Calls for Empathy on Rioters

'The people ... have been so manipulated,' singer writes in call for unity

(Newser) - Neil Young made no secret of his Democratic leanings in the lead up to the 2020 election. But that doesn't mean he doesn't empathize with Capitol rioters. "I was shocked to see the Confederate flag being waved inside the chamber; the destruction and disrespect. But mostly I...

Star Drops Trump Suit Over 'Rockin' in the Free World'

President, whose rallies have played the song, said he 'didn’t love it anyway'

(Newser) - Neil Young has dropped his copyright infringement lawsuit against President Trump, whose rallies have played songs including "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Devil’s Sidewalk." Young, who said Trump rallies have used his songs since 2015 without a license, filed the suit in New York after...

Neil Young Sues Trump Campaign Over Use of His Songs

Singer changes his mind on lawsuit

(Newser) - Neil Young is taking his fight with President Trump a step further. The singer is now suing the Trump campaign for copyright infringement over its use of his music at campaign events, Fox News reports. Young spoke out after two of his songs were played at Trump's Mount Rushmore...

Neil Young Is Now 'Proud to Be a Canerican'

Canadian rocker Neil Young is now a US citizen

(Newser) - Republicans might be dismayed to discover that a former illegal immigrant with a history of drug use has become an American citizen—for the purpose of voting against President Trump. Canadian rocker Neil Young, who has lived in California for most of the last 54 years, was granted US citizenship...

Neil Young Answered Honestly. Now, a Delayed Citizenship

Canadian singer admitted to using marijuana

(Newser) - Neil Young answered a question on his US citizenship application honestly, and it's costing him. The singer admitted that, yes, he has used marijuana, and as a result the application process has been delayed, the Guardian reports. Young, who's Canadian but is well known as, per the newspaper,...

Neil Young Loses His Home, Pens Retort to Trump

A fire scientist weighs in, too

(Newser) - President Trump on Saturday expressed his belief that the wildfires ravaging California can be blamed on "gross mismanagement of the forests." Neil Young, for one, isn't having it. Variety reports the musician lost his Malibu home in the fires, and on Sunday he offered a retort to...

Neil Young Finally Confirms Marriage to Daryl Hannah

He did so in introduction to new protest video

(Newser) - Neil Young has confirmed his marriage to Daryl Hannah in the most Neil Young way possible. The singer—who was rumored to have wed the actress in August —casually referred to her as his wife in a post on his website accompanying a new video for classic 1970 song...

Neil Young, Daryl Hannah Might Be Married

According to social media posts from friends

(Newser) - Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are married now, maybe? Young's guitarist Mark Miller appeared to confirm the nuptial news by posting a congratulatory message on Facebook wishing the couple well, though the Guardian reports that he later clarified that he was not actually in attendance and "only knew...

Neil Young to Obama: It's Time to Step In at Standing Rock

Young and Darryl Hannah write an open letter to protesters

(Newser) - In an open letter to the protesters at Standing Rock published in the Guardian , Neil Young and Daryl Hannah offer their support for the people trying "to protect water, to state the most basic human truth, to say water is life" and fighting "for the rightful preservation of...

Neil Young Pulling Music Off Streaming Services

But not because of royalties

(Newser) - Neil Young says he's yanking his entire music catalog off streaming services—because of sound quality, not royalties, reports Rolling Stone . "Streaming has ended for me," he wrote on Facebook . "I don't need my music to be devalued by the worst quality in the history...

Trump Lashes Back at 'Hypocrite' Neil Young

But he's going to stop using the singer's song

(Newser) - It's not unusual for a musician to object to a politician's use of his song. Typically, the song gets pulled and life goes on, but "typically" doesn't exist in Donald Trump's world. After Neil Young called out the Trump campaign for using "Rockin' in...

Neil Young to Trump: Stay Away From My Song

He objects to 'Rockin' in the Free World' during campaign announcement

(Newser) - Well that was fast. Just hours after Donald Trump triumphantly entered the presidential race to the background of "Rockin' in the Free World," Neil Young has told him to stop using his song. Better yet, a statement makes clear that Young would like everyone to vote for Bernie...

Rock's Rare Moment: Bob Dylan Gives a Speech

And it's rambling, poetic, pure Bob Dylan

(Newser) - Usually when Bob Dylan opens his mouth he's singing, so the rambling 35-minute speech he gave Friday to a crowd of 3,000 of music's royalty had his audience, as the New York Times puts it, "hanging on his every word" as he careened from the topic...

New Couple: Neil Young, Daryl Hannah

They've been together 'for months,' source says

(Newser) - Neil Young just filed for divorce from his wife of 36 years about a month ago, but he's already been spotted on an apparent date with Daryl Hannah. The Daily Mail has pictures of Young, 68, and Hannah, 53, looking pretty cozy Tuesday en route to a California restaurant—...

Neil Young Divorcing After 36 Years

Pegi Young inspired the song 'Unknown Legend'

(Newser) - Neil Young has filed for divorce from his wife of 36 years, reports Rolling Stone . It offers no reason for the pending split of the singer and Pegi Young, a musician in her own right, though a hearing is set for December. The pair married in 1978 but met a...

Jack White Cuts 'Fastest' Single

Cuts live version of 'Lazaretto' in 3 hours, 55 minutes

(Newser) - At 10am yesterday, Jack White took the stage in Nashville, thanking the crowd for joining him "for breakfast." Less than four hours later, White had in his hot little hands the so-called "World's Fastest Released Record"—a hot-off-the-presses recording of two live songs that he...

7 Celebs Who Invented Terrific Things

Neil Young, Hedy Lamarr among stars behind fine inventions

(Newser) - Who says celebrities aren't the brightest bulbs in the box? Here are a few who came up with memorable inventions, as reported by Cracked :
  • Neil Young: The legendary singer/songwriter invented a new remote control system for model trains called the Trainmaster Command Control. He first designed it so his

Was Dylan Touring The Boss' Backstreets?

(Newser) - When police detained Bob Dylan last month they may have inadvertently busted up a nine-month rock heritage tour by the music legend, speculates ABC News. Clueless New Jersey cops picked up Dylan wandering around just blocks from a house where Bruce Springsteen penned Born to Run, Thunder Road, and Backstreets...

Best Rock Documentaries
 Best Rock Documentaries 

Best Rock Documentaries

(Newser) - In honor of Woodstock—which happened 40 years ago this weekend—and the “seminal documentary” that captured it, John Farr shares his list of the 10 best rock concert/performance films—all of which are “meant to be played loud,” he writes on the Huffington Post. “So...

Neil Young's Latest Redefines Compilations
 Neil Young's 
 Latest Redefines 

Neil Young's Latest Redefines Compilations

10-disc set bursting with music, photos, video

(Newser) - Neil Young leaves other retrospectives in the dust with a look back at his career that spans 10 Blu-ray discs or DVDs, or eight CDs, the Chicago Tribune reports. Neil Young Archives: Volume 1, 1963-1972 contains everything from high school band recordings through Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to his...

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