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Errant Addition to Tequila Shots Sickens Bar Patrons

Cleaning chemical sickens patrons after bartender's mix-up

(Newser) - A London bartender's search for salt to complete a round of tequila shots went wrong, sending four customers to the hospital and resulting in a fine for the nightclub's owners. The barkeep had the drinks ready to be served in December 2021 when he realized he lacked salt...

Americans Are Drinking Less Cognac
Cognac Boom
Is Having a

Cognac Boom Is Having a Hangover

Experts cite economic anxiety and a thirst for cheaper tequila for cognac's downturn

(Newser) - After a pandemic boom in the luxury cognac market, Americans aren't toasting with it as much these days. Bloomberg reports that brands are seeing sharp declines, with one of the top makers, Remy Cointreau, down 43% in profits this year. Rather than raise prices on their already pricey bottles,...

Tesla Just Got Into the Booze Business

'Tesla Tequila' is already sold out, even at $250 a bottle

(Newser) - On April Fools' Day in 2018, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a jokey tweet showing him "passed out" next to a Tesla Model 3, apparently inebriated from drinking too much "Teslaquilla." It was apparently no joke—or if it was at the time, Musk soon got serious...

Cops: Florida Men Stole Truckload of Tequila

They were arrested near truck stop

(Newser) - Four Florida men spent New Year's Eve in jail after allegedly stealing enough tequila to fuel dozens of parties. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department says the men were tracked down early Monday after a trucker reported that a trailer full of Patron tequila worth more than $500,000...

Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila' Plan Runs Into Opposition

Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council is not on board

(Newser) - Elon Musk could be in for another fight , this one over tequila. The Tesla co-founder recently announced his intentions to get into the booze business by launching "Teslaquila," a distilled agave liquor. But Mexico's Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) is opposing Tesla's application to trademark "Teslaquila,...

Clooney Sells Tequila Brand in $1B Deal

Star will keep promoting Casamigos

(Newser) - Global liquor behemoth Diageo says it will pay up to $1 billion to buy a tequila brand co-founded by movie star George Clooney. Clooney founded the Casamigos brand four years ago with partners Rande Gerber and Mike Meldma. Diageo says it will pay $700 million for Casamigos at first, and...

Why Justin Timberlake Dressed Up as a Lime

He offers up a very strange promo video for his tequila brand

(Newser) - Justin Timberlake will go to great lengths to sell his tequila . Sauza 901's tagline is "no limes needed," and Timberlake recently released a 3-minute mockumentary promoting the brand ... featuring Timberlake in costume as a lime, Time reports. The lime recalls the good old days when limes were...

5 Stars With Their Own Booze Brands

You know you want some George Clooney tequila

(Newser) - You know you've really made it when you have your own brand of alcohol—as do these celebrities rounded up by ETOnline :
  • George Clooney: Helped develop Casamigos tequila after a trip to Mexico with friends Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman; the ad features Clooney waking up next to Cindy

New Anti-Obesity Weapon: Tequila?
 New Anti-Obesity 
 Weapon: Tequila Plant? 
in case you missed it

New Anti-Obesity Weapon: Tequila Plant?

Agave sugar eyed as potential sweetener

(Newser) - The plant tequila is derived from could play a role in fighting obesity, and it doesn't involve getting people so drunk they forget to eat, researchers say. Natural sugars found in agave appear to protect mice against obesity and type 2 diabetes, Fox News reports. The sugars, known as...

Tip for Burglars: Get Away Before Opening the Tequila

Intruder found 'passed out' in Sacramento-area home

(Newser) - A couple near Sacramento returned home to discover that their home had been burglarized and—cue the suspense music—that an intruder was still inside. But that's where the movie-like drama fizzles a bit: "He was passed out," Lori Hensley tells Fox40 Sacramento . "That’s when...

Chili's Serves Tequila to 3 Kids

Mom figured it out when 8-year-old complained about taste

(Newser) - Three kids in Colorado saw Fourth of July fireworks in a whole different light. A bartender at a Chili's restaurant accidentally served tequila to the children—ages 8, 6, and 1—before they went to a fireworks display, reports Huffington Post . Their mother ordered them a fruit smoothie to...

