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Woman Wakes From 10-Month Coma
Woman Wakes
From 10-Month Coma

Woman Wakes From 10-Month Coma

Italy's Cristina Rosi gave birth after suffering a heart attack last year

(Newser) - An Italian mother who gave birth to a baby girl the better part of a year ago can finally meet her daughter. The BBC reports that 37-year-old Cristina Rosi has woken from a 10-month coma and spoken her first word: "Mama." The outlet collects reports from Italian media...

Artist Sells 'Invisible' Sculpture for $18K

Someone just bought Salvatore Garau's 'immaterial' artwork, sight unseen

(Newser) - As innovators try to take advantage of the NFT craze and come up with the latest digital asset to sell, Salvatore Garau's newest creation is a more old-fashioned piece of art that exists in the real world—kind of. The 67-year-old Italian artist has sold Io Sono ("I...

Release of Mafia Killer Angers Victims' Families

Italian officials defend freeing boss who confessed to killing of top prosecutor, 100 others

(Newser) - After serving 25 years, a Sicilian Mafia boss who confessed to his involvement in more than 100 killings has been paroled from prison. "Giovanni Brusca, the man who destroyed my family, is free," said Tina Montinaro, per the BBC . Her husband was killed when Brusca set off a...

3 Arrests After Cops Find DIY Brake Fix to Doomed Cable Car

Owner of Italian cable car company among those arrests after crash that killed 14

(Newser) - Three people involved with an Italian cable car company have been arrested after a crash Sunday in the northern part of the country left 14 dead. Carabinieri Lt. Col. Alberto Cicognani told local media one of those three admitted to police that an emergency brake on the cable car kept...

Sole Survivor of Cable Car Crash Is 5-Year-Old Boy

14 were killed in Italy, including 5 members of one family

(Newser) - Only one person—a child—survived Sunday's crash of a scenic cable car in the mountains of Italy. Authorities have identified him as 5-year-old Eitan Biran, an Israeli boy living in Italy, and he is recovering in the hospital with head and leg injuries, reports the BBC . He had...

Cable Snaps on Scenic Lift
Scenic Cable Car
Falls, Killing 14


Scenic Cable Car Falls, Killing 14

Accident happens on mountain in northern Italy

(Newser) - A mountain cable car plunged to the ground Sunday in northern Italy, killing 14 people. Two children, 5 and 9, were seriously injured, the BBC reports. The cars take passengers on a 20-minute trip from the resort town of Stresa up Mottarone mountain for a view of Lake Maggiore. Stresa'...

In Italy, a Fight for the Claim to a 'Pretend Throne'

Vittoria Cristina Chiara Adelaide Maria on track to be queen of a defunct monarchy

(Newser) - "She now, is, how do you say, the future régnante" of Italy, says Clotilde Courau of her teenage daughter, who lives in Paris. If your reactions are "what?" and "what??" that's understandable. Italy, of course, has no monarchy, which was done away with in 1946...

Health Worker Accidentally Gets a 'Massive' Vaccine Dose

Italian woman is doing fine regardless

(Newser) - A 23-year-old Italian woman is doing well after she accidentally received six doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday. A health worker at Noa hospital in Tuscany had filled a syringe with an entire vial of the vaccine, which is to be split into six doses. It was only...

Remains of 9 Neanderthals Found, an 'Extraordinary Discovery'

Ancient landslide preserved fossils in caves near Rome

(Newser) - A major new discovery at a familiar prehistoric site was announced Saturday by Italy. Archaeologists have found the remains of nine Neanderthal men in Grotta Guattari, prehistoric caves near the Tyrrhenian Sea between Rome and Naples that were discovered—accidently, by workers—in 1939. The nation's culture minister called...

US Students Who Killed Rome Police Officer Get Life

Italy trial comes to a close

(Newser) - Two US students were on Wednesday convicted of murdering an Italian police officer during a summer trip to Europe in 2019 when both were 19. Finnegan Lee Elder, now 21, and Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth, now 20, both from San Francisco, were found guilty of murdering Mario Cerciello Rega, 35, during...

