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Italian Women Go After the Mob, Get the Godfather Treatment

In nation's Puglia, power structure of Sacra Corona Unita is being challenged by female judges, journos

(Newser) - It was a scene straight out of The Godfather. On the night of Feb. 1, a bloody goat head with a butcher's knife through it was left on the doorstep of Judge Maria Francesca Mariano's home in southern Italy, with a note beside it reading, "Like this....

Near G7 Summit Site, Controversy Rages Over Putin Plaque

Some residents of Bari, Italy, say Zelensky should remove it

(Newser) - A controversy involving Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelensky, and St. Nicholas is unfolding in Italy's Puglia region, where the Group of Seven will hold its annual summit later this week. A copper plaque near the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari, around an hour away from the summit site, has...

World Cup Skier, Girlfriend Plummet 2.3K Feet in Alps

Jean Daniel Pession, 28, and girlfriend Elisa Arlian die on Mount Zerbion in Italy

(Newser) - "A terrible tragedy strikes the world of winter sports," a release from the Italian Winter Sports Federation, or FISI, declared over the weekend, announcing the death of a young World Cup skier and his girlfriend in the Italian Alps. Per NBC News , local media report that Jean Daniel...

Amanda Knox Returns to Italian Courtroom
Amanda Knox
Reconvicted in Italy

Amanda Knox Reconvicted in Italy

'I am very sorry that I was not strong enough to resist the pressure of police,' she told the court

(Newser) - An Italian court reconvicted Amanda Knox of slander on Wednesday, even after she was exonerated in the brutal 2007 murder of her British roommate while the two were exchange students in Italy. The court found Knox had wrongly accused an innocent man, the Congolese owner of the bar where she...

Italian Island: Please Adopt Our Goats

Wild goats outnumber people on Italy's Alicudi by at least 6 to 1

(Newser) - About 100 year-round residents live on Alicudi, an idyllic, 2-square mile Mediterranean island that's part of the Aeolian chain. But they share their home with roughly 600 wild goats, and it's becoming a problem. As the New York Times reports, the plan is to capture, tag, and quarantine...

US Returns $80M in Stolen Italian Artifacts

And says there are more such returns to come

(Newser) - Italy on Tuesday celebrated the return of 600 or so works of art looted from the country years ago and finally returned by the US. Together with 60 items the US repatriated to Italy last year, the antiquities are worth more than $80 million—an amount CNN reports is just...

Geologist Has a Theory on Where Mona Lisa Is Set

Ann Pizzorusso used da Vinci's diaries to pinpoint a location on Lake Como

(Newser) - For Ann Pizzorusso, the most fascinating mystery of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa sits just over her shoulders. A geologist and Italian Renaissance scholar, Pizzorusso spent years puzzling out the painting's setting, and she used his diaries to track down where he traveled during that period. The CBC...

Amanda Knox Goes on Trial Once More in Italy
Amanda Knox Goes on
Trial Once More in Italy
in case you missed it

Amanda Knox Goes on Trial Once More in Italy

She tries to lose the final legal stain against her: a slander conviction

(Newser) - Amanda Knox is back on trial in Italy, "and this is a good thing," she wrote in October in explaining what was to come. Knox was convicted of slander for wrongly accusing the owner of a bar where she worked part-time of murdering roommate Meredith Kercher in Italy...

In Ancient Pompeii, This Was a Conversation Starter

Newly uncovered frescoes in ancient banquet hall depict Trojan War characters

(Newser) - Archaeologists excavating new sites in Pompeii have uncovered a sumptuous banquet hall decorated with intricately frescoed mythological characters inspired by the Trojan War, officials said Thursday, per the AP . The hall, which features a mosaic floor, was uncovered as part of a project to shore up the areas dividing the...

Italy's Quest to Protect Its Art Compared to 'a Land Grab'

Cultural code enforcement targets reproductions of iconic works in the public domain

(Newser) - For years, German toy maker Ravensburger has been decorating puzzles with Leonardo Da Vinci's iconic Vitruvian Man drawing. Under European law, copyright protections extend 70 years after the death of an artist, meaning Vitruvian Man has been in the public domain for centuries since Da Vinci's 1519 death....