Baseball's New Fave Booze: Tequila

Five clubs sign sponsorship deals with distillers

(Newser) - Big-league baseball teams are hitting the hard stuff. After years of sponsorship from beer companies, five ball clubs this year have teamed up with liquor brands. The spirit of choice: tequila, which saw the biggest sales jump among spirits between 2001 and 2010. “Lots of people think of beer...

Applebee's Serves Margarita ... to Toddler

Mom says 15-month-old started 'saying hi and bye to the walls'

(Newser) - A family outing to an Applebee's near Detroit on Friday night took a turn for the weird after a 15-month-old was served a margarita in his sippy cup. The boy's mother, who thought the toddler was drinking apple juice, soon noticed him acting strangely. "He was saying hi and...

Twitter = Crack, and Other Web Equivalents
 Twitter = Crack, and 
 Other Web Equivalents 

Twitter = Crack, and Other Web Equivalents

YouTube is like shots of tequila; Gmail is caffeine

(Newser) - We all have our favorite Internet time-wasters; now, Patrick Moberg gives us their equivalents in real-world vices:
  • Twitter is crack cocaine: “f---ing ANYONE is your friend. Yuppies do it on their iPhone. Cheap. Short. Fruitless.”
  • Tumblr is a bottle of wine: “A quiet night in with a

Chavez Supporters Can't Take Moore's Joke
 Chavez Supporters 
 Can't Take Moore's Joke 

Chavez Supporters Can't Take Moore's Joke

Filmmaker's Jimmy Kimmel interview irks Chavistas

(Newser) - So Michael Moore and Hugo Chavez walk into a hotel, split a bottle and a half of tequila, and ... what's the punchline? There isn't one for Chavistas torqued over the filmmaker's joke to Jimmy Kimmel that the two partied down at the Venice Film Festival, and Moore's claim that he...

Surprise! JT's Tequila Is Good
 Surprise! JT's Tequila Is Good 

Surprise! JT's Tequila Is Good

Self-described 'tequila geeks' give pop star's creation thumbs-up

(Newser) - Tequila aficionados were shocked to discover Justin Timberlake’s 901 tequila is in fact quite drinkable, the New York Daily News reports. “It’s actually a really nice product,” said one bar owner. A bartender added, “I gotta admit, I’m a little surprised.” The experts...

Kosher Tequila? Passover Choices Widen

(Newser) - The kosher alcohol scene has long been dominated by sweet Manishevitz, but that old standby is getting a run for its money as premium wines, and even hard liquor, are crossing the kosher barrier. Making kosher product has many restrictions, but entrepreneurs seem to think Jewish tipplers are in the...

Mexico Turns Tequila Into Diamonds

Not quite large enough for jewelry, but crystallized vapor has industrial uses

(Newser) - Mexican scientists have discovered that their national drink is good for a lot more than margaritas, the Guardian reports. Tequila contains hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon in exactly the right proportion to form diamonds when it is heated to a vapor and left to crystallize. The extremely thin tequila diamonds are...

My Car Runs on ... Cuervo?
My Car Runs on ... Cuervo?

My Car Runs on ... Cuervo?

Mexican scientists push agave-to-ethanol project; resilient plant could far outstrip corn

(Newser) - A small group of Mexican scientists is working to create a massive agave-to-ethanol project that one says could supply the entire US need of 36 billion gallons by 2022, Renewable Energy World reports. The agave, used to make tequila and mescal, is high in sugar, resilient, and needs little cultivation,...

Cachaça Is the New Tequila, Devotees Say

Pushing Brazil's national drink as the next big buzz in booze

(Newser) - The next big buzz in the world of potent beverages may well be cachaça, the Brazilian take on rum that has its sights set on unseating tequila as the trendy shot du jour in the US. The exported version of the national drink, distilled from sugar cane, ranges from...

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