Critics on Colosseum Overhaul: 'Italy Seen Via Las Vegas'

High-tech $18M stage will cover up structure's subterranean chambers, offering a 'gladiator's view'

(Newser) - If you're one of the millions who've converged upon the Colosseum in Rome, your past visits likely included wandering around the seating area and the underground chambers. In a couple of years, tourists there will have the chance to participate in a new activity: taking in the structure...

Island's Lone Resident Leaving After 3 Decades
Lone Resident
Leaving After
3 Decades
in case you missed it

Island's Lone Resident Leaving After 3 Decades

Mauro Morandi, 81, has been caretaker of Italy's Budelli since 1989

(Newser) - Mauro Morandi is known as Italy's Robinson Crusoe, for good reason. As the BBC explains, the 81-year-old came across the Italian island of Budelli while at sea in 1989—and he never left. That's about to change, however. Morandi is decamping against his will after being the island'...

In Italy, an 'Act of War' Over Espresso

A bid for UN acknowledgement is foiled by a feud between north and south

(Newser) - Coffee is serious business in Italy, and espresso in particular. Drinking it "is a way of life," per a post at euronews . No big surprise, then, that the nation is seeking to have its espresso tradition enshrined as a unique cultural treasure by a UN agency. But as...

Police: Civil Servant Hasn't Worked a Day Since 2005

Hospital employee faces charges after continuing to draw his salary

(Newser) - A hospital employee in Italy has been paid a total of more than $600,000 since 2005, which is especially generous considering police say he hasn't actually gone to work in all that time. That could be a new national record, the Guardian reports. But time may have caught...

Off-Duty Cops Antiquing in Brussels Make Quite a Find

Roman statue worth $120K had been stolen from Italy nearly a decade ago

(Newser) - Two Italian police officers on assignment in Belgium were exploring some of Brussels' antique shops after work when they discovered a $120,000 Roman statue, stolen from Italy nearly a decade ago. The statue of a headless Roman in a draped toga struck the men as suspicious. As members of...

Athlete Fired Over Pregnancy Battles Team

Italy debates lack of legal protections for women in sports

(Newser) - An Italian volleyball player's legal fight with her club after she became pregnant and was fired has led to a debate that has involved national political leaders. Among other issues, the case highlights Italy's lack of legal protections for female professional athletes, the New York Times reports. When...

Eruptions Spew Ash and Stone on Italian Villages

It's been happening since Feb. 16

(Newser) - A particularly spectacular blast from Italy's Mount Etna volcano belched out a towering cloud of ash and lava stone Sunday onto Sicilian villages, the latest in a series of explosions since mid-February. Italy’s national geophysics and volcanology institute INGV said the powerful explosion at 2 am was the...

US Men Charged in Italian Officer's Death Face Life

The California men say they were acting in self-defense

(Newser) - An Italian prosecutor wants two Americans charged in the killing of a police officer in central Rome to get life in prison—Italy’s maximum sentence, the AP reports. Prosecutor Maria Sabina Calabretta on Saturday asked the court to find Finnegan Lee Elder, 21, and Gabriel Natale-Hjorth, 20, guilty in...

Italy Keeps AstraZeneca Doses Bound for Australia

Country says company has failed to meet its commitments to bloc

(Newser) - Italy, which has recorded 428,500 new COVID cases and almost 10,000 deaths over the last month, has balked at exporting doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, which has recorded 190 cases and zero deaths in the same time period. Italy has blocked a shipment to Australia of 250,...

American Twist on Recipe Raises Ire of Italians

'New York Times' suggests adding tomatoes to carbonara, and it does not go over well

(Newser) - The recipe by Kay Chun in the New York Times seemed harmless enough—a modified version of the traditional Italian pasta dish of carbonara. Chun, however, has whipped up quite a bit of outrage among chefs and foodies in Italy over her "Smoky Tomato Carbonara," reports the Guardian ...

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