She Went Ghost Hunting, Was Found Drained of Blood

Authorities searching for male accused of abusing the French victim discovered in Italy

(Newser) - A French woman may have been hunting for ghosts before her body was found drained of blood on the floor of an abandoned church in northwest Italy. The 22-year-old woman, who has not been publicly identified, left her home near Lyon, telling family she planned to search for a haunted...

Italy Has Plan to Save Its Other Leaning Tower

Equipment used on Tower of Pisa will be used to stabilize historic Bologna tower

(Newser) - The historic Garisenda Tower in Bologna is in trouble —but luckily, engineers in Italy know a thing or two about fixing leaning towers. The Bologna tower, older than the Tower of Pisa but not as famous, was closed for restoration in October and authorities warned in December that it...

Italy to Take More Children From Mafia Families

Program places seized children in foster care to break criminal cycle

(Newser) - Italy has decided to broaden its effort to break the cycle of organized crime by intervening in a most drastic way: by seizing children without warning to place them in a life away from their mafia families. The program, which has been in use in the Calabria region since 2012,...

Driver Was Uninsured, Unlicensed—and 103

Elderly woman in Bondeno, Italy, was driving an uninsured car with an expired driver's license

(Newser) - When cops ask to see someone's driver's license at a traffic stop, it's not typical for them to see a DOB that stretches back to the age of Prohibition. But in the Italian town of Bondeno, a 103-year-old woman was busted recently for cruising around in the...

Italian Priest Had a Literal Poisoned Chalice

Officials believe he was targeted for denouncing mafia

(Newser) - A Catholic priest in southern Italy says he had a poisoned chalice—and it wasn't a figure of speech. Father Felice Palamara halted an evening mass in Vibo Valentia, Calabria, on Saturday to contact police after he noticed a strange smell coming from the chalice of wine and water...

Inmates Make Violins Out of Migrants' Boats

Prison in Italy begins an unusual project

(Newser) - The violins, violas, and cellos played by the Orchestra of the Sea in its debut performance this week at Milan's famed Teatro alla Scala carry with them tales of desperation and redemption, per the AP . The wood that was bent, chiseled, and gouged to form the instruments was recovered...

Emperor Constantine Towers Over Rome Once More

Replica of an ancient statue, recreated from original fragments, is unveiled

(Newser) - An imposing statue of the 4th-century Roman Emperor Constantine, which had broken apart in the 1,700 years since its creation, has been resurrected. A replica of the original statue, standing some 43 feet tall, was publicly unveiled Tuesday in the gardens of Rome's Capitoline Museums, "just around...

Activists Slam 'Brutal' Killing of Stalker Bear

M90 was killed in Italy's Trentino province after reportedly following too closely several humans

(Newser) - Local authorities killed a brown bear in Italy this week following concerns that the animal was getting too close, too often to humans in the area. The AP reports that M90 was culled by forestry corps officials on Tuesday in Trentino's Sole Valley, on the orders of the province'...

Italy Fumes Over Woman Held in Chains

Treatment of anti-fascist activist Ilaria Salis in Hungary creates a tricky situation for PM Giorgia Meloni

(Newser) - Italy's government is protesting Hungary's alleged holding of an Italian citizen in "humiliating conditions." Ilaria Salis is accused of attacking neo-Nazis during Hungary's Day of Honor commemorations last February. The 39-year-old elementary teacher from Monza appeared in a Budapest court on Monday wearing chains and...

Here, Doggy DNA Is Key to a 'Poo Crackdown'

Bolzano province in Italy setting up database to nail pooches pooping in public, with a fine for owners

(Newser) - An Italian province is sick of this crap, and it's not going to take it anymore. A database is being set up in Bolzano, in the northern part of the country, to register DNA info from the region's 40,000 or so dogs, so that when they poop...

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