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National Archives Reveals More on 15 Boxes Found at Mar-a-Lago

NARA: Former President Trump brought classified info with him to private Fla. estate when he left WH

(Newser) - The 15 or so boxes of administration materials that former President Trump took with him to Mar-a-Lago when he left the White House had more than routine to-do lists inside. On Friday, the National Archives and Records Administration confirmed that classified records were found in those boxes, and that it'...

Biden Stymies Trump's Move to Keep Visitor Logs Private

President directs National Archives to release logs to House panel investigating Jan. 6

(Newser) - Donald Trump has been trying to keep various records out of the hands of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, but a new move from President Biden has put a wrench in one of those efforts. The New York Times reports that Biden has rejected Trump's assertion...

Report: Archives Wants DoJ to Investigate Trump Records

Former president is accused of 'flagrant' violations of federal records law

(Newser) - Update: Former President Trump's apparent mishandling of his administration's records could be the subject of a federal investigation. Sources tell the Washington Post that the National Archives has asked the Justice Department to look into whether federal law was violated. Archives officials say 15 boxes of Trump administration...

Jan. 6 Panel Will Be Given Pence Records

Trump is told executive privilege doesn't prevent release

(Newser) - The National Archives will release records from former Vice President Mike Pence to the House committee investigating the attack on the Capitol. White House counsel Dana Remus delivered the instruction in a letter Tuesday, the Hill reports. Former President Donald Trump had written Jan. 18 to oppose the release, saying...

There's a Weird Problem With Some of Trump's Papers

They had to be taped back together after the former president tore them up

(Newser) - Some of Donald Trump's presidential papers being examined by a House panel are harder to read than others for an odd reason: They had to be taped back together after being torn into tiny pieces by the then-president. The National Archives confirmed the quirk on Monday, reports CNN . The...

Biden Puts Off Release of JFK Files

National archivist needs more time, White House says

(Newser) - Secret files concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will not be released to the public by next week after all. The national archivist asked for more time to review them, White House officials announced, blaming the delay in part on the pandemic, CBS reports. President Biden issued a...

Trump Attacks Jan. 6 Panel, Biden in Lawsuit Over Records

Former president tries to keep files from being released to the committee

(Newser) - Accusing the House panel seeking his records related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol of harassment, former President Trump sued the committee and the National Archives on Monday. Jesse Binnall, a Trump attorney, wrote that the committee is harassing Trump "by sending an illegal, unfounded, and overbroad...

Biden Rejects Trump Request to Withhold Jan. 6 Records

Former president tells National Archives that executive privilege applies

(Newser) - The White House told the National Archives on Friday that President Biden won't exert executive privilege over documents sought by the panel investigating the Capitol riot, as former President Donald Trump had requested. That leaves the National Archives free to turn over the first batch of Trump files to...

Capitol Riot Investigators Make a Big Move

Panel issues wide-ranging request for records

(Newser) - The House Select Committee investigating the Capitol attack made a big move Wednesday, issuing requests for records from government agencies including the National Archives, which has custody of records from the Trump White House. A letter from committee chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson to agencies shows the investigation will be wide-ranging,...

Twitter Puts the Kibosh on National Archives' Plan for Trump Tweets

Twitter doesn't want them on the platform ever again

(Newser) - The tweets that got former President Trump booted from Twitter may be gone from the social media platform forever, despite the National Archives' desires. Twitter on Wednesday told Politico it will not allow the National Archives and Records Administration to bring the tweets that Trump posted while president from his...

National Archives: Sorry We Doctored Anti-Trump Photo

'We made a mistake' in blurring photo from 2017 Women's March

(Newser) - As the fourth Women's March took place in Washington, DC, on Saturday, the National Archive was busily apologizing for doctoring an image of the first one, saying in a statement that "we made a mistake." The agency had blurred President Trump's name out of a protest...

Feds Remove 'Trump' From Protest Signs
Feds Photoshop Pic
of Women's March

Feds Photoshop Pic of Women's March

But the National Archives says it had good reason

(Newser) - Visitors to the National Archives will have to fill in the blanks after officials there altered a photo of a women's rights march, the Hill reports. In fact, the Archives altered multiple signs carried by women at the Women's March in Washington, DC, the day after President Trump'...

520 Secret JFK Files to Remain Fully Sealed

Trump issues a new October 2021 deadline

(Newser) - The can has been kicked a little farther down the road. When President Trump in October approved the release of previously classified or redacted documents on the JFK assassination, he blocked the release of others over national security concerns and gave federal agencies 180 days to re-review the withheld documents....

CIA Files on JFK Assassination Call Out Mexican Woman

Politico takes a look at what's been newly released so far

(Newser) - Late last month, the National Archives began to release thousands of documents related to John F. Kennedy's assassination that had been kept secret for decades. The JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 mandated the files be released 25 years later (though there's one loophole ), and as...

First Film Clip Emerges of Japan's 'Comfort Women'

South Korean researchers found it in the US National Archives

(Newser) - It's just 18 seconds long, but a new video released by South Korean researchers makes history for the worst of reasons. The clip shows Korean "comfort women" held as sex slaves by the Japanese military, reports the BBC . It's believed to be the first such film clip...

Earhart Investigators: This Photo Proves She Survived

Documentary suggests National Archives image shows her and Fred Noonan

(Newser) - A new History documentary floats one of the most provocative theories yet about Amelia Earhart: The show focuses on a newly surfaced photo that some think proves she and navigator Fred Noonan survived their 1937 plane crash. Investigators with the documentary say the image shows Earhart sitting on a dock...

Why Obama's Library Won't Have Original Documents

His library will be the first to forgo National Archives funding

(Newser) - President Obama's Chicago-based presidential library will differ in one big way from the 13 other presidential libraries that exist around the country. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the Obama Foundation plans to foot the $675 million startup bill for the center through fundraising, forgoing financial support from the National Archives...

Trump Has Big Decision to Make on Secret JFK Files

3.6K government files will be released unless he intervenes

(Newser) - A happy day for historians and conspiracy theorists could be right around the corner. A 1992 law mandated that all materials related to President John F. Kennedy's assassination be maintained in a single collection—and that those documents that had been kept secret be released 25 years later. That...

Declaration of Independence Copy Is Unlike All the Others

It was uncovered in archives of English town

(Newser) - An amazing find by Harvard researchers has brought the number of known parchment copies of the Declaration of Independence to two: One in DC's National Archives, and one in a tiny records office in the place the US declared independence from. Researchers Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen believe the...

White House Advised to Keep Deleted Trump Tweets

National Archives reassures senators

(Newser) - The National Archives wants to preserve all of President Trump's tweets for the historical record—including ones deleted because of misspellings. Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero wrote in a letter to Sens. Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper that the White House has been advised to "...

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